Robert Reynolds

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Robert Reynolds
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Jazlynn Reynolds (Deceased)
Father Ares Reynolds (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Naya Reynolds and Nomi Reynolds (Both MIA)
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 300
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Vax Mining Group
Dark Star Hellions
Void Wolves
Title Black Cloak
Rank Defiler Cell Leader , Hellions Original Enforcer
Positions Kamiriic
Prior Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Present Understanding

Upon leaving the Galactic Empire, Robert Reynolds served Ximaro Jix as his first personal bodyguard. Later having attained the rank of enforcer for Dark Star Hellions swoop gang, he and Ximaro would go on take the lives of Drak`ora Sabosen and Vito Royan in a double bounty/assassination which focused on disrupting the Chiss in Exile political movement .

During the rise of Zann Consortium, when several Hellions would remain with the gang and others would become non active Hellions, Robert committed himself into the Zann umbrella where he would undergo grueling training to earn the right to bear the rank of Defiler. Robert would then go on to conduct several operations on behalf of Zann and its affiliate organizations until his subsequent arrest and incarceration by Hellions rogues who later identified themselves as Alliance Special Operations. It was after this long incarceration and rescue by Juan Vargez and members of the pirate outfit Dread that Robert would be ready to rejoin the Zann ranks and focus on re-integrating himself as a Defiler Cell Leader.

Not long later, Ximaro would announce his stepping down from running Zann operations officially before moving to take over the umbrella pirate crew, Dread, which Shane Tayjer ran previously until retirement. Robert, a long time, loyal member of the Zann family, as well as brother to the Falleen Jix, would once again offer his services and skills to the pirate organization which Ximaro was going on to reintegrate and re-engineer. In no time at all, as the re-structure of Dread carried on, Robert was made Black Cloak of Dread becoming its newest second in command, replacing Ximaro's own brother Chokk Ovin Jix who previously served alongside Shane Tayjer.

In year 16, on the 182nd day, Robert shifted from his role as Dread’s Quartermaster to the Captain rank, becoming the new leader of the ruthless pirate crew. With him, he carried his title of “Black Cloak” over to become known as the Black Cloak of Dread.

To date, it is speculated that Robert, along with Ximaro Jix, has lead the pirate crew longer than leaders of the past seeing the crew through their removal from the Zann Umbrella so they may operate more independently within the alliance, to the many successful raids and captures that the crew has conducted over the years.

The Good Ol' Days

Robert Reynolds, born Year -10 Day 300 to Ares and Jazlynn Reynolds, spent the first part of his life enjoying an average Corellian life. His family wasn’t particularly wealthy, but the money they brought in from their tavern kept them quite comfortable.

The years passed by before Robert found himself working in the tavern alongside the rest of his family, to include his older sisters. Life had seemed to have no end in sight for the happiness Robert was fortunate enough to enjoy. That was, until the “accidental” fire that broke out in the family tavern just a few months later.

Robert was lucky to have made his way from the building just as the flames began to consume the building, causing the structure to collapse upon itself. His escape wasn’t entirely fortunate as the last image of his parents was their burning bodies trapped beneath a charred beam, a sight that would forever remain burned into his memory as he ran into a nearby forest. It wasn’t long before he realized that his sisters hadn’t turned up to find him, and Robert didn’t recall seeing them once the chaos began. This was the start of Robert’s downward spiral.

Without a steady source of income, Robert quickly ran out of credits and found himself surviving on the streets as even the shacks in the lesser developed areas of Corellia were too much. Occasionally he would catch a break as various, sympathetic patrons would offer odd jobs for a small reward, but nothing that proved enough to pull him out of the depression he suffered. It wasn’t until the day he passed a recruiting office, smelling of filth and booze that his life would begin to change; the day he signed his life away to the largest Navy at the time, the Imperial Navy. Robert enlisted with a vow to find the scum that took his family from him and keep the galaxy safe from the torment of corruption.

The Imperial Career

As all careers begin, Robert was sent off to the Imperial Academy where he studied under Markus Saretti, graduating with his class a short two weeks after arrival to the large facility. Not a moment later, RADE had honored Robert's request to join the Imperial Navy where he was assigned to the 4th Imperial Fleet. He started as a Crewman under the command of Commander Igneus Esh.

In two years time, Robert had seen several command changes from Commander Esh to the more notable LT Arya Downing, who was accented by his XO LTJG Galdarzz Aalon. The 4th Imperial Fleet had remained unchanged from that point, dominating in the numerous operations that took place until the Empire worked out an agreement with the New Imperial Order late into Year 11.

On the brink of the new year, the NIO Had officially merged into the forces of the Empire, bringing with them a complete restructure of the Navy fleets and commands from Naval High Command down to every fleet. It was around this time that Robert also attained his final rank of LTJG, further establishing himself as a weathered Naval officer. Slowly Robert began to warm up to Rear Admiral Senki Blackrain who had taken over as the Naval XO, among some of the other new faces that were now present.

These new relationships, however, were shortly lived as Robert discovered that this life wasn't what he had wanted any longer. The further into the officer life he went, the more he saw that he was working for the very same type of people that he sought to protect the Galaxy from when he first signed his life away. Robert saw for the first time just how the largest forces in the galaxy functioned behind closed doors. Before he knew it, Robert found himself in a position that required him to make a choice. He had to choose between staying the course and turning a blind eye to the corruption he was surrounded by, as so many others have before him, or he could take a chance on his own again and learn to master spreading the corruption these organizations were build upon.

This very choice was a turning point for Robert and put him on a course that soon acquainted him with Ximaro Jix, who at the time ran the Dark Star Hellions swoop gang. Robert would soon decide to defect from the Empire, leaving his titles, ranks and relationships in the past, to learn how to master the spread of corruption and chaos from the master himself.