Roy Starkiller

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Roy Starkiller
Roy Starkiller Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Falleen-Cybernetic Hybrid
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Approximately 1.5 meters
Coloring Green/Grey skin
Political Information
Affiliation Renegade Inc.

Roy Starkiller[1] is a male Falleen and the former director of Renegade Inc., a mercenary escort unit. Once a lowly Falleen crewman, Roy became cybernetic organism after a chance encounter with a mysterious starship. An ocular implant was used to replace his left eye. When combined with the advanced memory chips storing many of his thoughts, he is able to view his knowledge in text or visual form. If he sees anything, he is able to almost-instantly recall any information he knew about it. This implant also allows him to view a significantly larger portion of the light spectrum. Much of the rest of his body is covered in a flexible, yet durable exoskeleton of metal.


...Beginning of biographical fragment...

For as long as Roy can remember, he has been alone. He knows nothing of his family. His earliest memories are of survival, eking out a meager existence. Things changed, however, when Roy found himself a manual labor job on a transport barge, hauling cargo on and off at different starports. It allowed him to see other places and awakened a wanderlust within him. It also led to the situation I find myself in now.

The transport's captain was always eager to turn a profit, as most are. One day, the barge dropped out of hyperspace in the middle of nowhere, intending to perform a course correction. The captain discovered what appeared to be a derelict vessel of unknown origin. He decided to send a few crewmen aboard and see what could be salvaged. Roy was one of those men.

They entered the ship to find it the most unusual design any of us had ever seen. Warm, humid, and as they explored, no discernible centralized areas of the starship. It was a few minutes before they found the bodies. Mostly grey pigmentation with highly-sophisticated cybernetic implant systems, putting those of the Yaka and Gank to shame. Roy and his comrades split up to better explore and that is the last time Roy saw any of his shipmates again.

Renegade Inc Emblem Year 2.png

As Roy was exploring, he found survivors. At first, they ignored him, more concerned with their vessel. As he continued to walk about, inspecting the ship, they suddenly began to take notice, walking towards him slowly with a blank, unemotional look on their faces. He had not been given anything more than a comlink before leaving the transport, and he had no way to fight back. Roy decided to raise his hands in surrender, but they did not seem to understand the gesture.

Roy caught a glance of one behind him, just as he felt a stabbing pain in his neck. He felt disoriented and began to hear voices, many voices in his head, speaking together as one. He now understood everything. He knew what they were and why they were here. He slowly became one of them.

Over the next few minutes, he learned that all the others in his group had been likewise captured. The transport barge had fled, running scared. Eventually Roy was transformed into a fully-cybernetic being, encased in a metal exoskeleton and connected to a hive mind of all the other cybernetic organisms aboard the ship.

A week later at most, the mysterious ship was attacked and destroyed. The section of the ship Roy was on at the time was somehow able to survive, mostly intact, and he was able to stay alive. The rest of the ship's complement of cybernetic drones was destroyed. His neural link to them was gone.

Within a few days, by a one-in-a-million chance, the debris field was discovered and Roy was rescued. A mercenary outfit calling itself Renegade Inc. had been exploring the region and brought him on board. He was healed and, slowly, he began to regain his individuality.

...End of biographical fragment...