Revan Jones

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Revan Jones
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Lilliy Jones -deceased
Father Tiberius Karl Jones -deaceased
Siblings Daniel
Children Maria Jones, Sam Jones
Born 4017th Hapan year
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'7"
Political Information
Affiliation The Kingdom of Elysia
Rank Lord Chancellor
Prior Affiliation The Harbingers

Rendili Stardrive

Nagatee Technologies

Hapes Consortium

Awards Hapes Consortium:

Recruitment Award (Bronze)

Letter of commendation

Letter of Cultural Achievement


Revan stands tall as 6'7", one of the taller members of his race. His body is well built from the years of fighting, military service, and daily training. His remains short and wavy from week to week having it attended to by a barber on one of the less built up Elysian worlds. This eyes while being born a brown colour have changed to a blue colour following his cybernetic operation.

While Revan does posses many scars from his numerous battles and fights there are none which are currently unique to his sole person. However there is several scars apparent on his torso, abdomen, shoulders, arms and legs all in various stages of healing. His only notable identifier not being an attribute of his natural appearance would be the tattoo of a Krayt Dragon on his right arm.


Revan Jones was born on the 4015th Hapan year on day 84 in the city of Bashington, Hapes Prime. He was raised by his Mother Lilliy Jones and his Father Tiberius Karl Jones on Tatooine however, not spending long at his birthplace before they moved to Tatooine shortly before Revans first birthday. Growing up Revan's father Ran a Hunting business while his mother worked in a local cantina. Revan learned to hunt from his father and was taught to read and write from his mother. His father also taught Revan about the history of the galaxy. Tiberius was fascinated by the old republic era, mainly the mandalorian wars and the Jedi civil war that followed in it's wake. Naming his son after one of the leaders during that era. Revan lost his parents in tragic accidents, his father lost to the dune sea and his mother a victim of a stray blaster bolt. He grew up around various criminal elements on Tatooine while under the parental guidance of his uncle, and later a close friend of his uncles after he too had tragically lost his life.

Tatooine had always been a curse for Revan, many of his friends and family ending up dead, harsh fights and long battles against life had left him worn out. When he finally fled the planet to Ryloth he settled down, gave in his criminal past and started anew. Bar-tending in the capital soon brought his first real relationship to bare. A young twi'lek, the two quickly became love stricken and settled down together having a little girl together. But his paradise Revan had built soon came crashing down around him as his wife was murdered and his child kidnapped. Hunting down the killers he slaughtered them like cattle but was grievously wounded when the shuttle they were in crashed. Being rescued by a few of his disciples he recovered unconscious for many weeks. When he awoke his daughter was nowhere to be found.

Life in the Consortium

Having failed to protect his wife and child he set out to return to his birthplace. Hapes. Finding himself wandering the streets of Bashington drunker than a rat in a barrel of whisky he caused several fights before being taken in by soldiers. Given the choice to join the navy or go to prison he gladly took the opportunity to fight for a cause once more.

Revan eventually joined forces with an enthusiastic Tion Hegemony member, Jaster Gav, in order to create a Mandalorian Clan simply put "Aliit Gav" several brothers, sister, daughters, sons, and other relatives came from this alliance, most being unrelated by blood. Fueled instead by their culture and the bonds of family. However after the absence of Jaster Gav, and the involvement of the Von Ismay family things began to rip itself apart. Choosing exile rather than be faced with a further declining path Revan left the clan very publicly turning his back on what had been his culture for the better half of his life and taking upon himself the title of Dar'manda.

Revan's Career in the Consortium was an interesting one, from a simple Enlisted officer to commanding great ships of his own, to being involved with the special operations division and the creation of the Royal Hapan Army. He had quickly shown his worth on a number of missions and even appeared before King Alex Tylger himself after a successful joint operation during his Navy days. His final days would lead him to settle down into the Internal Security Service only to become Director after a few short months. Regular meetings to Lords and the King gave him a fine view of the higher echelon of the consortium. And a certain taste for the finer things in life, and it certainly began to show in his appearance and behavior, wearing more expensive and stylish suits and no longer visiting dim lit and shady bars, although he still paid one or two a visit out of old habits.

But he began needing something more, a little grittier, he set out from the consortium to try and find something a little more challenging. And to try and make a small fortune for himself. Doing just that he founded several cities upon Mek Va Uli in which he owns several apartment complexes, small businesses, casinos and mining operations. His own personal residence is located on the mountain city entitled Fort Dawn, despite the name the city has very little defenses other than a local security force. From his penthouse suite he has an excellent view over many of the grasslands and oceanic cities down below. Amassing a sizable force of mercenaries, fighters, and a few larger capital ships Revan began building himself a future with the intention of protecting his sizable investments and slowly building his economic empire. He constantly considered his options and was often found with a datapad containing more than one business deal or several dozen financial calculations. His use of intelligence gathering during his time with ISS had left him with more than a fair understanding of galactic politics and economics.

House Vigihan and the Rise of the Harbingers

However despite having his roots dug in deep he still yearned for a challenge, something that could not only occupy his time but provide new and interesting experiences for the still young Hapan. It was while browsing holonet channels that he came across an advertisement for a position working within House Vigihan. He saw it several times more before Revan finally decided to act upon it. Meeting his new boss Arklari Clise for the first time, the wookiee certainly grabbed his attention and before long he was serving within Rendili Star Drives managing and constructing ships for the ship production aspect of Vigihan.

After a successful production batch of several various ships of all sizes Revan began helping improve the economy of Bhuna Sound IV. After his construction efforts where complete he was assigned as the temporary second in command of the The Harbingers. A religion that had slowly been fading away. Although given his affinity to tackle tricky challenges with little help or guidance Arklari soon decided that full control of decisions, save a few overly important ones, would fall down to him. Placing him as the unofficial leader of an entire religion and the system that it had been born in.

The Gendius System had suffered through neglect and abandonment, over population and expansion had ruined the once beautiful planets of Gendius 1 and 5. Something Revan, as a Hapan felt incredibly sad for. The restoration of the natural beauty of these planets while his overall goal could not be his direct path. And instead the construction of massive cloud cities on Gendius 4 soon began to better ensure the economic survive-ability of the system and to give the large amounts of population a place to settle that would not disrupt the natural eco-systems of the other planets that shared the Gendius system.

The Kingdom of Elysia

As well as the construction of these cities construction soon began on a large shipyard in order to further improve the economy of the system. The completion of phase one of this project finished shortly after Y16, the Kingdom of Elysia had been formed from the remains of Avance. And Revan had taken a position as Lord Chancellor, second only to the king he managed many day to day aspects in running the Kingdom.(WIP)

Assets, Holdings, Flagship

Sentinel Droid Squads:

Conquest (Image pending)

War (Image pending)

Famine (Image pending)

Death (Image pending)

Victory (Image pending)

Heavy Battle Armour:




A280 Marksman rifle:

Steve (Image pending)

J-Type 327:

[KoE] Harbinger of Kittens

J-type 327 Starship.jpg

Foray-Class Blockade Runners

[KoE] Harbinger of Destruction

[KoE] Harbinger of Death

[KoE] Harbinger of Hope

[KoE] Harbinger of Justice

[KoE] Harbinger of Pain

[KoE] Harbinger of Salvation

[KoE] Harbinger of Sorrow


Acclamator I-Class Assualt Ship

[KoE] Aegis (Image pending)

The [KoE] Aegis is the Elysian warship assigned to the Lord Chancellor as his personal flagship for use in all matters relating to the Kingdom, while mainly used as a diplomatic ship given it's rarity the Aegis boasts strong defenses and excellent firepower. As well as several classified fighter squadrons providing additional military power in times of defense or war.