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Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance Info Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Kaz Il
2IC Bara Fur
Owner New Republic
Historical Information
Founded Year 7 Day 202
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic, Galactic Alliance
Industry Information provider
Holosite Rebel Alliance


The beginnings of Republic Media Service stem back to a period of history where Black Sun was stringently overseen by the New Republic. The 'shell' of Black Sun was, for a time, the home to a small company by the name of Republic Trading. Its leader, Jake Azzameen, drew forth a loyal group who were dedicated to helping the New Republic as best they could. But their 'shell' was unstable at best, and in the company's best interest, Republic Trading withdrew from the name - and the aura that came with it. Temporarily housed by Shadowbane Syndicate (which was, at this time, led by Azarin Isard) Republic Trading found itself amongst friends and talks began regarding a proposal of merger. But for various reasons, the plan never went through and for a period both Shadowbane Syndicate and Republic Trading ran out of the same organisation. Republic Trading may have cooled off during that period, but it certainly gave what was left of that company a chance to take stock. Due to the particular talents of the group and needs present in the New Republic, Republic Trading recognised a change in profession was in order. If SBS and RT were ever to merge, it would not be as a trading/information company and since RT aspired to the hopes of bringing out a holo-mag, it was decided that RT would quietly, but effectively be renamed to Republic News Network.

No less deterred by a change of profession, for RT's main goal had always been to help the New Republic with the best possible use of their talents, Republic News Network put their heads down and came up with a Holo-mag called "The Holocron", a bi-monthly publication for New Republic citizens. So well received was the publication that talks of further ventures were considered by the editors of RNN.

Mosiah Brightblade was the new 'Lord Shadowbane' at this time, and due to his personal desire to start a mining company, Mosiah conceded Shadowbane Syndicate to RNN's Editor-in-Chief, Natalis Oro. This was the perfect opportunity for that long wished for merger. And once preparations and agreement was met with the Advisory Council of the New Republic, Shadowbane Syndicate underwent the name change to "Republic Media Service" - a subsidiary of Republic News Network. The RMS eventually adopted the name of Rebel Alliance, to continue the fight against the Republic enemies with the greatest weapon of all: the Truth.


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