Sector Rangers

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Sector Rangers
General Information
Status Active
Leader Axe Vulcan
2IC Voker Joker
Owner Bart Roberts
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 87
Political Information
Industry Mercenary
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The Rangers were established during the days of the Old Republic by the Senate in a move that authorized regional governments to create a Corps of Rangers charged with apprehending criminals and keeping the peace. While local law enforcement agencies were restricted by jurisdictional boundaries, the Sector Rangers were able to pursue criminals anywhere within a given sector, from one star system to another. Since the Sector Rangers were concerned with law enforcement and peacekeeping matters and not military or political issues, they remained largely unchanged during the Imperial era. They were lead by the Sector Ranger Central Command. The Sector Rangers of the Old Republic maintained a database of known criminals and suspected agents of criminal groups.

The Rangers are the select individuals that have devoted their life to catching the common, or not so common criminal. They are the few and the proud servants of justice that know no bounds to apprehend the criminal at large. They exceed where everyone else doesn't, they excel where everyone else fails and they work with pride and without prejudice.

The SR is a privately owned neutral faction within the star wars combine, they work diligently and distinguishably with their original code of conduct and in their own fashion they pull through when all others have failed and apprehend the criminal at large. Sector Rangers are a company based on the principles that one is innocent until found guilty by a court of law, court being the peers of ones actions.

SR has several separate divisions that make up its mainframe of duties and rosters. Merchant Marines, the Enforcement Corp and the Industrial divisions are all equal parts of the rangers corps. The Rangers have always and will always protect and serve and have made it their sole responsibility to protect any and all sector, systems and planets that any other faction; government or otherwise would abandon. To be a ranger you gotta have determination, the skill and will to outlast the best in the business and the strive to make our lovely faction your new home.

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