Sevk Ill`er

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Sevk Ill`er
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Homeworld Honoghr
Mother Sarah Ill`er
Father Sev Mitchel
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1 meter (3ft 2in)
Coloring Black, dark, hard to distinguish
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Prior Affiliation


Sevk Ill`er. 1 meter. Tall for a Noghri. Known Languages is 149. Known affiliations with high profile figures, leaders of high end pirate groups, assassin clans, crime family's and multi-billionaires.

Sevk Ill`er more formally known by his Holonet name "HawkEye" is a man who is very hard to describe. Always seen in his black attire, his face is very rarely seen. It is known that he is a dark almost black skinned Nogrhi, with glaring black eyes.

Earliest Known Facts

Sevk grew up on a colony ship making runs between backwater planets. The ship was small, and the luxuries none existent. Sevk spent most of his day's reading the holonet for any information he could find. By the age of KA (8 in human years) Sevk knew 54 different languages and could speak all of them fluently. He would practice everyday with the protocol droid his parents bought him for his birthday. As Sevk reached his 9th birthday, he had become friends with the ship owners son who was a Wookie named Rawg'ewr. Being fluent in the language, the pair hit it off big. Learning to fly the ship while parents were asleep, learning navigation controls, and even one night, blowing up an asteroid with the sole turbo laser.

Shortly after Sevk turned 11, a group of small time pirates called the Yurikiz, raided the ship as it was waiting for its drop off of mid grade weapons systems and armor. The pirates were ruthless, raping and killing everything that had a heartbeat. Sevk and Rawg'ewr were able to kill one of the pirates, claim his weapon, and provide covering fire while they made their way to the sole escape pod. Upon reaching the escape pod, they learned that one of the crew members was attempting to use it for himself. The man refused entry to the pod for the two younglings, stating that there wouldn't be enough air for the 3 of them. Thinking quickly, Sevk pulled the weapon from Rawg'ewr's hand and shot the man. Upon the lifeless body hitting the floor the 2 young boys jumped in the escape pod, and hit the launch button.

The two boys crash landed on Pelgrin, a back water planet with no intelligent race occupying it. The boys learned to hunt and survive on the wildlife, and spent 2 years on the planet before coming upon a strange tower. The tower known as the Oracle of Pelgrin. It was here the boys say their futures. Sevk saw that he would escape the planet in a small freighter, would end up with riches, be betrayed, kill numerous people, and saw the space battles he would command. Rawg'ewr saw that he would be sold as a slave, end up working in a mine for much of his life before killing the foreman and escaping with a female wookie.

Sevk and Rawg'ewr spent a few days next to the tower, hoping to obtain more information. On the 4th night after the tower discovery, a few small ships landed and about 30 people approached the tower. realizing one of the ships was in his vision of the future, he knew this was the escape he had been waiting for. The men and woman who were approaching were heavily armed, and looked to be scanning for signs of danger. Sevk could see them trying to activate the tower, and could here yelling as if the tower hadn't showed them anything. Thinking fast, Sevk stood up, and told the men he could get the tower to work for them, but that he needed the smaller freighter in the little fleet. The woman motioned him forward. She was a scary looking female, a black robe, black tattoo's across her face, and she was holding a piece of metal with a hole in the top of it. She pointed at the tower, and Sevk knew he wanted him to activate it. Sevk yelled for Rawg'ewr who came running up, they touched the tower and the woman stared blank for a few minutes. Upon her returning she smiled, and a red light came from the piece of metal she was holding. Sevk drew the pistol and took a couple of shots while dashing for the ship in his vision. Sevk made it to the ship, looked for Rawg'ewr but saw him lying on the ground in front of the woman. Realizing it was too late for his friend, Sevk jumped behind the controls, broke into orbit to find a massive ship with the same kind of black tattoos painted on it. It didn't fire and he punched in the coordinates for the nearest planet called Gand.

Old Republic

Little is known about the time that Sevk worked for the Old Republic. The few public details are that he ran the Old Republics security teams and a small portion of the military. After eXiles leader Helen Hawk couldn't keep her organization afloat she merged with the OR, and accomplished in getting the Supreme Chancellor Seth Shepard exiled, along with his leading staff, Sevk included.

It is also known that Wim Jurgen contacted Sevk to overthrow the new government leaders, and reforge the Old Republic back to its former glory. But during the take over, Wim banished Sevk, hoping to keep the power to himself.

Nothing is known as to what Sevk did to the OR. The only thing that is confirmed is that Wim Jurgen gave the entire government to the Krath Dynasty and hasn't been seen since.

Dark Star Hellions

Sevk found himself on the path of revenge against a quite a few people and governments and thus, ended up in Max Security in a GE prison world. He found himself threatening to kill the leader of the Dark Star Hellions while in prison, but the leader wanted him to join. When they all escaped MaxSec8 together, Sevk joined the Dark Star Hellions as a Nomad. As part of the elite chapter of DSH, Sevk pick and choose what mission to accomplish, what wars to fight in, and what loot to steal. Sevk led a life of piracy, theft, murder, trespassing, destruction of government property, and attempted murder, for 10 years, before growing tired of the lifestyle and the leadership and leaving.

Notable battles:

The Battle of Krmar/Oshora:

The Infinite Empire had been infiltrated and the power to 5 of their main planets had been cut internally. With those planets dark, and the planetary military and governments in panic, it was simple for members of DSH and FTM to build cities and take over the planetary governments. Oshora was eventually given up on, as the entire military forces of the Galactic Alliance came to reclaim the planets. Krmar is still under DSH and FTM control with no Galactic Alliance military being stupid enough to enter the system. Sevk claimed the lives of over 600 slaves and workers for the Galactic Alliance in Oshora,

He also claimed the lives of 3 officers spying in Krmar. See below list.

Next Moves

Sevk Ill`er is a man of many talents. Sevk's plans are to build ships for the wealthy of the galaxy, while training himself for the next notable war that will inevitably come.

A list of Sevk Ill`er's confirmed kills over the years: