Rogue Squadron

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Rogue Squadron
Rogue Squadron Logo Year 13.png
Political information
Type of government Oligarchy
Head of State Rogue Squadron High Command
Head-of-Government Rogue Squadron High Command
Commander-in-Chief Rogue Squadron High Command
Executive branch Rogue Squadron High Command
Legislative branch Rogue Squadron High Command
Judicial branch Rogue Squadron High Command
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Capital Elrood
Territory Outer Rim Territories
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Historical Information
Formed from Red Star Alliance
Date of establishment Year 8 Day 236
Status Active
Holosite Rogue Squadron


It was not too long ago that seven bands of independent traders, prospectors, freighter pilots, and mercenaries in the Elrood sector of our Galaxy decided to give their common goals a formal basis to work on. Seven hands, claws, and flippers were stretched out and laid upon each other on a round table in a plain conference room on Meris V, and people who had gone their own way before united their destinies under the symbol of the seven-pointed star. With the hope of freedom, peace, and prosperity for what they had come to love as their rightful homes, the members of the freshly born Rogue Squadron have since pushed back the remnants of their oppressors, the Galactic Empire, with unexpected effectiveness and success. They draw their strength not from greed for mundane trash but from the confidence of comradeship, not from mindless heaps of steel in cold space but from the fire of passion burning in their hearts. Occupants, beware - the Rogue Squadron is descending upon you!

High Command

  • Mandor von Uberwald
  • Jake Azzameen
  • Anomander Starhunter

Former High Command

  • Kurami Jankov (ret)
  • Lud Star (ret)
  • Xavze Zavan (ret)
  • Hexx Harpy (ret)
  • Phoenix Daywalker (KIA)

Notable Units

  • Bodrin Militia: Former unit based at Bodrin system, the Bodrin militia was a regional defence formation operating on the flag of the Rogue Squadron. Notable members include Mike Bane, John Ripcord, Kural Benos and Phoenix Daywalker.
  • Eriadu Authority: Eriadu Authority (EA) was a ground combat unit formerly operating under RS mandate. EA was established under the command of Captain Dragomir Kies and based at Seswenna system. EA has since evolved into its own group.
  • Saber Fleet: Between Year 7 and Year 17, Rogue Squadron Saber Fleet (RSSF) was the primery formation employed in response to situations requiring coordinated military effort. Operations in which RSSF participated include Operations Gonzog, Clean Sweep and Droecil. Among the Commanders of the Fleet were Captain Taelas Taal, Daehd Moroz, Commodore Jeff Knight and Captain Arch Terkan.


  • Rogue Squadron Banner Year 13.jpg (Year 13)

Rogue Squadron
Subsidiaries Total Outer Rim
Allies Rebellion Rebel Alliance
Other Allies Galactic Alliance: ·Triumvirate Coalition ·TIEFE ·-ARK- ·Jedi Order ·The Resistance ·Invid Order
Sectors Airam · Atravis · Elrood · Javin · Jjannex · Rseik · Seswenna · Svivreni · Tantra
Branches High Command · RS Special Forces
Other Red Star Alliance · Pentastar Alignment

Second Galactic Civil War
Rebel Alliance

Rebel Alliance

Other Anti-Imperial

Blue Star Dominion · The Antarian Rangers and Galactic Alliance-ARK- · The Invid Order · Jedi Order · The Resistance · TIEFE · Rogue Squadron · Triumvirate Coalition)

Imperial Union

Black Sun · Galactic Empire · The Faerytail Family · Tresario Star Kingdom

Imperial Union-aligned


Galactic Concordiate

Aurodium Legion · Mandalore · Tion Hegemony

Galactic Concordiate-aligned

The Wraiths

Shadow Dominion

Zann Consortium · Biotech

Battles and Conflicts
Major Conflicts

Adlentar · Alderaan · Bacta Wars · Berchest · Beta · Churnis · Corellia · Dellalt · Dostra · Dressel · Hosnian · Kashyyyk · 2nd Krmar II · Meridian · N'zoth · Sacorria · 1st Tatooine · 2nd Tatooine · Trellen

Major Hostile Takeovers

Takeover of The Antarian Rangers (Y9 D221 - Y10 D341) · Corporate Sector Authority Nationalisation (Y5 D139 - Y10 D102) · Takeover of the New Republic

Wars of the Galaxy

Black Sun Crisis (Y3 D53 - Y3 D293) · Cron Conflict (Y11 D64 - D297) · First Imperial Civil War (Y-2 - Y0) · Second Imperial Civil War (Y1 D307 - Y3 D290) · Third Imperial Civil War (Y6 D318 - Y10 D160) · Fourth Imperial Civil War (Y11 D291)

Related Wars

Outer Rim War (Y7 - Present Day) · Mandalorian Civil War (Y16 D35 - Present Day)