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The SB-1 was a one-of-a-kind ship. To the casual observer, it might look like a warship due to its array of weapons, consisting of laser cannons, turbolasers and proton torpedo launchers. Upon touring the inside of the ship, it is easy to tell these weapons are purely defensive. SB-1 contains, among other things, a shopping mall, a petting zoo, a video rental area (complete with yet-to-be-finished movies), a three-ring circus, a kettle-drum player, a Mr. Coffee machine, several large combs (and one smaller comb) and a man that can do his own special effects sounds. This makes it more of a pleasure ship than weapon of war. The ship also carries a unique inertial damping system which makes the ship feel as though it is traveling at speed far higher than it is capable of (some believe this claim to be ludicrous). The ship, despite all its luxury, is rife with problems, some the result of faulty systems and others that are design flaws. Its doors are known to close prematurely, crushing people in them. Its sensor suite, while sophisticated, is highly susceptible to jamming. The ship also carries too few escape pods for its crew compliment and contains a large, red button labeled as a Self-Destruct button. One of the ships owners, current or previous, obviously had a sense of humor, due to the 'We Brake for Nobody' message found on the rear of the ship, just under its primary engines. It is possible that this same owner purposely added a fake (or not) Self-Destruct button and tweaked the door software system. One rumor about the ship is that it is capable of changing its appearance from that of a standard ship into a large metallic humanoid. There are no substantiated reports of this at the current time.

The ship was destroyed during Teniel Djo's mass suicide, where it was piloted into a black hole in the Maw.


Prior to its destruction, this vessel was owned by the Eidola Pirates.


The estimated price of the raw materals required to build this ship is 12,900,015.

Materals Amount
Quantum 1,151
Meleenium 12,120
Ardanium 2,194
Rudic 1,097
Rockivory 24
Tibannagas 246
Varmigio 13,023
Lommite 247
Durelium 4,341


Weapon Amount
Turbolasers 5
Tractor Beams 5
Proton-Torpedo Launchers 5
Heavy Laser 20


Navigation Stats - Cargo Stats - Hull Stats
Hyperspeed 3 Weight 2,700,000 T Length 1,375 m
Sublight Speed 20 MGLT Volume 48,000,000 m³ Hull 4,000
Max Speed 200 km/h Weight Cap 620 T Deflector Shields 3,500
Maneuverability 2.00 Volume Cap 2,250 m³ Ionic Capacity 2,000
Sensors 8 Max Passangers 650 ECM 0
Crew Requirement 220

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