Sadie de Chatillon

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Sadie de Chatillon
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Rhea de Chatillon
Father Andreas Colvarin
Spouse Draven Diesel
Siblings Artemis de Chatillon
Born Year 0
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 178 cm
Weight 72 kg
Coloring Blue/Black
Eye Color Grey/Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Cantrell Conglomerate
Title Orbital Research and Design
Rank Second in command

Sadie de Chatillon is a Kiffar who was born and raised in secret, unaware of her true lineage. Traveling from Kiffex to Ord Cantrell was the fateful opportunity she needed to reunite with her half brother Artemis de Chatillon and discover a family she never knew she needed. Currently, she works as Second in Command of Orbital Research and Design under Angwyn Eyre.

Early Life

Sadie was a mistake even before she was born. Rhea de Chatillon spent months on end while her husband, Cronus, traveled for business. Time apart caused Rhea a great deal of loneliness, and she found consolation in the arms of Andreas Colvarin, a Grey Jedi Kiffar. What started as a one night stand grew into a secret affair resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Rhea tried her best to hide the discovery from both her husband but eventually she had to come clean. Cronus was enraged at the news, and the thought of how much shame would come to the de Chatillon clan at the discovery of such a scandal was more than he could bear, resulting in him demanding that Rhea get rid of the child. Unable to face that decision, she told Andreas of her pregnancy and Cronus' demands. Andreas was as enraged about Cronus as the other kiffar was of the pregnancy and demanded Rhea go through with the pregnancy and give the child to him. Begrudgingly, she agreed, and after naming her Anaideia, Rhea gave her daughter over to Andreas to be raised in secret.

Growing up was a simple endeavor. Andreas, not wanting his child to be burdened with a name that would give others false impressions of her before even knowing her, decided to give the child a new first name, as well as his own last name instead of Rhea's. Thus, Sadie Colvarin was how she was known. Sadie wanted for nothing while growing up, though her father ensured that she understand the meaning of hard work. Although Rhea provided them with a steady income so that they could live well off, Andreas decided it better to set the money aside for Sadie upon her coming of age. It was discovered at an early age that Sadie was force sensitive, and Andreas took great care in teaching his daughter about the ways of the force. It was clear to the girl that by her father's teachings, sith was bad and jedi was good. Thus, she focused on ensuring she followed the ways of the jedi, never knowing that her father himself wasn't a jedi or a sith, and that there was another way.

As Sadie was in the midst of her teenage years, the truth of her maternal lineage came to light. Rhea de Chatillon, mourning the absence her children, decided to make herself known to her daughter and, once discovering that Andreas was traveling again and leaving Sadie at home, demanded that Sadie move into the de Chatillon Estate. With nobody else in the home and Cronus still busy ensuring his business thrived, he was inclined to support his wife's decision. While Sadie denied the offer and refused to believe the facts placed in front of her, fate was a cruel mistress. After learning about her biological mother, Sadie lost her father while he was out on a mission. Mourning his loss and left with no other solution, Sadie was moved into the de Chatillon family home and introduced to a different way of living. Where Andreas was loving and supportive, Cronus was anything but. A cruel reminder of his own shortcomings in his marriage, he wanted nothing to do with her. Rhea, though try as she might, fell short of being nurturing as years apart left her unsure of how best to raise her child, or if whether she still needed guidance at all.

When Sadie came of age, she made one more life changing discovery. Revolution was raging on Kiffex, and with refugee evacuations underway, Rhea felt that the best way to save the life of her last living daughter was to send her away from the destruction. With Cronus dead and her own health weaning, she decided to make Sadie aware of her siblings. Sadie was in shock at discovering that she had not only three other siblings, but that two of them were dead. It both excited and disheartened her. Finally, Sadie learned that she still had a living brother, Artemis de Chatillon, and that his last known location was somewhere on a planet called Ord Cantrell. Though she knew very little of the planet or system that it dwelled in, and although she didn't want to leave her mother, she knew staying would only put her own life in danger, so she begrudgingly obliged Rhea's wishes and went with a group of refugees to flee to the planet of Ord Cantrell.

Ord Cantrell

Upon landing on the shores of Ord Cantrell, Sadie was immediately swept away by the beauty that she found lying there. Soon after she realized that she had no idea how to even begin the search for the man she was looking for. She had no coin or resources, only her name to lead her. She decided her priority should lie in creating a life for herself on the planet before finding Artemis himself. So Sadie got a small job with a number of other refugees tending to the farmland around Ord. It wasn't an resplendent job by any means, but it allowed Sadie enough to afford a small bedroom in a house shared with a number of other Kiffar. As well, the physical labor kept her in shape and her free time allowed her to focus on fine tuning her combat skills, sparring with others in the village with anything they could find as a weapon. She was also able to expand her knowledge of medicine, especially in healing, by experimenting on those wounded from sparring.

Before Sadie could return to her bigger goal of finding Artemis, he found her first. As her skills in medicine became more apparent, she was chosen to assist in the village infirmary, tending to those who fell ill. When news of a project known as the Cantrell Institute became known, Sadie felt in her gut that it was an opportunity she shouldn't be allowing to pass. Therefore, she made it known of her interest in the project and of how her skills would benefit in helping the group develop and succeed. In the end, because she refused to take no for an answer, she was allowed to be a part of the amalgamation that was gathered to create the institute.

Without even realizing it, joining the institute brought her closer to her brother. She had no idea what he looked like, so she paid no mind in the many patrons passing by her on a daily basis. Nor did she focus on the names that passed among lips, even when the name matched the one she was meant to find. Finally, after weeks of working side by side, Artemis made the connection and confronted Sadie with their relationship. At first, Sadie was weary of Artemis, afraid of how he would respond to meeting her. She herself was overjoyed to finally find the one living relative remaining. She wanted nothing more to reunite with him and create and unbreakable bond among the two of them, but she knew from experience how hard it could be to accept a life changing interaction such as this one. To her shock, Artemis was welcoming and kind, immediately welcoming her as family and inviting her to live in his estate. Sadie exuberantly accepted, and as the two became closer, adopted the surname her mother carried as well. With time, she learned of his goals and aspirations and supported both him and his endeavors with the loyalty and love she felt only once before: with her father. Finally, Sadie was home.

Cantrell Conglomerate

After reconnecting with Artemis de Chatillon, Sadie was also introduced to his growing affairs. Cantrell Conglomerate, the brain child of Artemis and run by Avelyn ca Vella, showed Sadie just what she was missing out of life. Under Ava's tutelage, Sadie learned about management and piloting ships and the art of flirtation. Although initially set on seducing the younger de Chatillon, the two quickly fell into a close relationship, both in business and friendship. Sadie aided the conglomerate in the transportation department, but as Orbital Research and Design began evolving at exponential rates, it became clear that it needed another member to help in leading it. The choice was clear to both Artemis and Avelyn, and while Sadie had no initial interest in the promotion, her desire to help her brother won out, and she began her career as second in command of the faction under [[[Angwyn Eyre]]. The two formed a quick bond, and working together, the faction thrived. Sadie strayed into other lines of work (Cantrell Consulting, Gordian Reach Authority, etc.) She started off in transportation, but it didn't take long for her true potential to be noticed. As Avelyn and Artemis began the evolution of Orbital Research and Design, and ORD found itself a multitude of other 2ICs, but nothing fit as well as the original duo. Thus, Sadie returned home to her position as 2IC, where she currently resides, much to the joy of Ang.