Rebel Alliance (Year 21)

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This page is about the current iteration of the Rebel Alliance. For other iterations of the Rebellion, see Rebel Alliance (disambiguation).

Rebel Alliance
RA Logo Year21.png
Political information
Type of government Resistance (Military) Movement
Head of State Supreme Commander Orion Chran
Head-of-Government Deputy Supreme Commander Coren Rinou
Executive branch Rebel Alliance Council (Supreme Commander, Military Chiefs, Directors, and RCC)
Legislative branch Rebel Alliance Council (Voting Councilors)
Judicial branch Rebel Alliance Court of Justice
Affiliation Alliance - Anti-Imperial
Societal information
Capital Republica
Territory Brema, Danjar, Garis, Grumani, Myagil, Savareen Sluis, Quess, Weemell, Tarabba (Private Systems protected by the Rebel Alliance) Sectors.
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Ashes of the New Republic
Date of establishment Year 21 Day 17
Status Active
Holosite Rebel Alliance Holosite