Sekou Tau

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Sekou Tau
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Homeworld Tulpaa
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Wives and Concubines Classified, Osanna Blaze (Wife Day 37, Year 23), Gwenedith Ordos (Wife), Ynar'ri Rruth (Concubine), Gee-Gee Gho (Comcubine/Nanny), Vespera Tau (deceased ex-wife) Danni (Concubine) Aldis (Concubine)
Other Family and Friends (Siblings) Rukh'tar, Nan'gwayo and Kamau (deceased) (Friends) Jaydon TaValorian, Dendran Bastile, Gliddon, Vansic Helranth, Damyo Kruder, Marcus Nightcloud, Tobias Frost. Numerous Others (Children) Shujaa Tau, Valoroso Tau, Cikatro Tau, Jana Kynnie and Rush Laquarna
Born Year -32 / Day 302
Languages Basic, Honoghran dialect, Mando'a, Huttese, Cheunh
Religion Follower of The Guardians of The Whills, The Way
Motto "Family is more than blood"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 5"
Weight 270 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color None
Galactic Status
Social Status Explorer and Hermit
Political Status Neutral
Affiliation Neutral
Honorific Title Magistrate of Jabiim, Retired Legate of The Krath Dynasty, Governor-General of Quermia II

Sekou Tau is a former pirate turned mercenary, advisor, businessman, explorer and little known swordsmith and blademaster. The Noghri Bladesmith as he is known by some, is famous for his forging of The Cardinal Swords of Tau and his creation of custom blades for various well known galactic luminaries. Nowadays he is an explorer and adventurer.

Early Life and Background

Sekou was born in year -32 BGCT on the planet Tulpaa in the Rakatan Archipelago of worlds. His race enslaved there, Sekou was born a slave and spent the early portion of his life as a slave. Beyond that, very little is known about the Noghri Bladesmith. It is believed he learned the rudiments of his bladecrafting working in a weapons factory on his homeworld. His Rakatan overseers described him as a decidedly unremarkable child, doing work required of him, but no more. His family was from the Muluka'dar clan of Gengh-Noghri, a subgroup of Noghri with light grey textured skin, crocodilian heads and over two meters in height. Sekou was a mid-teen when his life drastically changed.

The Muluka'dar Revolution

Tulpaa was simmering with discontent. The Noghri slaves were slowly building up strength. As their strength grew, so did their simmering hatred of their tormentors.

Their hatred boiled over when Sekou was fourteen. One of the overseers of one of the Duhka's was frustrated with a perceived lack of performance of several younger Noghri slaves. To send a message, he arrested two of the leaders and had them shot as a public example. The spectacle completely failed to inspire the expected result of respect. Instead, the Gengh-Noghri in the Duhka revolted against the slavers and killed dozens of them. The Rakatan overlords tried to calm the rebellion by offering concessions. The Noghri perceived this offer as a sign of weakness and the entire planet rose in rebellion, lead by the Muluka'dar clan.

The Rakatan attempted to regain control, but were bludgeoned by several brutal Noghri raids on various encampments. Sekou's parents were among the leaders of the Revolution. Their son made himself useful forging blades for the Resistance. His talents in that field were quickly noticed and several Resistance leaders suggested the teenage Sekou be made the master-smith in charge of all weapon production. The young Noghri declined: he had a burning desire to test his combat skills.

At age fifteen, Sekou became a front-line warrior. Details about the Revolution are sketchy, given the unknown region's distance from the known galaxy, but the few reports about Sekou which filtered out depicted a fierce warrior with a passion for combat, and a driving desire to free his people.

The war itself lasted twelve years and cost Sekou both of his parents. However, the Noghri war was successful and spread to other worlds in the archipelago. The Rakatan were driven from Tulpaa. The war's end brought change for Sekou. Now twenty-six years old, he had no tie left to Tulpaa. Thus he determined to leave the archipelago and seek his fortune in the vast expanse of the galaxy.

Pentastar Alignment

The vastness of the galaxy intrigued Sekou. However, few opportunities were available to residents of the unknown regions. One of the few available was presented by a transient observer of the Muluka'dar Revolution. His name was Moff Marcus Nightcloud of The Pentastar Alignment. Nightcloud had come to the unknown regions searching for new worlds and stumbled upon the raging revolution on Tulpaa. Intrigued by the Noghri, he stayed and observed the war for some time. It was during this residency that word reached him of a blade master and warrior who at a young age was already building a reputation for himself. Nightcloud sought out Sekou and offered him a position at the prestigious Raithal Academy. Sekou initially declined. His heart was with freeing his people. However, Nightcloud promised to leave the offer open for whenever Sekou decided to avail himself of it. After the end of the war, seeing few other opportunities, Sekou sought out Nightcloud and asked if the offer was still open. The Moff immediately saw to his enrollment. It was an awkward experience for the Noghri. Most of the students were nearly ten years his junior and none were Noghri. However, the aspiring tactician did well enough to merit excellent on most of his subjects and all of his conduct assessments. Upon graduation, Sekou was assigned the leadership of Scourge Squadron, a small squadron of fighter pilots.

As leader of Scourge Squadron, Sekou's primary responsibility was to keep his men combat ready. He did this using constant combat simulations and drills, but the simulations could only do so much to help his men keep their edge. Thus, every time a report of pirates or smugglers came in, Sekou volunteered his men to investigate. This led to several skirmishes with pirates and multiple unit citations for Scourge Squadron. Seeing that Sekou was performing well, Pentastar assigned him a new task. He was to create a new elite unit for the Pentastar military, dubbed the Pentastar Alignment Regimental Marines. Sekou recruited and trained the men himself. His masterful leadership led to several successes for the Rift Alliance military, including a classified mission against the Vesci Syndicate. For his efforts, Sekou was named to the Rift Alliance Military Council. It was during his time on the Council that he became an adopted Mandalorian under Talak Kasra of be Ar'klim. Details of the adoption are largely classified and the adoption itself was done quietly to avoid angering segments of the Mandalorian population. Sekou also served as Interim Moff of Pentastar when Grand Moff Solarius Masha took an unexplained leaves of absence or random hiatuses. However, in such a vast, untamed galaxy, little good lasts forever.

House Fhrd`Stovca

The General had worked himself into a position of power and prestige. However, a traitor within Pentastar would indirectly throw Sekou's life back into flux. The traitor managed to kidnap Sekou's old friend and benefactor, Moff Marcus Nightcloud. As a member of the Rift Alliance, the Galactic Empire had a bounty on Nightcloud and the traitor claimed it. Nightcloud was executed. The stunning development sent Grand Moff Masha into a temporary reclusive state. Disgusted by the treatment of his friend, and disgruntled by the perceived inability of Grand Moff Solarius Masha to handle the situation, Sekou retired from the Rift Alliance Military Council and resigned from Pentastar. Many of Pentastar's soldiers followed the general into exile.

In exile, the retired general set up a new para-governmental body to keep order among his unrequested followers. He chose the name House Fhrd`Stovca and, after some debate, managed to see to it that the new house would operate under mandalorian tradition. The house voted upon Sekou the title "The First One" for his leadership. Since Sekou was renowned as a drillmaster and warrior, he and his newly formed house began to be contracted by governments and mercenary bands, to train soldiers. One of these contracts landed him as a Special Advisor to the Krath Dynasty. This income supported the house and its people. As part of this mercenary work, he took over an all-noghri elite fighter squadron known as The Aurean Vultures. They quickly became his go-to fighter squadron when either training or combat was required. The time in semi-retirement enabled the general to find his love of smithing once again.

The Noghri Bladesmith


Sekou began to put aside time each day to practice his smithying. It was rough work, as his hands had forgotten much of what he learned in his youth, but he persevered. In time, his love of the craft, his natural talent, and assistance from some other bladesmiths, Sekou became a master of the art. Somewhere along his path, he acquired a Force-hammer with the ability to endow a blade-master's selected essence into a sword. Sekou used this hammer to create The Cardinal Swords of Tau, his signature works, and some of the finest blades ever produced in the galaxy. Endowed with the Force ability to bond to their owners, as well as special essences unique to each blade, these swords carved out a special niche for Sekou in the galactic market. Not just for anyone, the swords were only sold to those who could appreciate their true value. Sekou's work as a smith has earned him the title, the Noghri Bladesmith.

The Explorer

Discovery of Quermia system with Dendran Bastile

Quermia II The Sanyassan live in an enclave in the eastern mountains. They patrol the land keeping it free from bandits and robbers, acting as a police force for pilgrims, travelers and hunters. The Noghri have taken up residence as a clan in the northwestern forests. Whiphid tribesmen have small villages in the southern polar cap regions of the planet and the Talz patrol and live in the arctic north. There's one Yakoran freighter pilot/merchant who makes a shop in Revolution Flats. The Klatooinians mostly inhabit the Gedayi wastelands.


Finding of the Var Kelen Stone

Another Hidden Danger (RP)

Final Say (RP)