Second Galactic Civil War

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Second Galactic Civil War
DateYear -2 — Present
LocationThe Galaxy
Galactic Empire and allies (Imperial Union)New Republic and allies (Galactic Alliance)
Commanders and Leaders
Various EmperorsVarious Supreme Commanders
Various Chief of States
Casualties and Losses
Alderaan · Berchest · Beta · Bacta Wars · Corellia · Tatooine · Kashyyyk · Tenax · Calaron · Dostra · Adlentar · N'zoth · Sacorria · Hosnian

The Second Galactic Civil War is the ongoing conflict in the galaxy initially between Galactic Republic successor state the Galactic Empire and the opposing Rebel Alliance, the latter of which reformed during the conflict into the New Republic claiming continuity as the legitimate successor of the Galactic Republic.


The First Galactic Civil war had seen the Galactic Republic reformed into the Galactic Empire under self-proclaimed Emperor and former Admiral Hiram Drayson. Unlike the Republic, the Empire was by definition an autocratic state, with deeply entrenched anti-human prejudices as a result of over a decade of warfare, primarily between the human-dominated Core Worlds (the Empire's heartland) and the predominantly non-human Outer Rim.

While the Core Worlds and surrounds were reasonably under the new Empire's control, much of the rest of the galaxy fluctuated between various powers. During the chaos of the aftermath of the war, it was not uncommon for governments and other organisations to claiming vast swathes of territory, with most rising and falling without ever consolidating their tenuous foothold to power and influence. Eventually, three other groups established themselves as the other major players within the galaxy: the Black Sun criminal organisation, the Bounty Hunter Alliance, and the Rebel Alliance.

Unlike the more shadowy origins of the former, the Rebel Alliance was formed from remnant Republican loyalists who had opposed the transition to Empire. Originally a loose coalition of regional Republican resistance movements to Imperial rule, by Year -2 the movement had been unified under the command of Supreme Commander Jacen Lord. While there was not a formal declaration of war made, it is generally accepted that it was at this time that the Second Galactic Civil War commenced (or, the Galactic Civil War resumed, according to those scholars who present the First and Second Galactic Civil Wars as a single ongoing conflict).

Early Activity

Supreme Commander Zee Wolf

At this point, the galaxy had seen over twenty years of internecine conflict, and while a state of war existed, both the Empire and the Alliance were equally concerned with the stability of their own factions as the war with their obvious enemy.

In the Empire, ambition began to overrule reason. This culminated most notably in the successful attack on Emperor Drayson's forces by Imperial Navy Captain Vodo Bonias. Drayson was driven away to briefly form the rival Order of Darkness, in the process commencing the First Imperial Civil War, however despite some initial notable successes quickly collapsed and fell into obscurity. The throne initially fell to Imperial Navy commanding officer Suntzu, and then Bonias less than two months later.

Bonias' rule was, by the new Emperor's own admission, one of disorganization and hedonistic decadence, with the Empire's wealth and resources seen as the personal playthings of Bonias and his lackeys. This caused much underground discontent within the Empire, and particularly within the Imperial military, but only grew to a head after the semi-public gang rape of a female Imperial Army officer by Bonias and his senior appointees. Enraged, the Army (quickly joined by the Navy) forced Bonias to flee the Empire, with Defence Minister Spytek taking his place and restoring order.

Under Emperor Spytek's rule, two factions developed within the Empire: one that followed the Imperial Army commanding officer, Surface Marshal Trey Connel, and one that followed the charismatic commander of the 2nd Imperial Fleet, Admiral Gorn Veynom. The rivalry between these two commanders was overwhelming, but the two were united (with other officers) in forcing Spytek's abdication. The forces of the two rivals came to blows, but civil war was temporarily averted when Grand Admiral Piett, commanding officer of the Imperial Navy, used the might of the Imperial Navy to force both claimants to heel and accept him as Emperor.

On the other side, after weaknesses in Jacen Lord's leadership of the Alliance became apparent he was usurped by Maverick, who was unsuccessful in prosecuting the war although managing to retain power despite no less than seventeen attempts against his regime. Growing increasingly paranoid, Maverick passed the position to Zee Wolf.

Wolf was the first truly successful Supreme Commander, with many military and diplomatic achievements to his name. His most significant diplomatic success was forming a defensive alliance with the briefly existing independent regional governments of Marehattan, Klysteron and Kanchin, enabling the Alliance to collectively field a fleet at least rivaling the Imperial Navy in size should military circumstances prove necessary. The Rebel Alliance also succeeded in the theft of a Victory Star Destroyer and the thorough infiltration of the Empire's Research and Development infrastructure.

Unfortunately for the Alliance, these successes were not to last, with Zee Wolf and several other senior Alliance officers disappearing around Year 0. The Alliance went through several Supreme Commanders in quick succession before finding stability under Fox Spookers (ironically, a former Imperial Navy officer who had served as deputy to Gorn Veynom).

Imperial Splinters

Sith dominance

Recent events

Primary galactic conflict
Preceded By:
First Galactic Civil War
First Imperial Civil War (semi-concurrent)
Second Galactic Civil War
Year -2 — Present
Succeeded By:
(many concurrent)

Second Galactic Civil War
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Rebel Alliance

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Major Conflicts

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Takeover of The Antarian Rangers (Y9 D221 - Y10 D341) · Corporate Sector Authority Nationalisation (Y5 D139 - Y10 D102) · Takeover of the New Republic

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