Shadola Sector Security

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Shadolan Authority
General Information
Status Active
Leader Aylee Stewart
2IC Ran Sode
Owner Aylee Stewart
Historical Information
Founded Year 19 Day 300
Political Information
Affiliation Alissma

Shadolan Medical Corps Maldra Mining . Galactic Weapon Systems The Natural Mystics Machinehead

Industry Mercenaries
Holosite Shadola Sector Security


For years, Alissma has had security defending its borders, be it the Armed Forces of Alissma or the Mandroxan Cartel. Security was founded by Zarthra Zoid, who succeeded in defending Alissma from Minerva Umgee shortly before her downfall. Soon after, Security was taken up by Aylee Stewart with the help of Alicia De'Kova. After the AFA and the Mandroxan Cartel fell from lack of support, security was maintained privately within the body of Alissma. On this day, Alissma's Security Force returns to the public eye.

In the far eastern reaches of the galaxy the Shadola system exists, hosting Alissma, Galactic Weapon Systems, and Maldra Mining. Gand, Maldra, and Baummu; sacred systems to Alissma, and Skeebo; the base of commerce and diversity in the sector. Private citizens living their lives, merchant ships and cargo vessels, manufacturers providing for consumers across the galaxy. One agency providing safety and security to them all, Shadola Sector Security. Patrolling the sector, detaining vagrants and criminals, and engaging in space warfare with those who choose to trespass in our part of the galaxy. We are SSS and the safety of the citizens we protect is our mission.


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Active Officers

Line of Duty Deaths

  • Major Alicia De`Kova died on Year 20 Day 20 participating in routine naval exercises when her hyper drive failed departing from the Skeebo System sending her ATR-6 into the Skeebo sun. After nearly a decade of distinguished service she leaves behind her widow Aylee Stewart.


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