Shably Enif

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Shably Enif
Biographical Information
Race Zeltron
Homeworld Fondor
Mother Arrela Enif
Father Skastad Enif
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 6'3" (190.5cm)
Coloring Pale red
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Pale Green (left), Cybernetic Blue (right)
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition (Year 21 - Present)
Rank Colonel
Positions Alpha Company CO
Prior Affiliation None
Awards None

Born near the Imperial shipyards on Fondor, Shably grew up under the reign of the Galactic Empire to Zeltron parents Skastad and Arrela Enif. Shably has become a more well known figure within the loops of the Galactic Alliance for her military prowess as a combat medic for the Triumvirate Coalition, having undergone many operations underneath the famed Togorian warrior, Maligaant Menuk.

Alongside her prestigious military record, Shably is also a Templar of the Kyber Ascendancy and co-leads the institute with Templar J'rota Chy'see. Together they supply custom designed items and quality paints and coatings for ships, droids, and other various items and vehicles.

Although lesser known outside the inner circle of the Triumvirate Coalition within the Galactic Alliance, Shably has a brief history with the Imperial Academy on Carida where she studied in medical practices as well as some combat in both the skies and on the ground, and also an even more brief time within the Carajam branch of the Bounty Hunter's Guild.


Early Years

Shably's Homeworld: Fondor

Born to Skastad (an engineer on the Imperial shipyards) and Arrela (an under-cover Jedi spy), Shably lived in relative peace, oblivious to the cruelty of the galaxy. Around when she was six years old, her parents went on a trip to Naboo for their anniversary, and was left to the care of family friend Sukav. Skastad returned days later, alone and wrecked, Arrela had been killed by an Inquisitor who had tracked her after the theft of Imperial codes. Skastad was arrested within the week of his return and faced with fourteen years of intensive labor on Wobani for industrial sabotage.

With her mother dead, her father incarcerated and no immediate family around, Shably was taken in by the Empire and put into their boarding academies for orphans and misplaced youth. She lived under the wing of the Imperial regime and flourished in the academy to the point where she was sent to the highly renowned Cliffside Academy on Carida where Shably began her medical training.

The Imperial Academy on Carida

Shably started her time in Cliffside at the age of thirteen and jumped right into the medical program. During her time there, Professor Pilic took a particular interest in Shably, pushing her past her limits in an aggressive and extreme manor which twisted Shably's image of the Empire and severely damaged her mental health. Two years in Shably was stopped from taking her own life by a Chiss student, Zerris, who befriended her and brought Shably out of the dark pit of her own mind.

Cadet Enif

It was after this meeting with Zerris when Shably began branching out to more combat oriented training as well as a small load of piloting and naval combat courses of which she took with Zerris who became a computer specialist on the bridge of Star Destroyers and other Imperial cruisers. Pilic remained relentless in her methods of "encouragement" under the radar of her superiors, and Shably strove to continue doing exceptionally in all of her courses to lighten the number of blows she would get throughout the week.

Seige of Carida

After another three years of study at Cliffside, Shably had ascended to the top of the class with a dozen or so others. However her journey with the Empire was nearing its end. On the day of her graduation from the Academy, the Rebel Alliance invaded Carida. Having been planning her escape from the clutches of the Empire she now believed to be cruel and dark, Shably took this as her opportunity to break free of the chains she believed the Empire had her bound to for the past eight years of her life. In the heat of the battle, Shably slipped aboard one of the Rebel U-Wings and stowed away until the rebels fled Carida.

Escape to Carajam

Knowing that she could not keep up the facade that she was one of the rebels, Shably ditched them as they were refueling on the desert world Carajam in the outer rim. Unaware as to where she was, Shably wandered the city for a couple days in search for work and a purpose. Having discovered that Carajam is home to a branch of the Bounty Hunter's Guild and currently aimlessly searching for something to put credits in her pocket, she enlisted to the Guild as a medic and rifleman and began her career as a bounty hunter.

The Bounty Hunter's Guild

Shably on Carajam

Shably was at first solely operating in the headquarters on Carajam, patching up wounded hunters who crossed the wrong quarry. However after a few months there she picked up a handful of bounties to start getting more cashflow coming to her. One of these bounties turned out to be more dangerous that she anticipated and nearly lost her life. Jalokh, who had also been tracking this band of smugglers, swept in and saved her. Since then both Jalokh and Shably have worked together, forming a crew they named Bleeding Nova.

Around a year after Bleeding Nova was created, Shably and Jalokh grew very close. Their relationship also bore a plan to make a name for themselves and spark up their own guild of mercenaries and bounty hunters. Over the latter half of the time they were together a plot had been put into effect to establish connections a credibility throughout the Outer Rim. Shably and Jalokh parted ways however, their relationship set aside as their dream of Bleeding Nova faded in their minds. Shably had heard from her good friend over the past few years, Daerro Vaam, about the Triumvirate Coalition which she took as a chance to take a shot back at the Empire after all that they had put her through.

The Triumvirate Coalition

Shably in her Heavy Battle Armor

Before Shably enlisted to the Triumvirate Coalition she had reached out to the Rebel Alliance with no avail. She flew through the Coalition's academy and placed in the Marine Corp. under the guidance of General Maligaant Menuk and Brigadier General Pres Hin. Having been assigned to Alpha Company alongside many noble and valiant marines, Shably strove after the example of her predecessors with aims to surpass their greatness. The first few weeks on the field weren't without error or injury, but Shably proved to be highly proficient in keeping her platoon in prime condition and high moral.

As Shably worked her way up through the ranks she became close with her CO's and brothers and sisters in arms, and when she reached her third month of service was bestowed the callsign "Wise Guy". Her platoon flourished under her command and started to pick up a reputation among the other platoons in Alpha Company. Shably was given the opportunity to join more seasoned officers and their platoons on operations around the galaxy, defending the oppressed and fighting to combat the forces of the Galactic Empire.

Shably's platoon was renamed to the Knights of Kyber as it expanded and more marines came under her command. The Knights of Kyber becoming well trained riflemen and women under Enif whom she could rely on in the toughest of scenarios.

Founding of the Kyber Ascendancy

Shably later joined J'rota Chy'see to found the Kyber Ascendancy, an institution formed to provide custom paints, coatings, and frames for ships, vehicles and other various items and tools. Established on Jedha originally over the crystal caves, Templars Enif and Chy'see reconstructed the temple there and repurposed it to serve as a headquarters to produce their wares.

Discovering the Force

Major Shably Enif

Shably grew up oblivious to the fact that her mother was a Jedi and understanding that the Force manifests itself in individuals from a very young age, so she believed that she was just an average non-Force-sensitive humanoid in the vast galaxy. Any glimpse she got into someone's mind on the rare occasion she passed off as her natural ability to read people's emotions. Also being raised under both sides of the spectrum between Jedi and Sith, Shably believed that their morals were too extreme on both ends to be sustainable or how she would want to live, so she never had a desire to be a Jedi or Sith.

Within the Academy on Carida Shably had only caught glimpses of inquisitors and Sith who passed through on the rare occasion, usually as a guest. When she joined the Triumvirate Coalition however there was a heavy presence of the Enclave within their ranks. Interacting with a Jedi was nearly a daily occurrence which Shably saw as awe inspiring and strange at the same time. The beauty of the Light Side of the Force in contrast with the Dark forces she had witnessed on Carida. A sort of order within the chaos that gripped her above all else that she saw through the Force.

When she was twenty-one however everything changed when she received a sort of vision through the Force that drove her into the crystal caves underneath the Kyber Ascendancy. When she came out she had a kyber crystal in hand and a random set of coordinates burned into her mind. Immediately she set off to discover what the Force was calling her to and discover her destiny.

The Old Republic Graveyard

In deep space at the coordinates she had been given, Shably stumbled upon the dead ruins of an Old Republic fleet. Ancient bones of giant, metal titans of the old times. As soon as she docked in one of the hangars and exited her YT-1300 Canopus Wing it took off without her, leaving Shably stranded and alone in this graveyard.

As she delved deeper into the ship it became clear that she was not alone. Strange humanoid mutations were sprawling around the corridors which had webs of muscle and mucus crawling around the walls and floors that swarmed Shably. A small droid called Sully found her before she could be devoured by the creatures and helped her navigate the cruiser to another hanger where he believed the fighter belonging to the commander of the fleet, Master Eoven.

Jedi Master Eoven and his Research

In the untouched secret passages on the ship, Shably discovered the meditation chamber of Master Eoven where held therein was a journal of his research on the Light and Dark Sides of the Force and how to bind them together as well as his lightsabers which are made of a strange metal that are typically in the from of elegantly crafted bracers which, when manipulated through the Force, swirl together into the hilt. Shably took both of these and managed to use the Force to integrate her kyber crystal into the bracers. The color of her lightsaber staff being a vibrant silver.

Rise to Alpha Company CO

Shably "Wise Guy" Enif, Alpha Company CO

After only three years of service to the Triumvirate Coalition Shably was promoted to the position of Alpha Company CO, taking the space Lieutenant General Pres Hin had left when he was promoted to Marine CO following the retirement of General Maligaant Menuk. Shably was initially shocked by the promotion, but was reassured by her new CO that she had earned the position. Shably took this promotion as a step forward to improve the Marine Corp of the Triumvirate Coalition under the command of Lieutenant General Pres Hin and kick off a new era of defense and security to the Coalition and it's allies.

Blood of Velanie

Blood of Velanie

Shortly after the promotion to Alpha Company CO, Shably underwent extensive research on the best and brightest marines available to her in order to create her own elite task force known as Blood of Velanie. The Blood of Velanie was assembled to firstly eliminate the rapidly growing threat of the newly established Bleeding Nova, which Jalokh had kicked off the ground and begun his network of criminal factions and oppressive organizations. But once the threat of Bleeding Nova had been negated, Blood of Velanie was to remain active across the galaxy to defend the ideals and personnel of the Galactic Alliance.



Age: 23

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 153 lbs.

Eyes: Pale Green (left), Cybernetic Blue (right)

Hair: Silver, shoulder-length hair with natural waves. Two long braids run down to her collar bone behind her left ear.

Appearance: Unlike most of the other marines, Shably doesn’t hold as muscular of a build but has bulked up since she enlisted. A plethora of scars from blades, laser-burn, and even a lightsaber dot her body. One of the most prominent is a long gash running down the right side of her face and clipping the outside of her mouth. A tattoo of her platoon’s logo lay on the side of her neck and a black thorn laden vine coiling down her right arm forming a blossoming flower on the back of her hand. Her skin is a sun-tanned, pale red and more akin to a human, but on the occasion that her temper flares it deepens to a darker red. Small, natural patterns of darker skin decorate her face around the eyes and jaw.

If Shably is not in her heavy battle armor, you will most likely find her in one of her soon to be famous tauntaun fur coats and casual military garb. A weathered hat from her first Galaxy Fest is usually clipped to her bag if it’s not on her head.


Shably holds a relaxed persona that changes to crisp, dutiful stance when involved with formal business. She has proven to be unflinchingly loyal to those who earn her trust almost to a fault. Overall an open personality willing to sit down and talk with just about anyone about anything. Her time serving with the Triumvirate Coalition’s Marine Corp has given her a strength and confidence that she carries openly. She suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (not from combat surprisingly) and is likely to flinch at sudden movement or any unexpected touch. Her eyesight (disregarding the cybernetic) is not as good as it should be due to an old injury that left her farsighted, so she often wears glasses to correct that.

Shably is optimistic about the future and believes that something good is always around the corner. Being raised away from the planet Zeltros, Shably is unlike the typical “party animal” vibe of other Zeltron. Her heritage however does tend to charm most people, but she doesn’t use her natural ability to push that feeling further.

The Force

Shably has scoured the notes of Master Eoven as well as trained under Jedi Knight J'rota Chy'see of the Enclave in the ways of the Force. Unlike the other Force-Sensitive members of the Coalition, Shably does not affiliate with the Enclave and rather aims to use the Force as a tool rather than a way of living like the Jedi believe. Shably has uncovered secrets lost to time from the Old Republic now found in Eoven's journal, and some of which are more dangerous than she could have imagined.

The Force in Shably's mind isn't separated by a wall between Light and Dark. Both can be mixed to form a blend of the Force that can have the potency of the Dark yet the grace and delicacy of the Light. A marriage between opposites that compliment each other, filling in the spaces that they other cannot fill themselves.

One ability in particular Shably used once in a moment of weakness and vulnerability was a form of Cryokenisis. She managed to freeze beads of rain around herself and rapidly drop the temperature around her for a time before hurling the barrage of frozen droplets at a couple of Imperial Stormtroopers, piercing their armor and ripping them apart as the drops thrashed around them. Shably abruptly passed out due to the strain on top of her already weary and wounded body.