Sen`Similla Services

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Sen`Similla Services
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General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Loduk Masikari
2IC Looma Karwt
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 276
Dissolved Year 17 Day 92
Political Information
Industry Trading
Holosite Sen`Similla Services

Sen`Similla Services is a trading company founded by Loduk Masikari and Looma Karwt in Year 16 (CGT) The company's grand plan was to mix construction and transport while remaining as neutral as possible in the ever shifting sands of galactic politics. Working with several groups, including Nakesh Alliance Extractions, they were able to exploit Loduk Masikari's trading connections to make quite a few early profits. Stocks sold well, and the credits began to flow in rapidly. However, several factors worked against their success. Leadership overestimated the desire for transport, and the construction business, while lucrative, would not be enough to sustain the faction. Difficulties also arose with employees failing to do the tasks assigned them leaving Looma Karwt and Amee Jacen to do most of the work. These factors, along with a few other, more minor setbacks, caused the company to dissolve in Year 17 (CGT), after refunding all stockholders.