Sarin Incorporated

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Sarin Incorporated
Sarininc old logo.jpg
General Information
Status Defunct Year 2 Day 129[1]
  • Sarin Boda (Year 1)
  • Bar Cochba (Year 2)
  • Dargon Yotam (Year 2)
2IC Choibacco (Year 1)
Historical Information
Founded Year 1 Day 197[2]
Dissolved Year 2 Day 129[1]
Political Information
Affiliation Splinter group of Bounty Hunter Alliance
Forerunner of Outrider Trading
Industry Trade Conglomerate
Holosite Sarin Inc. (Archived)

Sarin Incorporated — more commonly known as Sarin Inc. — was a famous trading company. Headquartered on the planet of Tatooine, the group was founded in Year 1 by the tempestuous Sarin Boda, and immediately became a staunch ally of Galactic Transport Service, the Black Dragons, and the Raptor Pirates. Personnel troubles soon beset the company allegedly due to Boda's abrasive personality. Following an exodus by the majority of its membership, Sarin Inc. was transformed by Bar Cochba and Dargon Yotam into a new company: Outrider Trading.[1] Notable early members of this organization included Ocker, Rahm Zarkov, Ezlee, and Zindrew.[3]


The origins of Sarin Incorporated reportedly began on Tatooine with the chance meeting of two individuals who would later form the nucleus of the group: Bounty hunters Sarin Boda and Ann Yael. While practicing medicine on the planet of Tatooine, Sarin Boda visited Yael's clinic with a minor flesh wound he had received the night before in a cantina brawl. While healing, Boda convinced Ann — a former bounty hunter — to re-join the Bounty Hunter Alliance (BHA). However, upon rejoining the latter collective, a dispute occurred as Boda got into a grave disagreement with its High Command. Boda left, taking Ann and Hobo Raff with him to form a trading company: Sarin Inc.

Sarin Incorporated was created by Sarin Boda, Ann Yael, and Hobo Raff on Year 1 Day 197.[2] As a neutral trading company, Sarin Incorporated was a generic company which stocked and traded a variety of items, such as ships and droids. They aimed to give their customers a place to purchase all their needs and a place to even sell their unwanted artifacts when they were ready to upgrade.[4] The majority of its employees were ex-members of the Bounty Hunter Alliance and had departed the latter government due to a disagreement with the high command. Once Sarin Inc. was founded, Choibacco was appointed Vice President of the company. Ann Yael, Choibacco's future wife, was appointed their ambassador to the New Anzat Order (NAO) during the rule of President Dunkler Klerus.[5]

Boda soon became mentally unstable and paranoid. His vice president, Choibacco the Wookiee, initiated a worker's strike against Boda and convinced Ann of Sarin's instability. Bar Cochba and Dargon remained with Boda as Choibacco took the rest of Sarin Inc. and formed Arakyd Industries, a droid manufacturing company. However, Sarin Inc. soon fell into disarray and a large portion of its membership egressed with Choibacco and Ann Yael to form Arakyd Industries.[5] Those who remained behind — notably Bar Cochba, Ezlee, and Dargon Yotam — decided to rebuild Sarin Incorporated under a new name. On Year 2 Day 129, they founded "Outrider Trading."[1]


  • Sarin Incorporated Banner Year 1.jpg (Year 1)
  • Sarin Incorporated Banner Year 2.gif (Year 2)

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