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LanguageSakiyan [1]
Average Height1.6—2.1 meters [1]
Hair colorNone [1]
DistinctionsBald, pointed ears [1]
Average lifespan85 Standard Years [1]
Known MembersList of known Sakiyans

Biology and Appearance

Sakiyans are a race of humanoids that evolved from fierce, arboreal predators and are native to the planet Sakiya. Members of this race are characterized by their large craniums, pointed ears, and prodigious fangs. Sakiyans are born with varying skin tones, ranging from very pale tones to darker blacks (i.e. tan, red, bronze, onyx). They also have the ability to see into the infrared spectrum and have particularly keen senses. While a handful of Sakiyans have decided to explore the galaxy for a broader range of prey and glory, most choose to remain on their homeworld their entire lives, enticed by its temperate climate and excellent hunting.

Their brains were nearly twice the size of a Human brain and the parts of the Sakiyan brain devoted to sensory input and processing were superior even to those of the Bith. [1]

Sakiyan Force-users were rare. [1]

Sakiyans profit from naturally superior musculature that makes them at least half again as strong, dexterous, and quick as similarly sized humans. Their heightened physical abilities make Sakiyans excellent hunters, which has resulted in them being sought for employment as trackers and assassins throughout the galaxy. They have been known to successfully hunt the galaxy's most fearsome beings including tigers, lyniks, nexus, shistavenans, rancors, rass, and even Noghri. Most Sakiyans seek out particularly treacherous pursuits because they believe the only worthwhile hunt is one in which the prey has a chance to win. It is not unheard of for Sakiyans to consume their most worthy prey, despite the prey's race or sentience.

Society and culture

Sakiyans relentlessly work to increase their personal standing and honour through acts of glory. If Sakiyans perform shameful acts, both their personal honour (monthrael) and their familial honour (yithrael) are forever stained. However, the disgraced monthrael and yithrael can be reversed if one of the Sakiyan's descendants performs several particularly honourable acts.

The members of the pale-skinned subspecies are normally treated as outcasts in Sakiyan society. [1]

They tended to place the interests of themselves and their communities above others, and were cautious in their dealings with other species, no doubt in part due to their planetary history of alien invasions. Sakiyans had a poor sense of humor. [1]


The Sakiyans originated on the planet Sakiya within the environs of Hutt Space. Along with the Riileb, the Sakiyans were one of the few species to resist Hutt conquest and invasion during the Pre-Republic Era. They later established colonies on other worlds including Sakidopa, Sakiduba and Sakifwanna.[1]

In the days of the Galactic Republic, xenobiologists had differing opinions as to whether Sakiyans should be classified as Near-Human. Under the Galactic Empire, Imperial scientists concluded that they were a distinctly alien albeit humanoid species on the basis of their unusual brain structure. [1]

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