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General Information
Status Inactive
Leader Teresa Rowley
Owner Dac Kain
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrotica Conglomerate
Industry Recycling company
Holosite Renew

Renew, formerly known as Ankh Recycling Enterprises, was one of the newest additions to the Mecrotica Conglomerate.


Retaining its excellent management staff, Renew continued offering the same quality recycling and controlled demolition services. Renew’s fleet was expanded to handle more missions efficiently, with crews able to handle several projects as well as a host of new services. These services included setting up industrial waste disposal facilities to enable consumers to be rid of unwanted goods.

No matter if you needed an entire planet salvaged, a ship, or just a single building: Renew was always ready to handle your need. No job was too big and or too small. Renew enjoyed business from any other corporation, government, or individual without prejudice or preference for political affiliations, offering the same level of first-rate professionalism and efficiency that has made Mecrotica such a corporate power house. Unfortunately, Renew was temporarily disbanded as part of a corporate restructuring in Year 18. The recycling and disposal services offered by Renew are expected to return in the near future.

Mecrotica Conglomerate
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