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Zachary Savk
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Approximately 44 Coruscani years old
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Fleet Admiral
Positions Retired
Prior Affiliation None
Awards GE-NCMG.jpg





GCA Y9D118)

















Fleet Admiral Zachary Savk is a retired member of the Imperial Navy. He has held the position of Naval Executive Officer and Naval Chief of Staff, amongst many others.

"Listen to those who have come before you. And most importantly never forget those below you. You cannot climb anything without someone to steady the ladder."
— Savk

Early years

Born into a rich family with ties to the Imperial Palace, Zachary Savk learned the ways of the New Order at very early age. Savk joined the Imperial Youth Corps at the age of 11. When he discovered that his parents were Rebel sympathizers, he turned them into the Imperial Security Bureau. Savk watched as the stormtroopers dragged them away from their estate on Coruscant. From that day on he has been in the service of the Empire. Savk enlisted in the Imperial Navy at the age of 16c training in flight simulations and memorizing Imperial law to the very letter. As a Crewman, Savk made a vow to destroy all that is Rebel and holds the conviction that anything Anti-Imperial must perish. After all, if it were not for the Rebels and their pitifully destructive ways most certainly he would not have had to turn his own parents in for their own good.

Imperial Service

Slane: "What can you tell us about yourself Admiral? About your early service for the Empire"

Savk: "I joined the Galactic Empire eleven years ago and went straight into the Navy. There was no academy back in those days, you got thrown right into the pot and had to fend for yourself. I worked my way up within the Naval Command Fleet (which was renamed the Second Assault Fleet) for the next year. The biggest contributor to my advance at an early time would have to be the Imperial Navy Academy. Now if you recall I mentioned there was no academy when I joined. Grand Admiral Veynom tasked me with creating it. He promoted me to Flight Sergeant and made me the Director of the INA. From there I handled all new recruit testing and evaluation with a small test I called the ARIT. Academy Recruit Indoctrination Test. It was a simple test that was designed to weed out certain people and also to provide a basic understanding of some of the tasks a new pilot would be expected to perform. Compared to today's academy it was archaic to say the least. But it was a foundation that today's academy is built on."

Slane: "Any particular mission you would like to tell us about?"

Savk: "A notable mission that comes to mind from several years ago is the defense of Elrood. I was commanding the Second Imperial Fleet at the time. We were undermanned and stationed to defend a sector that was far too large for any one fleet to protect. Far from supply and reinforcements. We were alone when the Red Star Alliance launched a full scale sector wide assault on us. Eventually we were overwhelmed and were ordered to fall back to the Core. But we exacted a heavy toll on the rebels. It took several months of manpower and billions of credits for them to carry on with their plans. By the end we liberated over one-thousand slave workers which they had to replace with mercenary builders like clawdites who could evade capture. Although it was strategically a loss to the Empire I saw it as a major accomplishment given the odds against us. The pilots of the 2IF fought to the bitter end and worked around the clock. I was humbled by their hard work."

Slane: "During such a long career, you should have served with a large number of officers. Any special names come to mind?"

Savk: "My mentors were very few at the start, Grand Admiral Veynom was one of my most inspiring commanders and taught me a great deal, also Lieutenant Chris Stajda and most notably Commander IWAssassin. All of these individuals were within the NCF and 2AF, but only a handful remain active. Some of the people I mentored that has stood out from the rest would be Moff Hack Skice and Vice Admiral Overmind. Although I consider anyone under my command present and past to be on that list. It is the job of all Imperials to mentor those coming up the ranks below them. I was a career minded individual that enjoyed the challenge of climbing the ladder, most of my career was spent in the Second Assault Fleet. By around day 300 of year 1 I was already a Lieutenant Commander and the Commanding Officer of the Second Assault Fleet. Which was when the Core incident took place. Depleting the ranks of the Navy by 30-40% I would estimate. This played significant role in my advance to be sure. With so many of the top brass leaving it was inevitable that those of us next in line would move up quickly and be rewarded for our loyalty to the Empire. This was one of several mass exodus that I survived. The second came came around year 4 day 90 while I was the Commanding Officer of the Imperial Command Fleet."

FADM Savk being interviewed by ENS Slane for the Naval Public Affairs Office

Service Record


  • Y14D287 - Assigned to Commanding Officer of the 2nd Group.
  • Y14D280 - Returned to active duty
  • Y12 - Retires
  • Y10Dx - Is promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral.
  • Y9D219 - Becomes the first recipient of the Gold Navy Cross of Merit, awarded by Rear Admiral Assam.
  • Y9D191 - Assigned to Executive Officer of the Navy
  • Y9D134 - Assigned to Secretary of the Navy
  • Y9D119 - Promoted to Navy High Command
  • Y9D116 - Promoted to Admiral
  • Y8D207 - Returned to active duty
  • Y4D108 - Y8 Retired
  • Y4D210 - Army Legion Commanding Officer (Colonel)
  • Y3D88 - Emperor Charon's Empire is disintegrated. ICF is disbanded and I am assigned to 2AF as FCO until Y4D2109.
  • Y3D29/60 - Vice Admiral by Esling. ICF is headed to reinforce Berchest.
  • Y3D363 - ICF CO of Emperor Charon's personal fleet.
  • Y3D333 - New INHC, NCCO
  • Y3D313 - Returned to active duty and places as NXO by Rear Admiral Overmind.
  • Y3D165 - LOA for 5 months.
  • Y3D149 - Promoted to Rear Admiral.
  • Y2D326 - Appointed as NXO by CDR Overmind.
  • Y2D202 - Promoted to Commodore by Lord Admiral TJ. Awarded 2nd NAA & 3LOC by Overmind.
  • Y2D180 - Awarded NAA ribbon by Admiral Assassin for continued work in 2AF.
  • Y1D364- Y2D5 - Promoted to Captain and INHC as Naval Affairs Advisor by GA Cherokee.
  • Y1D302-333 - Received 1 year ribbon
  • Y1D310 - Given command of 2AF by Vice Admiral Cherokee. Promoted to Commander.
  • Y1D247 - NCF becomes 2AF
  • Y1D238 - Interim FCO of NCF Company when Captain Assassin goes on LOA
  • Y1D221 - Promoted to Lt. Commander by Captain Assassin for work as NCF FXO.
  • Y1D139 - Received 6MON and ARIT ribbon from Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom
  • Y1D120 - Delta Line disbanded. Promoted to Lieutenant and NCF FXO by Commander Assassin.
  • Y1D98 - Left INA to go full time NCF Company CO.
  • Y1D193/194, Y1 - Crewman Overmind placed in my company.
  • Y1D56 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG by Commander Assassin.
  • Y1D36 - Assigned as Delta Company XO by Commander Assassin.
  • Y1D29 - Awarded 2LOC by Fleet Admiral Simms for work at INA.
  • Y0D355 - Returned to active duty.
  • Y0D330 - Awarded 1LOC by Fleet Admiral Simms for work at INA. Two month LOA - Flight Corporal Machkhit takes over INA in interim.
  • Y0D329 - Promoted to Ensign by Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom for work at INA.
  • Y0D301 - Appointed by Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom to create the first Imperial Academy. Created and instituted the Imperial Naval Academy. Promoted to Flight Sergeant and assigned as First Director of the Imperial Naval Academy serving with Assistant Director Machkhit.
  • Y-1D-3 - joined Imperial Navy as Crewman. Appointed to Naval Command Fleet serving under Under Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom and given command of a squadron of TIE interceptors called Sabre Squadron in Delta Company.


  • Participated in Task Force Alderaan
  • Operation Elrude (Elrood)
  • From the Ashes 2
  • From the Ashes CO of the 2AF

Ranks Held in the Imperial Navy

  • Crewman
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Ensign
  • Lieutenant JG
  • Lieutenant
  • Lt. Commander
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Commodore
  • Rear Admiral
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral
  • Fleet Admiral