SYT Transport

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SYT Transport
General Information
Motto "First Time Customer, Second Time Friend"
Status Active
Leader Darlene Bazinga
2IC Algol Starrunner
Owner Kael Ta`em
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 248
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Transportation Provider
Holosite SYT Transport LLC

SYT Transport is a transportation provider staffed by Darlene Bazinga and Algol Starrunner.



SYT Transport LLC was a freelance transport group founded by Sheng-ji Yang and Kael Ta`em on Year 7 Day 273. Success brought an ever-increasing administrative burden in running the company; thus, on Year 9 Day 248, SYT Transport was formally incorporated. SYT operates throughout the galaxy and provides affordable transportation of droids, supplies, and raw materials to organizations and individuals to all points of the galaxy with no questions asked. To this end, SYT maintains a policy of neutrality in all galactic affairs.

Before its incorporation in Year 9, SYT had another chance of becoming a formal company: Akheton Vehicle Corporation was heavily expanding and needed a group to transport their vehicles to the public. Jenos Idanian, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Akheton at that time, entered extensive negotiations with Sheng-ji and Kael but ultimately failed to close a deal. This was due to the fact that SYT's leadership wanted to give everybody in the company an equal voice. Although a takeover by Akheton would mean better pay and security for SYT personnel, it would also mean a name-change from SYT to ATS (Akheton Transport Services). Most voted against this change as a testament to the utter stubbornness and independence of the freelance pilot, for better or for worse.

Upon Yang's untimely demise circa Year 10, CEO Kael withdrew from public view, leaving SYT under effective leadership of Harnil Mantell and T`arn Fetherim but bad luck was to follow the young organisation. T`arn was murdered by a notorious pirate in that same year. Harnil died a year later when his flagship, the Bayonet-class Light Cruiser Gilded Horn, was ensnared by a gravity well in an Elrood star because of a navigational error.

Working behind the screens Kael set out a new course for the company and found new personnel. A Cerean named Algol Starrunner, Devaronian Nordin Mantell (Harnil's son) and a young woman named Darlene Bazinga are now leading operations on a day to day basis, supported by a cadre of loyal pilots.


As small as SYT still is, the company intends to become one of the most important players in transportation galaxy-wide. To this end SYT is building multiple income facilities to help finance day to day operation costs as well as being a haven for SYT personnel. Also the construction and managing of starports for corporations and governments throughout the galaxy will be a good way to gain foothold in one of the toughest trades around. Since Year 11, SYT Transport is actively seeking co-operation with similar groups to better the service of transport for all clients, resulting in affiliations with Deadman Lines, Meteora Enterprises, and many freelance groups. Lately a big change in operations shifted the company toward trading and SYT now manages and builds trade stations and all manner of other trade related things.

SYT pilots scouting the Braxant Sector in a joint venture with Dukha Industrial have found the system Sartinaynian in Year 15 Day 25. It is comprised of the Gas Giant Sarti which will remain under control of Dukha Industrial, and Temperate Planet Bastion. Colonization is in progress.


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