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Biographical Information
Race Human (Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Classified
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Emperor of the Galaxy
Awards Seele-Awards.png
Signature Seele-Sig.png

Seele has been in various stages of his life a businessman, soldier, intelligence agent, and politician; having served in the Imperial Army as Special Operations - Recon, the Chief of Military Intelligence, Director of Imperial Intelligence, Board Member and CEO of the Kiner Corporation, and the Grand Vizier for both the New Imperial Order and Galactic Empire. In recognition of his exceptional and long service to the New Order, Seele was elevated within the peerage as the Duke of the Bothan System. After a period of service as Military and Army Commanding Officer following the merger of the NIO and the Galactic Empire, Lord Seele was proclaimed the Executor and heir apparent of the Empire on Year 12 Day 327, by the newly coroneted Emperor, Guinar Ndengin. On Year 18 Day 111, Seele ascended to become the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.

Early life

Considered a prominent Coruscanti, rather little is actually known about Seele. An anachronism from a bygone era he lives a relatively quiet life working within the Galactic Empire. The seemingly emotionless official was raised on Coruscant by Anti-Imperialist foster parents who still reside in the middle class sector of Tel'rat of Coruscant. His biological parents are unknown and he was given up for adoption at birth.

Joining the Empire

Tired of the short-sightedness of his foster parents, Seele joined the Imperial Academy on Obra Skai as soon as he could and found himself in the Imperial Army. Despite being attributed to and charged with a number of pranks at the Academy along with the then Recruit Prexar Delnirri; Seele graduated with honours and was immediately promoted to Corporal and assigned to the Recon unit of the 1st Legion, 4th Army. As a Corporal, he came to the attention of Emperor Charon, who encouraged and demanded Seele's entrance into the elite COMPNOR. Seeing service in Special Operations, Seele rose through the ranks relatively quickly for someone of his age, and shortly after attaining the rank of Sergeant First Class, suspicions of his involvement with the clandestine Imperial Intelligence were confirmed with his appointment as the Chief of Military Intelligence, an advisory role to the military on intelligence matters.

Time passed and an Imperial Intelligence operation was formed when an opportunity presented itself for Seele to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance. This operation, known as Operation Reversion saw Seele train and serve within the Rebel Alliance as a Squadron Commander within the Republica Defence Group. While short lived, the operation was proceeding smoothly until Director Voor disappeared after a failed assassination attempt. Recalled by the Emperor, Seele returned to the Empire to become the next Director of Imperial Intelligence.

Escape from the Sith

When Emperor Charon was overthrown by the Sith, Seele led one of the exodus' for those personnel whose lives were now threatened by the new regime. Joining with the other major outflux, Seele organised for personnel to become part of the Jedi Praxium, and was given the position of Director of Information Services. During his escape from the overthrown Empire, Seele was injured in an explosion aboard the Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Disc00rdia. The explosive device was later traced to a plant aboard the ship, sent by Warlord Bonias. The injuries resulting from the explosion were never completely healed and Seele has walked with a cane ever since. Due to personal conflicts with other members of the Praxium's High Command and his unwillingness to continue to serve under the incompetent Chief of Defence Overmind, Seele resigned and spent many months travelling inconspicuously around the galaxy.

In a remote hotel he recieved a message from two old friends of his, Kolace Jorgensen and Niven Scherbankov. Jorgensen had acquired ownership of the Kiner Corporation and offered Seele a job opportunity as the Director of Special Operations to oversee the logistical and specialist operations of the KinerCorp factions, to ensure integrity across the multiple companies and synergy in direction. Accepting the offer, Seele was made the Marquis of Kothlis. Excelling in this job, Seele was made the Chief Executive Officer of Corellian Engineering Corporation to oversee all aspects of the ship producer. When Jorgensen and Scherbankov disappeared to the Unknown Regions, ownership of Corellian Engineering Corporation was given to Seele by default, and he continued to oversee its direction while naming Ralic Feali as the Managing Director.

The New Imperial Order

Sands trickled through the glass and clocks ticked, as they are inclined to do. Mounting dissatisfaction and contempt towards the new Imperial Regime's incompetence reached its apex with the insurrection of a large number of Imperial personnel. This second exodus was lead by the relatively junior Garen Karrade, and Seele was surprised to find Jorgensen as part of the fuel behind the insurrection. Asked for assistance, Seele agreed and lent his talents of organisation and clarity of vision to the polyglot of newfound rebels. For his initial help and the urging of Jorgensen, Seele was named the Grand Vizier of the New Imperial Order and Chairman of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order. Acceding the position, Seele began his work of building an economic platform for the New Order under the reigns of Steward Karrade and Executor Cherokee. After years, Seele felt it was time to move onto other endeavors and resigned as the Grand Vizier of COMPNOR, electing to live a more peaceful life as a civilian. Retiring to his estate on Kothlis and home for many years prior to the formation of the New Imperial Order, Seele resumed his formal duties as Marquis of Kothlis and advising the High Command in matters of importance where his knowledge and expertise were requested. Seele remained an advisor to the Throne and involved in political machinations for many months before he elected to return to more formal service within the New Imperial Order. Executor Cherokee appointed Seele as the Director of Imperial Intelligence, with the vision of reorganising and revitalising the stagnant eyes and ears of the New Imperial Order.

In recognising his exceptional and long service to the New Order Executor Cherokee elevated Seele within the peerage, installing him as the Duke of Paonnid, the capital system of the Bothan Sector and the New Imperial Order.

Disappearance to the Unknown Regions

One afternoon Seele received an encrypted high priority message from the Unknown Regions. Although a highly secure transmission, it was sent using an encryption method that the Empire had ceased using many years ago. Knowing the key, Seele decrypted the message to find it was a request from Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom; he asked for Seele's assistance in the Unknown Regions to battle horrors of untold threat to the galaxy at large. Included in the message were datafeeds from a number of battles that the Grand Admiral had commanded which highlighted the almost unknown threat posed to the wider galaxy.

Giving Executor Cherokee his resignation and bidding his long time friend and ally farewell and good luck, Seele made his preperations to leave the New Imperial Order behind, handing his successor, Chief Lytear, a square metal device and visiting Grand Vizier Ndengin in private. Having put his affairs in order, he boarded the Lambda-class shuttle Overlord with Veynom. The shuttle entered hyperspace shortly after clearing orbit and Seele was not heard from for a year.

Return to the Empire

A communication on the fringes of Imperial space was shown to come from Seele's shuttlecraft as it exited hyperspace to send a burst transmission to an Imperial outpost before the shuttle sped towards Coruscant in hyperspace. Arriving at Coruscant, Seele was granted an audience with Emperor Bonias and Executor Cherokee where a private conversation was held for a number of hours. The exact content of the conversation is unknown, but what it is understood outside of the three present is that Seele was dispatched back to the Empire to ensure that it became ready quickly for the untold horrors of the Unknown Regions.

Following the meeting, Executor Cherokee announced that Seele would assume the role of Grand Vizier, replacing Matrel Byden following her earlier retirement. Accepting the politically prominent role, Seele set to his task of preparing the Galactic Empire for what was to come. A task he was ultimately unable to complete after becoming the centre of an investigation by Imperial High Command after accusations of treason after a mere two weeks in the position. Implicated in a discussion regarding the possible removal of Emperor Vodo, Seele was removed as the Grand Vizier and he retired from the Empire instead of continuing service, electing to form the Galactic Bank of Credit and Commerce (GBCC); a neutral banking conglomerate with ties to every major government in the galaxy.

The banking life was not for Seele however, and after successfully establishing itself as a multi-billion credit corporation with strong relationships established throughout the galaxy, Seele grew tired of the routine business environment. Fortunately, the Empire had become interested in the GBCC and proposed a multi-billion credit deal to purchase the bank from Seele and absorb it into COMPNOR's Department of Finance. Accepting the offer, the bank was dissolved with its assets and wealth redistributed throughout the Empire, and Seele was offered a more familiar and dynamically demanding position within Imperial Intelligence as the Deputy Director under Director Inwe Ventidius. Seele took the offer and returned to the Empire and Imperial High Command once again, this time with a focus of assisting the Director in continued reform within the branch, and advising High Command on galactic matters to which his experience and knowledge was well suited.

The Overthrow of the Sith Regime

Established as a subject matter expert on galactic affairs, Seele had become one of Emperor Vodo Bonias' advisors for a number of issues and had once again become involved with the highest levels of decision making within the Empire. Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium, tired of the Vodo Regime's constant promises of change without results, and several broken promises of retiring to allow a new Emperor, decided to take action in the form of initiating a coup against the aging regime. Rerouting raw material stockpiles, and sewing confusion amongst hundreds of worlds, and transferring the total accumulated wealth of the Empire to an Outer-Rim bank account, Orphaea successfully brought the Empire to a screeching halt, with a single demand: Vodo retire as Emperor.

Immediately alarmed by the event, Vodo summoned both Executor Cherokee and Seele for an emergency meeting and briefing as to the extent of damage and the possibilities for action. Seeing that Orphaea held the economic viability of the Empire in his hands, and threatened to destroy the last decade of hard work by the Empire and its members, Seele advised Vodo that the situation was a perilous one. Deliberately hiding some of the information pertaining to the matter, Seele manipulated the projections presented to Vodo to add pressure to the disconnected Emperor who was oblivious to the true state of things, and Seele was the first to suggest that the Emperor meet the demands of Orphaea by resigning. With unanimous feedback to the senior members of Imperial High Command, Vodo chose to resign, with the secret intention of double-crossing Orphaea by resuming the Throne once the assets and funds had been returned.

Fortunately, with the formal transition of power to the now Emperor Cherokee, and careful planning by Cherokee, Guinar Ndengin, and Seele; Vodo's reign met a bloodless end. The culmination of seven years of planning and patience to remove the corrupt and incapable Sith Regime that had weakened the Empire for many years. Quick to establish the new regime as one that would introduce positive changes to the Empire, and redistribute power properly amongst the Imperial High Command, Cherokee made several new appointments, including the promotion of Seele to Lord Admiral, and the position of Military Commanding Officer to oversee leadership and change in the military branches. Seele accepted the position on one condition; that the post of Military Commanding Officer be disbanded after the military reorganisation was complete.


  • Executor of the Galactic Empire (as of Year 12, Day 327)
  • Galactic Empire - Army Commanding Officer (Year 12)
  • Galactic Empire - Military Commanding Officer (Year 11 to Year 12)
  • Galactic Empire - Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence (Year 11)
  • Galactic Bank of Credit and Commerce - Chief Executive Officer (Year 11)
  • Galactic Empire - Grand Vizier (Year 11)
  • New Imperial Order - Director of Imperial Intelligence (Year 9 to Year 10)
  • New Imperial Order - Grand Vizier (Year 6 to Year 9)
  • Corellian Engineering Corporation - Chief Executive Officer (Year 5)
  • IntelliFish - Director of Special Operations (Year 4)
  • Jedi Praxium - Director of Information Services (Year 4)
  • Imperial High Command - Director of Imperial Intelligence (Year 4)
  • Rebel Alliance (Undercover) - Star Fighter Command, Line Officer (Year 4)
  • Imperial Intelligence - Bureau Chief of Analysis (Year 4)
  • Imperial Intelligence - Chief of Military Intelligence (Year 3)
  • Imperial Army - 5th Battalion, Interim Commanding Officer (Year 3)
  • Imperial Army - 5th Battalion, Executive Officer (Year 3)
  • Imperial Intelligence (Part-time) - Analyst (Year 3)
  • Imperial Army - Special Operations, Recon Trooper (Year 3)
  • COMPNOR - Imperial Academy, Provost General's Assistant (Year 2)
  • Imperial Army - 1st Legion 4th Army, Recon Trooper (Year 2)
Ruler of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Guinar Ndengin
Year 18 Day 111 — Year 22 Day 328
Succeeded By:
Inwe Ventidius

Imperial Executor
Preceded By:
Guinar Ndengin
Year 12 Day 327 - Year 18 Day 111
Succeeded By:
Guinar Ndengin

Army Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Graeda L`Annan
Year 12 - Year 12 Day 327
Succeeded By:
Graeda L`Annan

Military Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Angelus Goth
Year 11 - Year 12
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished

Grand Vizier
Preceded By:
Matrel Byden
Year 10
Succeeded By:
Jorus Taidan

Director of New Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Laston Hall
Year 9 - Year 10
Succeeded By:
Vincent Lytear
(as Director of Imperial Intelligence

Grand Vizier of the New Imperial Order
Preceded By:
Position Created
Year 6 - Year 9
Succeeded By:
Guinar Ndengin

Director of Imperial Intelligence
Preceded By:
Year 4
Succeeded By:
Cyrus Cloudwalker