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Riviera Medical
General Information
Status Merged
Historical Information
Dissolved Year 8 Day 41
Political Information
Industry Medical Service


In the Three-hundred and Fifty-fourth day of the Fourth year of the new calendar, three individuals cemented the bond of mutual honour and respect that was born of their personal struggles, their highest regard for one another, and a shared vision to forge a new path; to create a new dawn out of the darkness. It was on this auspicious date that Ezekiel, a Noghri of clan Ru’tki, Titanes Keano, a Wookiee of Kashyyyk, and Keibak Aruu, a Human born of the noble and greatly respected Aruu family, formed Riviera Medical.

Riviera Medical began as just another struggling organization in a sea of fierce competition, desperately trying to provide the greatly needed health care and medicines to a galaxy devastated by years of conflict and revolution. It was a monumental effort to establish the alazhi farms, develop and bring on line the bacta production facilities, and assemble a fleet of freighters, ambulance, and hospital ships to bring their products and services to those in need. The difficulty of this amazing undertaking was intensified by the constant need to defend the fledgling enterprise against corrupt government officials, ruthless profiteers, greedy rivals, and heartless individuals who sought advantage through the sufferings of others.

Ezekiel, Titanes and Keibak nurtured Riviera Medical with their wise and caring leadership, iron-willed courage and commitment, and selfless contributions of their personal resources; as time progressed, their efforts finally caused their common dream to bear fruit. Riviera Medical had established itself as a beacon of hope in galaxy where there had been only despair. The name Riviera Medical had become synonymous with compassion, tolerance, and healing throughout the many far flung sectors, systems, and planets of the galaxy that previously had known only hatred, bigotry, and suffering. The sign of the shimmering blood cross, piercing the darkness that obscured the sun, became the banner of salvation to plague victims, war refugees, those fleeing natural disasters, and any others who suffered regardless of their race, creed or world of origin. Riviera Medical was now not just the newest, but the most dynamic and egalitarian medical company in the galaxy.

After Riviera Medical had split into several organizations to become more self-sufficient, Riviera Medical was sold to bring in more funds. It was, sadly, sold to the wrong people who began using Riviera’s good name to mislead and steal from others. Ezekiel could not bear to see the fruit of his work be used for such twisted means. After managing to buy back Riviera Medical, he set off to clear its name and bring it back to where it belonged. Riviera Medical joined the SoroSuub Conglomerate shortly afterwards, moving its base of operations to Tartillian and merging their resources to become more efficient than ever before.

On Year 8 Day 41 it merged with Liberty Medical Center into Republic Medical.