Shadowstone Affair

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Shadowstone Affair
DateYear 4 Day 273
ResultShadowstone captured by the Falleen Federation
Commanders and Leaders
Casualties and Losses

Shadowstone was once famously captured by Keir Santage, Finn Setanta and Squall Chitose who were working in the employment of King Eldrik Kuraine of the Falleen Federation. A lengthy battle was fought to seize the ship chiefly through the attackers bringing aboard large amounts of Battle Droids under their command, and fighting the Imperial stormtroopers aboard the ship.

Notable incidents in this battle included the wookiee Ralgarrch squeezing into a turbo-lift maintenance shaft to chase the more nimble Siather Detaan during her attempts at escape, Keir Santage accidentally tossing an extra grenade into a fray resulting in damage to his own battle droids, the death of Doug the Battledroid, and the baking of cookies in the mess hall after the battle was concluded by Adam A Flynn. Keir Santage also managed to rescue an injured female Imperial officer from a bacta tank, however it is unclear what happened to her after she escaped with him. Towards the end of the battle, the betrayal of Xarius Tylger was revealed. Xarius's droids were equipped with slave commands by Kuraine, and he took direct control to of them to attack Xarius. Tylger was wounded, but was able to initiate the command codes to the bombs he had smuggled aboard to destroy the ship. Squall Chitose was nearby and saved the ship by disarming the bombs and shooting Tylger in the face.

Santage presented the ship to King Kuraine, who then turned and gifted the vessel to Hapan officer Alex Tylger. It is rumored that Roan Axios was gifted the ship by King Alex. As a result of the capture of the Shadowstone, the Galactic Empire attacked the Fallen Federation's stronghold at Beta.

Raiding party

Imperial defenders

Other personnel


Many accolades and awards were granted in the Falleen Federation after the success of Operation: Shadowstone. Among them, Squall Chitose was granted the title of Warlord and elevated to the rank of Lord Commander of the Falleen Military. Zechs Darius was elevated to Lord Commander of the Falleen Civil Defense Force. Chitose's then-wife, Asarya'katr von Ismay, was granted the title of Duchess of Harravon.

All Falleen Federation participants were awarded the Operation: Shadowstone medal.