Sa Keesh

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Sa Keesh
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Ionia Keesh
Father Ronkianon Keesh
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 meters
Hair Color n/a(Head Tendrils)
Eye Color Black(Right eye), Cybernetic Implant(Left eye)
Political Information
Affiliation CLASSIFIED
"Shoot first....frak 'em all!"
— Sa Keesh


Early Life

Sa Keesh was born into a family of hunters, His father was one of the best beast hunters on Glee Anselm until an accident involving A tectonic pressure surge took his life. Sa, who was along with the hunting party as an apprentice hunter, was with his father Ronkianon Keesh in his last moments of life. His fathers dying wishes to his son was to never settle, and to fallow your passion. So as Sa mastered the skills of the beast hunters of Glee Anselm, he soon realized that he had out grown the ways of the hunters, and set out to find his place in the galaxy.


Sa Keesh is a Mandalorian trained, Nautolan with cybernetic enhancements. He wears full Mandalorian armor and is heavily armed at all times. The left side of his face, Including his left eye, have been replace with cybernetic implants. The roguish Nautolan always seems to be amused by the actions of others and his disarming grin has been the downfall of more than one unfortunate soul.