SX-65 Groundhog

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SX-65 Groundhog
Navigational Stats
Max Speed 60 km/h
Maneuverability 2
Sensors 1
Terrain Restrictions Cave Gas Giant Jungle Ocean Sun Terrain Swamp Volcanic
Weapons Unarmed
Cargo Stats
Weight 275 T
Volume 800 m³
Weight Capacity 5 T
Volume Capacity 25 m3
Passengers 5
Hull Statistics
Length 25 m
Hull 40
Ionic Capacity 30
Shield 0
Specials Mining Sensors: 40
Raw Materials
Quantum 11
Meleenium 117
Ardanium 43
Rudic 18
Tibannagas 0
Lommite 12
Rockivory 0
Bacta 0
Hibridium 0
Varium 5
Affiliation Endara Mining Corporation

JUGANOTH Mining Corporation

Nikklon Mining Incorporated

Sienar Extractions

Czerka Corporation

Commerce Guild

Centrepoint Mining

Vyzerod Mining


Falleen Resource Contracts

Anzatan Resource Extractions



Outer Rim Excavations

Triumvirate Mining Corporation

Sunburst Heavy Industries

Alderaan Mining Corporation

D`Este Realty

Knights of the Fountain

Lethe Merchandising

Stars` End Mining Company

Total Outer Rim

Hyrotii Corporation

Nakesh Alliance Extractions

Akheton Mining Corporation

Tresario Mining Authority

Outland Mining Corporation

Galacian Mining Corporation

Galactic Commerce Collective

The Empire of the Hand

Critical Mass Mining

DEEPCORE Mining Corporation

Imperial Mining Corporation

eXiles Intragalactic Lithology

The Groundhog is a sturdy vehicle built for scanning and surveying purposes. It has a 360 degree revolving scanning array mounted on the top of the vehicle. The scanning array is connected to a state of the art electronics system allowing data to be analyzed quickly and efficiently, providing accurate output information. This allows the Groundhog to locate future mining locations quickly in order to commence mining as soon as possible. The Groundhog is designed as a rather broad and flat vehicle to keep it balanced; this design is so efficient that the vehicle is stable even when traveling on the slopes of a mountain or rather rugged terrain. The vehicle has two small cockpit-windowpanes, made of Transparisteel, and moderate armour plating for protection against falling rocks and extreme heat. The light armour combined with the higher than average speed, allow it to escape from and survive most light attacks.