Rick Farlander

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Lord Rick Farlander
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Sheka Farlander
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings None
Children Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.937 meters
Coloring Green
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Glowing Red
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Positions Former King of Falleen
Prior Affiliation Classified

Early Life

Many moons ago Rick was born aboard the slave ship RSS Doom Wagon to a Falleen woman named Sheka Farlander. His father was unknown but believed to have been a former master of Sheka. This Agamarian forced Sheka to take his surname once she became with child. He was said to have fostered many children at this time but not many were given the name Farlander to carry. Sheka’s family on Falleen was traced back to the noble clans. After the Great Plight, the family had left Falleen Prime to survive and carry on the bloodline. Over the years they swayed from the clans to find their own place in the universe. How they ended in slavery is still unknown.

Rick at age of seven still working as a slave himself sweeping floors of the ship started to befriend the crew of the ship. He learned over the next few years everything he needed to know about the basic flying of the ship. At age of ten he was allowed to take one of the YT-1210 out for a spin from time to time. Soon Rick taking the slave master and crew to out of ship destinations.


Rick is well known for always wearing his toga


On a trip to Tatooine he took advantage of the open trade and gambling market controlled by the Hutt family. Taking a chance he was able to get the slave master to agree to a bet that he had lost and Rick was a free Falleen at the age of sixteen. With this deal he had acquired a ship by the name RFS Haleigh’s Comet with a small cargo hold and went into business as a freelance. Making a good name for himself in the galaxy, Rick would run anything to get a credit.

During one of these famous runs Rick was asked to transport a family of refugee Jawas to the Orus Sector. While on this run, Rick was bit by one of the little “jerks” that turned out to be rabid. This has cursed Rick for life with the glowing eyes of the Jawa people. But He has used this to his advantage. This feature seems to strike fear in the weak. Thus the Imperial raids Rick never gets boarded for long. So smuggling really became his new business plan. Rick was always good at what he did but he seemed to be a natural at evading the Imperial blockades. He found himself spending much of his time in the unknown regions running contraband or fleeing those on the Imperial most wanted list to a safe haven.

The Federation

Rick did have a weak spot, gambling. He had lost his ship in a bet. This left him stranded for years. When he was able to get a lift he went all the way back to Falleen Prime. There he went on his way to find his to become one with Kiyorath Dihn. With this move he felt a sense of duty to join the Falleen Federation. Upon joining Rick quickly worked his way through the ranks in the Falleen Federation Navy. Taking missions that some were no guarantee to ever see the hyperspeed tunnel again. But through prevailing in these missions he had earned the respect of the Federation and of King Bisz Aldaris. Now sitting in a position of birthright in the Falleen Federation King Rick Farlander S.L. has found his place and has reclaimed his lost ship. As Nathran of the Chir'dorna Clan, Rick accepted the Crown of Falleen in Year 13 Day 151.

Life After The Federation

Rick has always had a need to explore and wonder. Finally finding the home for the Chir`dorna Clan he has been making way to spread the word. Finally in year 17 Chir`dorna Manufacturing opened doors. This production faction was established to provide Rick the neutrality needed to server the Galaxy once again. The galactic politics had proven to be more of talks than action and this is not the way Rick believes peace will ever come. So now it is time to just fly his course and his own path.


King of the Falleen Federation
Preceded By:
Bisz Aldaris
Rick Farlander
Year 13 Day 151Year 14 Day 123
Succeeded By:
Jado Dur`rik