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A Sector is an area of space framed by an artificial boundary for political, economic and military organization.[1]

The division of The Galaxy into sectors changed over time and from one galactic government to another.[citation needed]


Groupings of inhabited systems organized themselves into informal sectors from before the Infinite Empire. The Galactic Republic was the first body to attempt a large scale application of standardized sectors. A sector was defined by the Republic as having a maximum of 50 inhabited star systems to keep sectors at a manageable level.[1]

The rapid exploration, expansion and colonization beginning around 5,000 BCGT caused many sectors to grow larger than the intended size. At some point in the history of the galaxy, there were millions of sectors, as populations grew rapidly. The Ruusan Reformations reorganized the galaxy into 1,024 regional sectors, which were divided into even smaller constituent subsectors.[1]

New regional sectors were lately created by dividing up larger ones. Any freestanding subsectors were grouped up into a single sector.[1]

By Republic law, in state of emergency, an appointed governor-general coordinated military actions with the Senator of a troubled sector. This law was invoked many times.[1]

When the Galactic Empire took control of the Republic's sectors, Moffs replaced senators as sectorial governors. Sectors were also commonly expanded and collapsed together to consolidate power in the officers delegated by Hiram Drayson to rule. Any unincorporated territories wishing for inclusion to the Empire became new freestanding subsectors, and were added to new or existing regional sectors as events warranted.[1]

Many sectors owed their name to their primary system which in turn was named after its primary planet. For example the planet Alderaan belonged to the Alderaan system and thus, to the Alderaan sector.[1]

Known Sectors