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Securitronix Logo Y15.png
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Wylly Grim
2IC Fukara Mist
Owner Fukara Mist
Historical Information
Founder Fukara Mist
Founded Year 15 Day 301
Dissolved Year 16 Day 277
Political Information
Affiliation Star Forge Conglomerate
Industry Droid
Holosite Securitronix

Securitronix is an intergalactic company specializing in the design and production of military droids. Dedicated to providing security solutions to a wide spectrum of customers and industries, our clients range from governments to small privately-held businesses.

Securitronix is one of the first significant industrial upstarts founded on the planet Saarn in the Esstran sector of the Outer Rim. We are proud of our ability to provide the galaxy with several different models of the T-Series Tactical Droid. Whether a paramilitary, mercenary, government military or even a medical corporation, Securitronix will find the right security option for you. If you do not see a droid that meets your particular needs or desires, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to design a droid that matches your operational requirements and personal taste.

In addition to offering military droids to the galaxy, Securitronix will be producing other practical droids that our clients would find beneficial. Please review our models to see how Securitronix can satisfy your military droid requirements. For more information about Securitronix, please contact Fukara Mist. Public sales will be closed while we set up and tool our factories to our current design specifications.