Rubis Tade

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Rubis Tarde is a verpine young freighter pilot, no more than 25 years old.

Rubis Tade (NPC)
Rubis marcopiloto02.jpg
Biographical Information
Race verpine
Homeworld Nickel One
Languages basic, verpine
Physical Description
Gender mostly male (hermaphrodite)
Height 1,94 m.
Weight 78 kg.
Eye Color black
Political Information
Affiliation Kirlan Krane


Rubis was born in a big verpine hive inside Nickel One asteroid, in Roche system (Tennuutta sector). Governed by Tresario Star Kingdom, verpines who grew in Roche used to work in asteroid mines or join the tech & research divisions of the Imperial Union. But, instead of making the usual verpine path, Rubis was specially fascinated by the great diversity of freighters, gunboats and shuttles that could be seen all over Nickel One. So Rubis made his own way learning to fly and joining pilot teams in the asteroid mines. However, making his own way led him to confront his own species at times, which reinforced his alienation from his society by meeting other cultures and dealing with other sentients. He also learned to speak a characteristic Basic full of buzzing from his own language.

When the the War for the Republic ended [1], he finally decided to leave his homeworld and travel to Corellia with a good corellian friend, the fighter pilot Helrun Daqemef. It was a difficult change for Rubis, becoming an alien stranger wherever he was. His peaceful and gullible nature didn't help him integrate into a world full of cunning hustlers. So, when Rubis wasn't working as a transport pilot, he prefered being alone and busy messing around and researching weapons and electronic devices, an activity he found enjoyable.

Year 22

Rubis Tade, Helrun Daqemef, Isabel Spince and Kirlan Krane were seen together in Binedump city (Antar 4 planet) at the beginning of the year, during the 2º Underworld Racing Series [2]. After the event, all of them left Antar 4 onboard the XXX Calumma #10 YT-2000 on D016.

The XXX Calumma #10 entered in Moobia system (Kastolar sector) in D017. One day later, after taking some cargo containers from a Sienar Technologies ship, it jumped to hyperspace.

Career History

-Until well into the Y21 he worked as freighter pilot in Imperial Union mining routes for Tresario Star Kingdom in Tennuutta sector.

-In the last part of Y21 he worked as freelancer freighter pilot in Corellia.

-In Y22,D005 he joined Kirlan Krane's team, as Firespray-class Interceptor pilot.