Seventh Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet

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The Seventh Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet, also known as the Uli Swap Meet and Galactic Games, was the seventh in a series of biannual Jawa Swap Meets that was held on the Dug homeworld of Malastare from Day 115 to 124 of Year 20. Traders from around the galaxy converged on the site of the meet to buy and sell wares and to participate in the festivities, many accompanied by family, hired bodyguards and mercenaries, droids, pets, and other companions. This swap meet was coordinated by Tolando Krieg of the Knights of the Fountain and was officially sponsored by the New Republic.

Hosted Events

Jic Uiji's Sandcrawler Race

Replacing the longtime staple, the Speeder Time Trials, at this swap meet was Jic Uiji's Sandcrawler Race. This was a sandcrawler race organized by Jic Uiji of Jawa Offworld Enterprises. The rules required racers to collect GNK Power Droids from the eleven arranged pick-up spots by sandcrawler and load them into two different designated sandcrawlers. The racer who completed this task the fastest was awarded the grand prize of 110 million credits.

Uli Speed Trials

Coordinated by Lanavander Olesa of the Knights of the Fountain, the Uli Speed Trials were a sublight race with checkpoints set up throughout the Malastare system. Prospective racers could participate using any starship of their choice, and were required to travel between thirteen different checkpoints and board them so that the droid on board could record their arrival. The racer who visited all checkpoints the fastest was awarded a prize of 50 million credits.

Fourteen entrants signed up to participate in the Uli Speed Trials.

Death Hunt

A popular staple of past swap meets, the Death Hunt returned under the management of Kai Oryk of Mando`ade. As in the past, this event required participants to set out into the wilderness to defeat all of the game detailed in a list provided by the Huntmaster faster than all of the other contenders. Participants were required to register their weapons in advance, were not permitted to coordinate with other hunters, and had to adhere to a strict set of rules pertaining to the use of hired scouts and mercenaries. Although most of the hunters arrived with their own gear, a standard set of basic equipment was made available for purchase for those requiring it. Due to the popularity of the event and the support of numerous sponsors, the top three prizes were some of the largest at the swap meet, with the grand prize valued at up to around 400 million credits.

The targets to hunt consisted of 24 bandits, 4 gundarks, 5 kell dragons, 4 katarns, 5 acklays, 5 nexus, 2 rancors, 3 varactyls, 2 dianogas, 3 R0L0 droids, and one krayt dragon.

Twenty-four hunters registered to participate in the hunt. Raidan Spike drew first blood with the slaying of an acklay and went on to win the competition and the grand prize, defeating all of the targets within four days.

Chess Tournament

Rylee O`Cuinn coordinated a holochess tournament in which each of the players were matched in pairs over multiple rounds to compete against one another. Eight players registered to participate and three rounds were planned. The first round was completed, but the tournament did not finish prior to the conclusion of the swap meet.


While trade and relatively friendly competition may be the primary focus of the swap meet, creative entrepreneurs opened a variety of exhibits for the entertainment of their fellow attendees as well. Artwork was a popular focus, with several traveling museums available for perusal, usually at no cost. Nitocris Baivan and Argon Nightwish had artwork on display on board their ship, opened to public access for the occasion.

For those less interested in artistic matters, other alternatives were available, too. Belloq Tull had a collection of Force artifacts, ancient books and tomes, unseen biological oddities, and other rare articles of interest available for public viewing. The Eidola Pirates opened the only known Fairwind-class Gunship in the galaxy to tours, and kept an assortment of huge wildlife just outside with which visitors could interact.

Food and drinks were readily available at many of the vendor stalls. Notorious scoundrel Jax Starblade was on site with an assortment of liquors and cigarettes, and newcomer Magnhild Valthjofdottir offered a selection of exotic foods. Andre Lauche of the Angry Rancor Distribution Company had a specially renovated Spacelane Diner to show off, in addition to a selection of beers, potions, and other consumables.


Controversy has on occasion plagued the swap meet, with thefts and captures sometimes adding an element of risk. One casualty was reported this year in the form of a relatively unknown human woman who had taken to scamming traders only two weeks prior, Gyra Fallon, being trapped on board a personal ship registered to Carl Warrington of the Eidola Pirates. It was unclear whether she was incapacitated and subsequently enslaved, or if Warrington ultimately slew her. A Twi`lek by the name of Sapphera Sarcoph also briefly absconded with Jax Starblade when the smuggler boarded her Sprint-class rescue craft, but he was allegedly freed without much trouble. Additionally, Axpo Gyromex of The Ashla Covenant, and renowned billionaire trader turned scammer, Tomas O`Cuinn, were both apprehended on board the Fairwind by Syn of the Eidola Pirates. Both were relieved of their weapons before being released on the surface of Malastare otherwise unharmed.

Although formal attendance numbers have never been recorded for a swap meet, attendance at this meet was rumored to have reached a record high, with more than 130 traders from around the galaxy present exchanging billions of credits in assets over the course of the event. Lahasa Fy of Shili Free Press was present throughout the week and provided news coverage and neutral reporting on the meet's events over his news network to keep the galaxy informed.