Roruk Drei

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Roruk Drei
Roruk Drei.png
Biographical Information
Race Bith
Homeworld Clak'Dor VII
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Garik Drei (Deceased)
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium
Rank Aranix

Roruk was Born on the Bith Homeworld of Clak'Dor VII in the city of Weogar after the Great Nozho-Weogar War. The war decimated the planet's eco-system and destroyed the once great landmass. Roruk and his family were forced too live in the large dome city constructed many years after the war, Thankfully Roruk and his family had not been affected. Roruk Seldom left the giant protective dome as a child because of the terrible effects of the biological warheads used by the Nozho and Weogar Clans.

When Roruk was First Introduced to the Mainstream Education he was horrified too find bullying of the deformed sub-race of Y'Bith that became mutated because of their exposure of the bio-weapons. Roruk soon learned that this Sort of attitude toward Y'Bith was rife throughout the planet and mainstream Bith would flee if a Y'Bith were to walk past with fear they may contract the 'Condition.'

Soon After Roruk began too stand up too these bullies which angered and disgusted them, the bullies began too categorize Roruk as a Y'Bith because of his kindness towards them and made his time in education grim and depressing causing Roruk to become an outcast who was shunned by both Bith and Y'Bith.

Overtime the Y'Bith Moved away from the Bith Homeworld and colonized the Planet of Clak'Dor IV. This settled down the abuse Roruk would get from his peer group.

At the age of fifteen Roruk had left mainstream education and began working fulltime with his father as a shipwright in The Weogar Shipyards. He became greatly adept with ship modifications and repairs. Roruk enjoyed this job but yearned for a life beyond the bleak metal dome that encompassed him, holding him back.

When Roruk was seventeen years old he was given his first blaster a DL-22 which he still uses too this day. Through his lifetime Roruk has modified the blaster too fit his expectations, even if it ment illegal modifictions.

Only days after Roruk's seventeenth birthday his brother Garik Drei was gunned down by offworlders from Rodia who had come to Clak'Dor VII too trade but their deal had gone badly and Roruk and Garik were caught in the crossfire. Roruk managed too escape with his life but Garik was not so fortunate, he died as medics arrived on the scene.