Rift Alliance

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Rift Alliance
General Information
Status Dissolved & Reformed
Leader Reius Rothschild
Members Chiss Ascendancy (Manufacturing)
Corporate Alliance (Trade)
Pentastar Alignment (Mining)
Kingdom of Elysia (Government)
The Black Hand (Mercenaries)
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 304
Dissolved Year 18 (dissolved and reorganized as Rim Commonality)
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Alliance
Holosite Rift Alliance Holosite

The Rift Alliance is an alliance consisting of organisations that have united for mutual benefit and declared to be neutral.


The Rift Alliance is directed by the Alliance Council. The leader of the Rift Alliance is referred to as the Chairman, which other alliance council members being known as Council Member. These members are appointed to the councils by their respective groups.


Alliance Council

Grand Aristocra 
Reius Rothschild
Year 17 Day 50 to Year 18 D95 (Until Dissolvement of the Alliance)

Military Council

Lord Commander 
Grevendar Togl
Year 16 to Year 17 D 240
Director of CAPAD 
Echuu Shen-Jon
Year 17 D 245 to Year 17 D 315
Lord Commander 
Talak Kasra
Year 17 D 315 to Year 8 D 78

Council Disband

Industrial Council

Elm Aran
Year 16 Day 304 to Present Day

Council Disband


On Derra Forged

KrathAlliance zpstjf0lk7k.png

When Grevendar Togl defected to the Krath Dynasty, he brought with him a community of Mandalorian Ori'ramikade (translation: supercommandos) who became the core of Mandalorian community inside Krath. The Brevin Crusaders were soon founded as a Mandalorian mercenary clan who supported Krath through intelligence operations. Both groups were organised into the Krath 2nd Fleet, the first Galactic Alliance forces to land on Derra in opposition to First Sun's operations. First Sun was overwhelmed and called upon the Imperial Union for assistance.

The Krath Second Fleet was approached by Eriadu Authority, a company specializing in Combat Medicine. Originally supported by Rogue Squadron, Eriadu Authority approached Krath seeking closer relations. Breviin Crusaders would soon reorganize as The Death Watch. Krath Dynasty (and its nationalized companies), Death Watch, and Eriadu Authority became the founding members of the new Krath Alliance.

They were joined by Matukai Dragons, a brotherhood which specialized in Force-based combat, into a new partnership. The new partnership would be different than most nationalization and affiliation agreements. *AXE* Foreign Legion would become the fourth group to join, to increase Krath influence in the Manufacturing market.

The Dynasty Council, which had managed Krath operations for many years, was dissolved in favor of new Industrial and Military Councils for the Alliance. An Alliance Council was soon added to determine finalize the Alliance Charter and vote upon new members.

The Shesherile Accords

Chiss Ascendancy was the first group to be selected in the next phase of recruitment. They were followed by Corporate Alliance, Empire of the Hand, and The Pentastar Alignment. Concerned that the name Krath Alliance implied Krath dominance, a vote was held within the Alliance Council for a new name. The Alliance determined that the ideal new name for the alliance would be the Rift Alliance. The ancient Rift Alliance had opposed the Old Republic when they had ignored the concerns of sentients outside the Core Worlds, and the new alliance hoped to rekindle that spirit of resistance. The Alliance Council was renamed the Council of Lords, and Chairman Tapar Craken was elected Lord Paramount of the Rift by the Council.

The Rift Alliance continued to grow and it was decided by the Alliance Council to update the guiding charter of the alliance. The process to draft what would become known as the Shesherile Accords was long as new rules were worked out for how the alliance would function. Along the way, the Alliance picked up new members when Kingdom of Elysia and The Black Hand joined. With Tapar's retirement, Reius Rothschild of the Chiss Ascendancy was elected to the new title of Chairman.

Challenges and Charters

The Discovery of planets in the Drup Sector created both excitement and tension within the Alliance. As Engineers and Warriors from the Rift members begin to move in, they found troops from Zann Consortium already setting up bases within the sector. Debate within the Alliance Council over whether to engage or whether to negotiate with Zann hampered any unified response, which allowed Zann to use the debate as wedge to firmly establish themselves within the sector.

As Year 17 drew to a close, another crisis hit. The Empire of the Hand dissolved and two sectors fell into chaos amid a land speculation grab. Rift Chairman Rothschild decided that it was time to finish the Shesherile Accords and asked Solarius Masha of the Pentastar Alignment to prepare a workable draft based on the earlier draft that had been delayed by crises and disputes for months.

As Year 18 began. Krath Dynasty evaluated its role within the alliance. Following their declaration as The Krath, as they were being pushed by the New Republic to choose between the Rift Alliance and the Galactic Alliance about the technology they had lend without proper authorisation.

Krath then voided the voided the treaties each signatory had signed when they joined the Krath Alliance/Rift Alliance, then announced that they were choosing to leave the Rift Alliance. A vote was passed by the Alliance Council to declare the Rift Alliance neutral. The Krath that is allie he could get to fully control would join them as direct member of the Krath, which resulted in Eriadu Authority and the Matukai Dragon to leave as well.

Chairman Reius Rothschild and Council Delegate Prard`aga Rono joined Solarius in finalizing the draft of what their drafting committee was now calling the Illodia Accords. The Illodia Accords were presented to the Alliance Council for review and ratification. Kingdom of Elysia had welcomed the change to neutral, but had been discussing their future in the alliance since Krath's exit and voted to leave the Alliance. A few days laterThe Black Hand announced that it was withdrawing from the Rift Alliance.

With only Chiss Ascendancy, The Pentastar Alignment and Corporate Alliance remaining in the Rift Alliance, the Alliance Council voted to ratify both the Illodia Accords and the Neutrality Resolution.

The Rift Alliance was now dissolved, and in its place stood the Rim Commonality


Each signatory organisation signed two treaties. The first was the Alliance Charter. The second was an agreement specific to the signatory.

Second Galactic Civil War
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