Red Lotus

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Red Lotus
General Information
Status Active
Leader Harmonia de Chatillon
Owner Cantrell Conglomerate
Historical Information
Founded Year 22 Day 244
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Religion
Holosite Ord Cantrell Holonet

Red Lotus made its start in the underworld of Ord Cantrell, amongst a myriad of gangs vying for control over the lower echelons of the planetary society. With the influx of Kiffar refugees came the addition of Kiffar Spiritualism and also various other imports from the Old Worlds. One of these imports was the red lotus flower. A native to the worlds of Kiffex and Kiffu. It traditionally was used in religious ceremonies for its mildly psychoactive features and regarded as a manifestation of perfection when one found balance within the flow of the universe. It would be brewed and consumed so one could commune with the Spirits, beings that were inherent in everything in the natural world. While the flower’s cultivation was protected at home, in the new Kiffar colonies on Ord Cantrell its use was quickly abused and used as a means of control. Various gangs tried to seize the market on the flower and its subsequent drug form called Red Spice. This concoction involved enhancing the natural plant’s properties with ryll and producing a compound that was more akin to a narcotic. The gangs that perfected this process eventually became one through a series of mergers and hostile takeovers, ultimately resulting in the overarching moniker of Red Lotus.

Eventually, the organization grew large enough to gain the attention of certain affluent members of the planet’s elite. Through a series of purchases and tense negotiations, the gang was seemingly bought out and their allegiance shifted from one of greed to that of Clan Chatillon. The various gangs that made up the cartel now swore allegiance to the Dominess and her Clan. Their heinous acts of violence seemed to diminish but the market on the lotus was sealed. Red Spice now began to appear in black markets across the Outer Rim as the gang's influence spread, not only to customers but also converts. Since the reformation of the gang, there has been a greater religious influence within many elements of the group. Rumors suggest this is to do with the new leadership and the boons provided to her by the Spirits.