Serenno (Planet)

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System Serenno
Sector D`astan
Galactic Coordinates (180, 313)
System Coordinates (16, 16)
Astrographic Entry Serenno
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: plains, forest, jungle, ocean, glacial, rock, volcanic
Rotational Period 24 standard hours
Orbital Period 365 local days
Population 52,477,599 inhabitants
Controlled By None
Governor Gordian Reach Authority
Magistrate Count Bossive Ketwol

The planet Serenno is a regal and idyllic world located in the D'astan sector of the Outer Rim Territories. It has long been one of the most important trade nodes along the Hydian Way and was often considered one of the gateways to the wider Outer Rim as a result. It is a pleasant world of rolling plains, verdant hillsides, lush forests and vibrant rainforests, with its countryside often being dotted by the castles and residences of the local nobility. Serenno's largest cities are Carannia, Fiyarro, and Saffia, with the first of those three also functioning as the planetary capital. These metropolises are known for their cosmopolitan air and vibrant nature, and are often colloquially referred to as the "Jewels of Serenno" by its native population.

Serenno is primarily inhabited by Humans, but the planet also boasts thriving communities of alien species such as the Twi'leks and the Chiss. Yet, the Serennians - as the inhabitants of this world call themselves - have always had a prideful and rebellious streak, especially when it came to their membership of the Galactic Republic. As a result, Serenno was a primary stronghold of the Separatist Alliance during the Clone Wars, and provided significant funding and leadership to the Separatist cause throughout the course of the war. After the Republic's reformation into the Galactic Empire and the end of the Clone Wars, Serenno went through a brief period of economic stagnation and decline, until the Counts of Serenno managed to reinvent the world and revitalise its planetary economy. Today, the world is an important and key world of the Gordian Reach Authority, with its wealth, splendour, and majesty protected by strict trade regulations and isolationist policies.


Serenno is a terrestrial planet with a varied terrain and climate. Two extensive polar caps encapsulate the globe on each of its two poles, with the northern pole feeding into the world's sole and primary body of water called the Belsallian Sea. The southern pole springs many creeks and rivers instead, which snake through the dense and vibrant forestlands that border the polar region. This part of the planet is also the most volcanically active across the globe, providing a generous stream of mineral wealth. In turn, the equatorial region had sprouted grand and beautiful rainforests rich in life millions of years ago, which have been a favourite hunting spot of the local population in the past millennia. The idyllic hillsides, plains, and savannahs that make up most of the planetary surface are primarily used for agriculture and recreation, and often are the private domain of one of Serenno's many noble houses.

While much of the countryside is dominated by open terrain, it is simultaneously dotted by the private residences of members of the planetary aristocracy and wealthy elite. Many of these castles and mansions boast their private landing pads or landing areas, and often have a high degree of security around them as a result. Nonetheless, these residences are a prime example of the beautiful Serennian architecture, with its hallmark circular shapes, tones of green, and air of regality. Many Serennian cities are similarly dominated by this inherent style of architecture, including the three major cities of Carannia, Fiyarro, and Saffia. This trio of metropolises are often spoken of as the "Jewels of Serenno" and together form the economic and cultural heart of the planet.

Flora & Fauna

The world of Serenno is home to a number of unique endemic species of flora and fauna, as well as plants and creatures that can be found across the planets of the galaxy. Perhaps one of the most fearsome and terrifying non-sentient lifeforms on Serenno are the Tirra'Takas, a rare, ancient species of reptilian dragons that became the source of many Serennian legends and myths. According to those stories, the ancient Sith had managed to subjugate the Tirra'Takas through the sorcerous powers of the Dark Side of the Force and rode them into battle. While Tirra'Taka sightings are extremely rare on Serenno these days, the more superstitious natives claim to still hear the rumbling of their breath and roars deep beneath the surface of the planet. Other non-sentient creatures native to Serenno include the spikebats that primarily inhabit the woodlands in the northernmost regions of the world, and the dangerous lupine spine-wolves that prowl the forests of the southern hemisphere.

Society & Culture

Despite its status as a wealthy and civilised trade world, Serenno possesses a society that is somewhat divided by the economic disparities between the wealthy elites and the less affluent lower classes. The cities of the planet are magnificent, with palatial estates that would make even the most extravagant of beings envious. The Counts of Serenno and the Great Houses, an aristocratic class that descends from the planet's original colonizers, rule this society with an iron fist. This powerful class wields significant economic and political influence, and their lavish lifestyles and displays of wealth have caused frequent clashes with the lower classes of the planet. Yet, despite the immense power of the Counts, there is an inherent resistance to foreign authority among the people of Serenno. The planet has a history of rebelling against various attempts to subjugate or annex it, such as prior to and during the Clone Wars when the Galactic Republic attempted to exert its influence over the planet and its population. The inhabitants of Serenno possess a deep sense of pride in their planet and an unwavering desire to maintain their independence as much as possible, even when facing overwhelming odds.

Furthermore, the inhabitants of Serenno have a complex relationship with their ruling class. While some among the lower-class citizens view the Counts and Great Houses with disdain and resentment, others aspire to join their ranks and enjoy the privileges and power that come with nobility. The Serennian nobles themselves are a diverse group, with some using their wealth and influence for the betterment of their planet and its people, while others use it to maintain their lavish lifestyles at the expense of the rest of the population. Regardless, the Counts of Serenno and the Great Houses play a significant role in Serennian society. Its members have a sense of entitlement that is instilled in them from birth, and this entitlement is reinforced by their vast wealth and immense power. The aristocracy is a tightly-knit group that is almost entirely closed to outsiders, and the lower classes of the planet often view them as uncaring and out of touch with the plight of ordinary citizens. However, as noted before, some Counts and other members of the planetary nobility have worked to improve the lives of their fellow Serennians, investing in education and infrastructure and working to reduce poverty and inequality on the planet.

Yet, despite the efforts of some of the Counts, there remains a deep-seated mistrust of the ruling class among the lower classes of Serenno. This mistrust is fueled by the fact that the aristocracy has historically used their power to maintain their own lavish lifestyles at the expense of the rest of the population, or forced decisions upon the planet that benefited the elites but worked detrimentally for the people, such as during the Great Galactic War when the nobles of Serenno conspired to have their world fall under the rule of the Sith Empire roughly four millennia. Even more recently, the decision of the Counts of Serenno to be a key player in the cause of the Separatist Alliance during the Clone Wars was not universally lauded on Serenno, and forced many of its less fortunate citizens into even deeper levels of destitution. As a result, the inhabitants of Serenno have become highly suspicious of outsiders in recent decades, and have resisted attempts to impose foreign authority they do not agree with on their planet. This resistance is a testament to the fiercely independent spirit of the Serennian people, who value their planet's independence above all else.