Rwookrrorro Commonwealth

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Rwookrrorro Commonwealth
General Information
Motto "Uniting the Wookies"
Status Defunct
Leader Elijah Shoryyhn
2IC Zeth Quo
Owner Elijah Shoryyhn
Historical Information
Founded Year 11
Dissolved Year 12 Day 120
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
"The Wookiees are a strong and mighty race and will be made stronger still when we stand together, united."
Elijah Shoryyhn

The Rwookrrorro Commonwealth was a Wookiee racial association. Founded by Elijah Shoryyhn it started strong, but ultimately the success and popularity declined as the association was unable to define itself and its goals for the future. After the retirement of Chieftain Shoryyhn and decommissioning of associations holonet satellites, Rwookrrorro Commonwealth was dissolved around Day 150 of Year 12.