Scott Hood

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Scott Hood
Scott Hood Large Avy.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen
Mother Zara Brown (Missing since Year -6 D233)
Father Ryan Hood (died Year -6 D233)
Spouse Lilly Derycke (wife since Y14 D35)
Siblings Neria Derycke (Sister-in-law)

Nathan Barber (Adopted brother)

Stephanie Barefoot (Adopted sister)

Kristina Roberts (Adopted sister)

Aiko Constantine (Adopted sister)

Calista Nayme (Adopted sister)

Thali`a N`ightshade (Adopted sister)

Lana Starstalker (Adopted sister)

Children Kyra Chelsea Hood
Born Year -11 D 131
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Coloring Green
Eye Color Blue/Greenish
Political Information
Affiliation The Order of Kampar
Rank CEO
Positions CEO of The Order of Kampar
Prior Affiliation


Scott Hood was born in a small village on the Falleen homeworld. A few years long, he had a normal childhood, until both of his parents suddenly died. After that event Scott began to work on the nearby planet Itholn. In that period he had learned to pilot all ships and vehicles available to the public and that could be operated on a planet.

At the age of 16 Scott decided it was time to work in space. Luckily he met Horley Cyan, who gave Scott the chance to work for him in his organization Lant Mining Corporation. After working there a few years Scott followed Horley to a new organization called the Stars' End Mining Company. Scott had the chance to work himself up to management level, and for that reason he had the chance to join the CIS as Financial Director, under the leadership of Flich Warfield. Unfortunately the cooperation between failed. After the CIS, Scott went back to SEMCo.

Keer Mining

*Out of security reasons, some details will not be revealed*

For several years, Scott and some of his superiors worked on a plan to pay back Trace Magus for looting Lant Mining Corporation. As soon as a decent plan was worked out, it was set into motion. The plan was to infiltrate Trace's organization(s) with 1 or more spies. Then at least 1 person was to gain the access needed to complete the mission, Scott was such a person. The mission was very hard for Scott. This was mostly because he became friendly with members of organization(s), such as Sabrina Starshine and Drael Traner. And the 2nd reason was, that the mission took well over a year.

When the mission came to an end, Scott had a lot of problems with completing the mission, because of the friendships with the group. However, his superiors reminded him of the importance of the mission. And as history shows, Scott then completed the mission.

The Order of Kampar

After several years, Scott was given the chance to join the Order of Kampar (TOK). After thinking just a few minutes, Scott decided it was the best thing to do. The main reason he wanted to join an organization such as TOK, was because he wanted to focus on helping other people. Scott then worked closely with Sirius Cyan. And after Sirius had to go his own way to focus on his inner self, Scott was put into charge. And since then Scott is doing his best spreading quality medical provisions for a fair price throughout the galaxy.

Important People in his life

Scott became orphan since Year -6 D233, at that date his father died, and his mother disappeared. Since that moment he took extra gratitude in having friends, and the people he considers as family.

During his time in The Order of Kampar, Scott got to know Neria Derycke, a proud member of Tresario Star Kingdom's navy. After a few months they became close friends, and since then they remain close friends.

Neria and Lilly.

Around Year 13 Day 252 Scott met Neria's twin, Lilly Derycke. Lilly had been captured by pirates, and was freed by a navy team of TSK led by Barnaby Black. Luckily, Neria was on that team, and she recognized her sister and took her under her wing. Since then, the 2 sisters were inseparable.

One day Lilly’s ship came under attack over Thesme. She managed to get onto an escape pod but crashed on the planet. Fortunately Scott was nearby in his C-3 and jumped in his delta shuttle the Fitzroy to save her.

When he was underway to rescue her, Scott was attacked too, but luckily he made it to her and they spent the night on the surface as he attended her wounds, putting her in casts. The next day he carried her back to the shuttle and headed back to the C-3 and as they made it to the C-3's living quarters he proposed to her. Lilly accepted the proposal and they started to plan their wedding.

Scott started to plan his wedding with the help from his closest friends.

Friends and Family

Neria’s partner, Barnaby was also a great source of support to Scott and the two got on well and as he was usually surrounded by females, it was good for Scott to have a male to talk too, even though Barnaby wasn't around much. Scott had met a lady by the name Kristina Chelski who he met as part of a business meeting with New Republic recycling company. He also met her husband Leebri from the New Republic military. Scott and Kristina got on very well and after some time he asked her something, if he could adopt her as a sister. Kristina was more than happy with the situation.

During his work Scott had a lot of contact with Tion and met Nathan Barber who he found quite a character and also Stephanie Barefoot. Stephanie, who Scott refers to more fondly as Stephy was an odd sort. Quite kooky but incredibly hard working and Scott took and immediate shine to her. He wanted his new family to expand further and adopted both Stephy and Nathan into his life as sister and brother. Scott continued to work hard with his organization and employed a lovely young lady Dr Aiko Constantine.

Aiko was very witty and completely dedicated to her medicine. Scott liked this in his employee. Even though Aiko had her father around, Scott still wanted her to be part of his family and adopted her as a sister too.

In time through his family at Tion, he was introduced to Lana Starstalker and Calista Nayme whom he also grew fond of and they also became part of his family.

Wedding of the Year and new addition

Lilly and Scott.

A host of invites were sent and many guests attended, showing their affection for Scott and Lilly. He knew then he was part of family. Never in his life had he seen so many, but his heart could not have been made more strong. The next day, he and Lilly became the proud parents of Kyra Chelsea Hood.

They chose for Kyra because its a gorgeous name, and they chose for Chelsea to honour the twins mother.

He now realizes that, even though he doesn't have a blood-related family, he has a family with Lilly, Kyra and Neria at the foremost. He has other family and friends,that will stand by him no matter what.

Scott has the family he craved, and hopes to spread that happy feeling while expanding the family

Family wallpaper