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LanguageRodese, Basic, Huttese [1]
Average Height1.5 to 1.7 meters [1]
Skin colorMost commonly green, with variations in pigment including purple and blue [1]
Hair colorMostly no hair
DistinctionsMultifaceted eyes, saucer-shaped antennae, head spines, sucker-tipped fingers [1]
Average lifespanUnknown
Known MembersList of known Rodians


The Rodian are a bipedal race with tapir-like faces and multifaceted eyes, native to the planet Rodia, which is located in the Tyrius system. The skin of a Rodian is green in color, and there is very little physical variation within the species. Thus, non-Rodians often cannot tell two Rodians apart. The Rodian race has ears that swivel in their sockets, allowing them to hear in several directions. There is a ridge of spikes which crests their skulls, and their long, flexible fingers are tipped with suction cups.

They are a race of hunters by nature, and bounty hunting seems to hold a place of high esteem. As a race, they evolved as hunters, surviving their planet's tropical environment and establishing a series of war games which lasted for thousands of years. When an Galactic Republic scout team landed on the planet, the Rodians were there to meet them, armed to the teeth. They annihilated the scout team, and the Grand Protector declared that it was time to take their skills to the stars. Since then, they have not done as well as they had hoped.

Many of the Rodians who make a living off-planet are working as bounty hunters for corrupt crime lords. Their weapon of choice is the thermal detonator, since a widespread explosion tends to kill more than a single blaster shot. Each bounty hunter is obliged to bring a valid record of his or her kill to the Guild on Rodia for logging in the record books. Others are making a living as Imperial lackeys.

Rodians almost wiped themselves out as a race, during a time when the birthrate among females dropped below the level at which they were killing each other off. Harido Kavila, the Grand Protector at the time, devised a way for the Rodian people to funnel their violent tendencies through dramatic plays. The stories revolved primarily around violence, but had a well-defined plot and used the violence to magnify the emotional impact of the plays. The Rodian dramas became well-known throughout the galaxy, in part because they were strong dramas but also because they portrayed the full impact of violence on the perpetrator and his victim.

Biology and appearance

Rodian skin normally has a rough, pebbly texture, except on their hands and snouts. The flexible snouts augments the Rodians' finely-tuned olfactory senses, collecting and filtering the air. Their characteristically-large eyes are indicative of a primarily-nocturnal ancestry and are capable of seeing into the infra-red spectrum. This allows the Rodians to visually detect the body heat of their hidden prey emanating from within the darkness. Due to their love of fighting and active lifestyles, most Rodians keep in good condition, normally lean and wiry. However, some corpulent Rodians become rather obese, typically those that could hire others to fight for them.[1]

Instead of spines, some Rodians also grow hair. This is more common among females, though some males also grow it. Females are also physically distinguished by their breasts and mammary glands. Off-world females, however, oftentimes shave their hair and wear loose-fitting clothing in an attempt to disguise their gender. Some females, though, proudly flaunt their femininity if they know it could work to their advantage.[1]

Rodians exude a pungent, musky aroma, some smelling stronger than others. This scent is an oily pheromone excretion that serves to moisturize the skin and attract potential mates. Most Humans and Diollans find the scent to be particularly overwhelming and liken it to the "odor of animal droppings on the bottom of your boot." Many assume that all Rodians smell the same, however Rodians themselves can differentiate the scent.[1]

Rodians, as with other species, are subject to the aging process. As one grows older, the antennae begins to sag and gray patches appear on the snout. Basic-speaking Rodians have a unique accent, due to their tendency to lisp, and their difficulty pronouncing certain syllables containing "r", "l" or "s" sounds. Rodians also possess a wide vocal range and have been known to make hooting noises.[1]

Culture and history

Rodian culture is obsessed with violence and death, due to behaviors and practices that have been ingrained since their earliest ancestry. Their densely-packed jungle homeworld is ill-suited for agriculture, requiring Rodians to compete with vicious predators for most of their food. Some of these predators, such as ghests, could wipe out entire Rodian villages. As the Rodians developed cunning hunting tactics to survive, the hunt became central to their culture. Eventually, having driven most of the other predators on the planet to near-extinction, they began to hunt each other in various wars and gladiatorial contests.[1]

Millennia later, all of Rodia is dominated by a handful of large, powerful clans, which have eliminated or enslaved their smaller neighbors. The leader of the most powerful clan, the Soammei Clan, eventually proclaimed himself Inta'si'rin'na, or Grand Protector of the Rodians. Through the rest of Rodian history, the title of Grand Protector shifted from clan to clan with the subsequent changes in loyalties and power. Grand Protectors rule all of Rodia as dictators.[1]

The list of the known clans: An'yettu Clan, Adebsu Clan, Bomu Clan, Cairn Clan, Chattza Clan, Chekkoo Clan, Intamm Clan, Jungle Clans, Kenu Clan, Neetakka Clan, Reeven Clan, Roolek Clan, Soammei Clan, Tan Clan, Tanwa Clan, Tetsu Clan, Tonena Clan [1]

When scouts from the Galactic Republic arrived on Rodia, they too were hunted, until a clever Grand Protector realized the advantages of contact with galactic society. The hunts were called off, and a new policy was implemented. The Grand Protector declared that the best hunters, as proven by success in various gladiatorial contests and hunts on Rodia, would be allowed to leave the planet for work as bounty hunters, mercenaries, slavers, or similar occupations. The Grand Protector's Hunters' Guild, or Goa-Ato, institute annual awards for the best hunters. The awards, called Atiang, contain such categories as "Best Shot," "Longest Trail," or "Most Notorious Capture." [1]

Of course, not all Rodians found off-world are bounty hunters or artists. Some are refugees from clan feuds who illegally left Rodia in search of asylum. Illegal emigrants and their descendants born off-world could travel the galaxy freely and work in a variety of professions, from peaceful merchants and technicians to arms dealers and criminal henchmen. Rodian authorities treat off-world born Rodians as though they are alien galactic citizens and illegal emigrants are generally not permitted to return to Rodia (though some used forge or legitimate documents to claim off-world status). Rodian politicians are often seen on Coruscant.[1]