Reeda Jennix

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Reeda Jennix
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Metellos
Mother Yefna Jennix
Father Laxi Jennix
Born Year -5, Day 248
Died Year 22, Day 87
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation Lara Navos
Jennix Political
Signature Jennix-Signature.png

Reeda Jennix was a Coruscanti woman, born to a family of strong unity by parents Yefna and Laxi. Through wits and skill, Reeda was successful throughout the highest levels of education, taking a liking to languages and linguistics. Fluent in numerous forms of common communication, Reeda took employment through numerous conglomerates as a trader and translator, before inevitably striking out on her own. Using knowledge of trade networks and her skills at communication, Reeda grew a small fortune through her talents, before she found herself under the employ of the Kuati Lara Navos, managing her personal affairs from the Defender-class Light Corvette Furious Harmony. After a long period of service, Reeda began to use her corporate connections to trade Lara's whereabouts to operatives on Venaari. This defection was inevitably discovered by Lara, and Reeda was executed for her betrayal in the engine room of the Furious Harmony in early year twenty-two before her corpse was spaced within Deep Space.



Reeda was born on the Imperial planet of Metellos in the Coruscant system. Her parents Yefna and Laxi were local politicians that lobbied Imperial authorities for greater access to essential services and education. While Yefna was pregnant with Reeda, she established numerous connections with local institutions to ensure the future of her child, before inevitably leaving the political interests to her husband Laxi to care for her newborn daughter. Reeda was cared for in a luxury apartment in the high-rise apartments in the epicenter of the planet. It's warm, temperate climates provided a comfortable environment for her to grow, enjoying exercise and cardiovascular activities from an early age. Enrolled in numerous academic facilities for both primary and extracurricular learning, Reeda was pushed to achieve the highest results possible. As she undertook classes several levels above her age bracket, the Coruscanti mastered the basic and Droidspeak languages by the age of seven, before she mastered the exotic and ancient languages of Shyriiwook and Mando'a several years later.

As she undertook internships and apprenticeships with her parents' political operations, Reeda began to learn the ways of galactic diplomacy and negotiation. Dispatched throughout Imperial space to lobby governors and corporations, Reeda saw her reputation grow through numerous successful forums with political operatives, before being brought on officially within the political operations of her family. Despite not being of legal age to be classified as an adult, Reeda had begun to grow a small fortune and began to diversify her efforts. Investing in the Galactic Stock Exchange, the Coruscanti saw growth in numerous medical corporations, namely Biotech and Republic Medical. Despite the concern of lobbying Imperial corporations while diversifying into independent and Rebel-aligned operations, Reeda was able to show a strong ability to isolate each from the other, merely interested in the best outcome for her clients and those aligned to her interest, regardless of their political affiliation.

In the eleventh recognized galactic year, Reena observed her fathers' health deteriorate at an alarming rate. As he adamantly maintained a rigorous schedule, he struggled to maintain relationships and lobbying interests, inevitably collapsing during a political rally Weerden. While Reeda called in multiple favors and leveraged her medical investments to aid her father, Laxi passed away. With the Coruscanti and Yefna shocked and saddened, Reeda consoled her mother, before ensuring that her fathers' political interests were maintained. After several weeks of mourning, Reeda communicated all companies, organizations, and individuals listed throughout her fathers' ledger, as she merged them into her political operation that continued to grow each day.

Finally a Legal Adult

After several years of growing her fathers' operation, and the loss of her mother approximately a year after Laxi, Reeda was now solely responsible for a growing juggernaut. She maintained her operations aboard a Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser loaned to her by an Imperial contact. Her political lobbying was reorganized and eventually sold off to numerous organizations, which allowed her to focus her efforts on personal investments. Continuing to trade on the stock exchange, medical interests and investments were joined by those under the Centrepoint Space Station after negotiations with Togan Jano.

Reeda reviewing her operations.

The introduction of the trading and mining conglomerate into her portfolio gave Reeda a large base of sentients to engage with easily. Focused on trades and investment growth instead of political lobbying, Reeda's use of languages allowed her to focus more on negotiation and translation which gave her a greater drive than her history of Imperial political lobbying. Transferred into the Corellian system, the Coruscanti created a trading hub of legitimacy for traders to conduct operations and transfer of goods out of her loaned Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser, acting as an intermediary and translator for those individuals which had no access to communications devices or droid translators. As she sold off large parts of her operations to trusted confidants and liaisons, her operations were kept to a minimum. Maintaining her intermediary operation, she decided to operate a smaller portfolio to simplify her day-to-day tasks.

Divested and with her commitments minimized, Reeda consolidated her fortune and returned her loaned cruiser. Buying a small estate on Drall adjacent to an Imperial citadel. As she welcomed any and all walks of life onto her grounds, she offered trade and linguistics assistance while commencing a quiet life for herself at the age of twenty-five. Several weeks after settling, she met a Chiss male within the Imperial Army and they began a relationship. Keeping her personal life separate, she continued to welcome anyone who required assistance, regardless of their affiliation. While her operation was initially not with contention, it began to put a strain on her association due to his ideologies. After several months this inevitably caused a rift, with Reeda calling an end to their relationship. Disgruntled and soured to Imperial political pressures, the Coruscanti sold her estate after such a short time and purchased a small, basic Pinook-class Starfighter and removed herself from Imperial space.

Reeda made the decision to consult for a number of independent organizations throughout Bogden, Lostar and Shiwal sectors to keep her mind distracted while she assessed her potential opportunities for the next stage of her life. Being outside of her usual comforts of Imperial space, she had fewer trusted connections to draw upon for advice, and limited places to considering establishing a new base of operations. Still endowed with a small fortune, she was able to maintain her high standards of living when outside her simplistic Pinook-class Starfighter, but had struggled to identify something which attracted her to set down roots. With an alarming amount of spare time available, she traveled to the latest Swap Meet after reviewing an advertisement on her news grid. As she arrived on Serroco and began to ingratiate herself into the conversations and trades operating across the planet, she met a red Kuati who introduced herself as Lara Navos.

The Coruscanti grew fond of the woman immediately. Her trials and tribulations were something Reeda had rarely been exposed to in her lifetime and yet found herself on a similar trajectory of starting life anew. With Lara growing her private operations from their infancy, Reeda was able to offer numerous insights into growing investments, while aiding her in translating the numerous outlandish trades she was undertaking. Through mutual respect, Lara identified that she could use the help of Reeda, but understood that she wouldn't necessarily be attracted to a small operation. Through discussions over numerous beverages, Reeda began to appreciate the prospect of a joint operation that limited her responsibilities, allowing her to focus on things she enjoyed.

After an introduction to Lara's associate Sko Danbarr, Reeda took the keys to a new Defender-class Light Corvette on behalf of Lara, called the Furious Harmony. The vessel gave her a new home to relax in comfort while giving her the resources required to conduct both her personal operations and those of Lara effectively. Lara made it clear that there were no commitments involved, giving Reda the opportunity to leave whenever she desired but had a vested interest in ensuring that Reeda was motivated and happy while part of her organization. Through Lara's newfound affiliation to the Exelis Crime Syndicate, Reeda found herself invested into a new realm of clientele around Venaari, with a new lease on life to conduct her linguistics and trading as she saw fit.

Upon the collapse of the syndicate, Lara spoke with Reeda about potential opportunities through her corporate connections. Given their previous experience with the Cantrell Conglomerate and Avelyn ca Vella, Reeda suggested venturing within the Fath Sector towards Ord Cantrell. Due to her new appearance, and the positive experience Lara had using Cantrell's facilities, Lara agreed, deeming it a positive step toward a fresh start. Lara began branching out on Ord Cantrell with Reeda, giving the Coruscanti a chance to broaden her political endeavors. Reeda quickly expanded her connections within the cities of Tortuga and Highhall, allowing her to invest in a multitude of opportunities while maintaining operations aboard the Defender-class Light Corvette. Despite her loyalty to Lara, Reeda began to question her future opportunities as several contacts from Venaari began to offer substantial sums of credits for information on Lara's whereabouts, unaware of her change in appearance. Reeda broke her allegiance and began to send communications to her investors, advising that Lara had undergone cybernetic operations to alter her red exterior into a new form, while also transferring into the Fath sector. Before Reeda was able to transmit evidence of Lara's new appearance, Lara intercepted a transmission and confronted the Coruscanti. Beaten and bruised from Lara's strikes, Reeda collapsed against the guard rail of the engine room. Her nose was broken and blood running from various facial lacerations. Without even the opportunity for Reeda to plead her case, Lara fired a blaster shot into Reeda's skull, killing her instantly. Without hesitation, Lara spaced Reeda's corpse out the airlock of the Furious Harmony, into the emptiness of Deep Space.

Ms. Jennix In Detail

The Basics

Reeda Jennix was a young Coruscanti. She was around six feet tall with a voluptuous figure alluring to many. She was frequently seen in suits and formal attire, rarely going out into the public eye without the aura of professionalism present. She kept her operations quiet since the passing of her parents, moving out of Imperial space into more quiet ventures. She rarely was entangled in relationships due to her focus on work and career but confided with her parents that she identifies as pansexual. Despite her current employers' predilection for hard drugs, Reeda had no interest in barbiturates but was fond of the occasional alcoholic beverage. She maintained a body free of tattoos but has a fondness for body art, appreciating the attraction of its form of activity.