Shili Free Press

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Shili Free Press
Shili free press logo.png
General Information
Leader Lahasa Fy
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 1
Political Information
Industry Information

Shili Free Press was an attempt at an independent news organization dedicated to providing non-partisan coverage of major political and economic news.

However, the galaxy has made it clear that it neither viewed Shili Free Press as independent or useful. So, despite attempting to provide galaxy-wide access to news from across all sides of the political spectrum and to ensure every sentient has the ability to understand the events that shape the galaxy around them, Shili Free Press failed in its mission, and has accepted their defeat. Instead, Shili Free Press now simply covers stories that interest the reporters and dedicated viewers, and ignores the sectors of the galaxy that have no use for impartial views.

Shili Free Press had a long history as the independent voice for news among the tribes on the Togruta homeworld. Following his resignation as governor of the planet, Lahasa Fy took over the reigns of the organization as Chairman of the Board and strived to raise the organization from local importance to galactic relevance. Fy recognized an ever-increasing trend towards partisan silos and self-imposed echo-chambers of viewpoints and endeavored to bring about a new dawn of news coverage, but was unable to break through the partisan walls, and eventually reverted the organization to a more local, grass-roots news organization unwilling to try to compete with the noise of the major government propaganda machines..

Shili Free Press stories have three main goals:

-Attempting to present multiple angles to each story and provide insights from alternate view points to broaden the perspective of readers. -Entertain the reader, as well as inform. - Protect the safety of sources, civilians and all sentients to the greatest extent possible.

GalaxyFest Year 21

Shili Free Press was the preemininent news source for various dealing leading up to and through GalaxyFest Year 21. They published eight articles on the galactic web leading up to and wrapping up the massive galactic gathering. Their articles were well written and entertained billions.