Semper Procedure

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The Semper Procedure is a medical procedure designed by Con Semper and Paul Luz in Year 17. Designed to mimic the tragic Metamorphosis Plague, it consists of using an aggressive synthetic virus to deliver foreign genetic material into a host specimen. The virus first releases an enzyme into the host cells which dissolves the nucleus of the cell, and then injects its new nucleus in its place. The cell then continues to replicate by normal cell mitosis, reproducing cells with the introduced genetic material. This results in the production of novel tissue. With enough of the virus used, it is possible to over power an already-present strain of the Metamorphosis Plague, augment an individual, or even completely alter the genetic code of an individual - changing their species.

It has been used mainly as the main mechanism for the Arkanian-Offshoot program for House Arkoh, where it is employed to transform willing participants into Arkanian-Offshoots. The synthetic virus AV0790 was specially designed for this purpose. As stated above, the Procedure was also used to save Paul Luz's life by overcoming a dangerous strain of the Metamorphosis Plague. The procedure is being studied, perfected, and taught in all Arkoh medical facilities where researchers are designing new viruses for more precise operations. Pending approval by the Trade Federation Department of Pharmaceuticals, it will also be taught in Federation medical academies. House Arkoh's top researchers are hopeful the technique will soon become better known throughout the galaxy, where it can be adapted to serve more purposes and save more lives.