S.W.A.T. Industries

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S.W.A.T. Industries
General Information
Motto Better to be safe than bankrupt!
Status Dissolved
Leader Lilith Delcroix
Headquarters Morobe
Historical Information
Formed from Sienar Fleet Systems
Founded Year 17 Day 141
Dissolved Year 17 Day 332
Political Information
Industry Manufacturing

Special Weapons And Technology (S.W.A.T.) Industries was formed from the corporate shell of Sienar Fleet Systems (SFS) in mid-Year 17. SFS was founded as an independent company on Year 14 Day 233 by a group of former Officers from the Galactic Empire. After almost three years of profitable growth the Executive Board of SFS decided to re-brand the company and focus on providing equipment and support to private corporate security forces.

Mission Statement

Do you believe your company to be safe? Do you believe the Planetary Authority will protect your assets? You might be wrong. The Police will only investigate crimes and suspects, but they are not able to prevent them. That means they are powerless to protect you, your employees and your business until after something terrible has happened. They will do their best to apprehend the responsible parties, but what good is that when you already lost everything?

It doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t need to be afraid.

The limited, insufficient services of the public security forces are good enough for the rest but you are special, your employees are special; your business is special.

You need special protection, and to do that your corporate security will need the right kind of gear.

Here at Special Weapons And Technology (S.W.A.T.) Industries we understand that. We offer equipment to suit your every need: personal protection, staff security, corporate security – no matter how big or small, and whatever your specific needs, from industrial counter-espionage to counter-insurgency.

We work with multiple mercenary organisations, former high ranking agents of governmental Intelligence services and top military officers, with unrivalled experience in official Security and Intelligence departments, to develop the necessary technology and equipment for private security forces. S.W.A.T. Industries offers nothing but the highest quality gear.

Enjoy your life and your business with the peace of mind knowing that your security forces use only the best to protect your profits.

Better safe than bankrupt!


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