Reclamation Services Inc

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Reclamation Services Inc
General Information
Status Active
Leader Bram Dupol
Owner The Resistance
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 88
Political Information
Industry Mining

Reclamation Services Inc.


Current History

Reclamation Services Inc. is a nationally owned corporation of The Resistance. Founded by Bram Dupol after the fall of the Arkanis, Grohl, and Abrion Sectors to The Galactic Empire, RSI’s primary purpose is to assist in the recovery and reconstruction of these sectors. Through effective and efficient coordinated strategic recycling of wrecks, as well as damaged or abandoned ships and vehicles, RSI can reclaim and repurpose salvaged raw materials. These raw materials are then put to good use, either by building new housing for dislocated war refugees, or by assisting with the production and development of new assets for The Resistance's ongoing battles with the Galactic Empire and the Imperial Union. Reclamation Services Inc. is helping to recover and rebuild a brighter future for the galaxy.

Whether it’s a wreck, obsolete ship or defunct facility we have the manpower and expertise to process the job quickly with the minimum of fuss. Our fleet of wreckers along with their skilled pilots will finish the task at hand before calling in a second clean up squad to sort the required raw materials from the debris left behind. For those wishing to join the Resistance a link can be found above along with our Discord information and for those wishing to discuss our exciting career opportunities.

Day 290 Year 21 RSI became a mining faction due to a shift in the economic situation in the galaxy d was later that year absorbed by Cloud City and dissolved as a named company.