Red Phantom Incursions

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The Red Phantom Incursions
DateYear 17
LocationMid and Outer Rim
ResultWithdraw of Red Phantom from public civil sphere; death of pirate co-founders.
Red PhantomThe Infinite Empire, Soskin Guard, The Pentastar Allignment, Death Watch
Commanders and Leaders
Fang Kin, Jor PanokaHigelourmi Everivir, Sekou Tau, Peter Max
4 piratesUnspecified
Casualties and Losses
2 piratesminor item theft

The Red Phantom Incursions were a set of known raids upon civil space by the Red Phantom pirates. First styled as such by Higelourmi Everivir of the Soskin Guard these incursions are said to be indicative of parallel activity in other pirate cells. Although of minor galactic significance and resulting in minimal civil losses, these events serve as a seminal moment for the political standing of the fledging Soskin Guard.

As time past, due to the constant pressure of various inherited enemies, Red Phantom began to break up and attacks grew rare. Becoming somewhat of a bad word among intelligence agencies, the pirate group seemed to dissolve completely and fade back into the darkness of the Galaxy.