Sheng-ji Yang

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Sheng-ji Yang
Sheng-ji Yang Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Died Year 10 Day 25
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.78 meters
Coloring Pale skin
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation SYT Transport LLC (Year 7)
D`Este Realty (Year 10)
Positions Co-Owner (SYT Transport)
Director (D`Este Realty)

Sheng-ji Yang was a one-eyed Human male born on the backwater world of Tatooine. He co-founded SYT Transport LLC with his Barabel partner Kael Ta`em, but eventually sold his share of the company. He gained employment with D`Este Realty and rose to the preeminent rank of Director. He was reportedly killed on Year 10 Day 25 when his starship collided with a neutron star. A funeral was held in his honor by friends and colleagues. Yang is remembered as one of the notable figures who greatly improved D`Este Realty and thus indirectly laid the groundwork for the later emergence of the Aurodium Legion as a formidable regional power.


Sheng-ji Yang was born in a spaceport on the remote planet of Tatooine. As a precious child, Yang greatly respected and idolized his absentee father who served as a turbolaser gunner aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. Although the father was often absent during Yang's youth, he would visit while on military leave and spend time with his son.

As the years passed, Yang became interested in piloting starships of all shapes and sizes. Using his piloting skills, Yang traveled the galaxy. He was always principled and considerate to every sentient being he encountered. He lived by a code of honor: "Be fair and respectful to others. Always give them a square deal. In the long run, friends are worth more than credits." During his travels among the stars, Yang encountered a young Barabel male named Kael Ta`em. Together, they created a freelance transport company called SYT Transport LLC.

Founded by Yang and Ta`em on Year 7 Day 273, SYT Transport LLC was a modest venture. With only three ships, the operation started out small. After a couple of high profile customers tried their services and were satisfied with their efficiency, SYT began to turn a profit. With a formula of competitive pricing coupled with friendly service, SYT Transport LLC's reputation increased. Within four months of launching the company, SYT grew in both personnel and starships. However, over time, Yang became interested in pursuing other interests in life. He chose to sell his portion of the transport business to Ta`em.

One night, a jealous rival sent an assassin to try to eliminate this young entrepreneur at a seedy tavern on Altyr V. Yang noticed someone odd in the bar room. Before he could react, a poison-tipped sabre dart struck Yang in the eye. It is said that witnesses saw Yang pluck out his eye whereupon he madly devoured it exclaiming: "The essence of my mother and father shall not go to waste." Upon eating hsi eye, Yang — a skilled warrior — lashed out with great speed and slew the assassin with one swift slice of his vibroblade.

Dorn Zeke succeeded Yang as Director of D`Este Realty in Year 10.

Later, in need of funds, Yang became a highly-valued employee of D`Este Realty and, through loyal service, he ascended its ranks until he reached the position of director circa Year 10. While supervising the day-to-day operations at D`Este Realty, Yang encountered yet another Barabel wanderer named Dorn Zeke. Zeke proved considerably talented and, when Yang decided to retire, he chose Zeke to replace him.

On Year 10 Day 25, the galaxy lost one of its brightest stars when Yang died during a routine trip in the hyperlanes. There was no funeral as there was nothing left to bury. After his death, mourners gathered in a cantina in the Cron Drift. Together, they shared tales of the strange man from Tatooine who always wore an eye patch. They remembered him for who he was and what he did. He knew what success meant. Not power, not wealth, but knowing that your actions matter and make a difference, even if they're not seen by others. Make it your goal to become as successful as he was. He may not have been known by everybody but he made his mark in this universe nonetheless.

Co-Owner of SYT Transport LLC
Preceded By:
Position Created
Sheng-ji Yang
Year 7 Day 273 — Unknown
Succeeded By:
Sold shares to Kael Ta`em
Director of D`Este Realty
Preceded By:
Riax Tardes
Sheng-ji Yang
Year 10
Succeeded By:
Dorn Zeke

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