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Relm Hessek.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 71.1 Centimeters
Coloring Green rough looking
Eye Color Large Grey
Political Information
Affiliation The Jedi Order
Rank C-4 Jedi Master
Positions Unknown
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance Supreme Commander
Awards Unknown


A very unique being. His size and color make him easy to pick out of a crowd although he avoids such dangerous situations. Relm has a large head with white thinning hair and two huge gray eyes; long curled pointy ears which stick straight the sides of his head angled to the front slightly giving him excellent forward hearing. His nose tiny and perfectly centered between the eyes in the middle of his face. Wrinkles around his eyes and mouth give tiny hints to his actual age (approximately 420 years). Weighting 17.7 kilograms, Relm's body is lean and slender almost fragile looking; his thin build and weak shoulders are accented by a slight hump centered between the shoulders at the base of the neck large enough to give Relm a permanent hunch. The age of a Whill is often determined by their hump and they take pride in its size even though their hump often hinders their mobility in their later years. His hands and feet seem out of proportion to the rest of his body much like his head. The large hands have 3 thick short fingers. Nails grow out of their tips to almost a claw. The nails of a Whill are more of an extension of the hand itself. They grow for about the first 100 years of a Whill's life then stop wearing down from that point forward. His feet are much the same as his hands thick spread toes help to keep his balance as his hunch gets bigger. Thick skin of the pads of his feet and hands eliminate the need for any type of gloves or boot in fact a Whill prefers to wear as little clothing as possible.


Relm is an individual who has selflessly put alot of effort to make the Alliance better. He started out in the Marines. As a junior officer, Relm showed potential in doing multi-tasking. After a short tour in the Marines, Relm moved over to the Diplomatic Corps. More examples of his intelligence started to show itself. He helped bring the Alliance more allies through his dialog with other groups. They were able to see that the High Command had some depth in the Diplomatic Corps which it hadn't had in a a long time. Relm worked hard at bringing the soul of the Alliance out more. When a scandal happened within High Command, Relm emerged as the fully backed leader of the Alliance. As the new Supreme Commander, Relm worked hard at bridging the gaps created because of the scandal. Through his actions alot of retiring, experienced members of the Alliance decided to stay within the Alliance to help make it more than just a freedom force. Relm helped bring a period of growth the Alliance had not seen for a long time. Relm allowed input from many sources within the Alliance to help further this goal. After all the hard work he had done to make the Alliance better, Relm received a higher calling. Relm stepped down as Supreme Commander to provide leadership and a strong base to the growing Jedi presence within the Alliance. Through his action as Jedi Master, Relm brought stablity with this small group and allowed it to mature to the point that it could sestain long absences from him. He eventually took a leave of absense from training the newer Jedi to focus more on the Force on his own. After a long personal exile, Relm returned to aid Master Terak Falcor in the rebuilding of the Jedi Order.


Relm's last name was spelt Hessek or Hesek.