Siejo Kutol

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Siejo Kutol
Siejo Kutol.png
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Kutani Brutol (deceased)
Father Sievi Brutol (deceased)
Spouse Allana Aran
Siblings Siety Kutol
Tai Wu Kutol
Anjyl Nephalem (sister)
Nochbo Kitol (adopted brother)
Children Calista Marie Kutol
Caellun Kutol
Born Year -14 Day 129
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6 meters
Coloring Brown
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems, Nautolan Society, Tal'ShenAran
Positions Chairman
Prior Affiliation Trade Federation, Techno Union, Haven Recycling Corporation

Allana - "How much is enough Siejo? When will it end?!"
Siejo - "When the Glory of the Confederacy is known throughout the galaxy!"
Allana - "The glory of the Confederacy? You do this for yourself."

Siejo Kutol, a proud male Nautolan, was once one of the most prominent members of his species in the galaxy. Born and raised by merchant parents on Glee Anselm, Siejo was able to speak both Nautila and Anselmi, as well as Galactic Basic fluently. When he left his homeworld, he only wished to find his place in the universe. Siejo is known as a calm Humanoid and had a sharp eye for business and trading. He has been known to excell at logistics and construction work. Siejo was the long-time Chief Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance (CA) as well as Director of the Haven Recycling Corporation. He held these positions for many years until his ascension as leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS). He was also the Overlord of the Nautolan Society.

Siejo has large black eyes and dark brown/green skin. He usually was seen wearing his leather pilot jacket and tight-fitting green pants or the traditional Society Overlord garb. His favorite beverage was a freshly-brewed Sallichean Tea. While it has no stimulating effect on Humans, Sallichean Tea has a significant effect on the Nautolan body, creating an "ecstasy" feeling that can't be beat by other normal beverages.

Later in life, Siejo encountered much hardship due to his dedication to the cause. He had a hard time balancing his busy career and his family. After pushing his family away for many years, in pursuit of more and more profit, Siejo faced the loss of his wife after she was infected by a terrible virus. After that incident was resolved, he realized the errors of his ways and retired from public life in pursuit of a more pure goal: Happiness.

In Year 14 Day 325 he was caught in an explosion on a trading station in the Cularin System during an attack of rebel forces. It was unknown if he survived for many years, but he resurfaced in Year 18 during a raid on Dorumma. Later, he took part in the coup that lead to the dissolution of the Confederacy. Siejo, partnered with his longtime partner Kran Chan, opened Kutol-Chan Industries. It was at this time his daughter resurfaced. Unfortunately, in an effort to save Calista, tragedy struck ending with her death. After spending time in isolation, focusing on raising his son alone, Siejo stepped back into the public eye and once again lead the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Early Years

An Early Picture of Siejo Kutol

Siejo Kutol, the son of a well regarded Nautolan named Sieve Britol, was born on the aquatic world of Glee Anselm on Year -14 Day 129. His father owned a shop called "The Pit" in the capital city of Glee Anselm. Sievi's shop, which was on dry land, sold rare artifacts from the sea below. Many of these items were a common sight on the sea floor, thus easy for a Nautolan to acquire. To the dry land city dwellers, the items were strange and mystifying,and there for valuable. Sievi himself was a bit of a mystery. While he was a very loving father, his true nature was lost at those moments of silence at the dining table with the family or the countless nights alone in his den.

Young Kutol selling Goods at the Pit

During his childhood, Siejo loved to wander the sea floor, playing with the natural sea life, and finding things for his father to sell in his shop. He was a very strong pupil in school, always trying to outdo his fellow schoolmates. Siejo's younger brother, Siety Kutol, often followed behind him on his explorations of the sea floor. While they were young, Siejo and his brother were quite mischevieous, getting into a great deal of trouble at times, much to the displeasure of their parents. Siety looked up to his older brother and, in turn, Siejo admired his brother's courage. Siety was always willing to swim into the deepest, darkest caves, just to see what he could find. Admiration aside, Siety was often jealous of his brother and the attention given to him by their father. He would play tricks to scare him, and in their later years, often tried to straight out beat him at any activity they did together. The two brothers fought for their father's love, entering the monthly undersea wrestling competitions to impress him. The two often would duel in these matches in which Siety's strength outdid his older brother's, and he would often win.

When he reached adolescence, Siejo's father asked him to work in his shop part-time. While Siejo manned the sales desk, his brother was in charge of carrying out the process of finding new goods to sell and deliver them to the shop on a timely basis. While working in his father's shop, Siejo developed a keen eye for business. It was Siejo's input that helped his father expand his business, opening another shop on the opposite side of town. Sievi decided that since it was Siejo's idea, he should be held responsible for new establishments performance. This second shop, called "The Den," did quite well. For this, Sievi put Siejo in charge of the shop’s entire operation. This proved to be costly.

First Love, Capture and Escape

While working one cloudy afternoon, Siejo was dusting the shelves of "The Den" when the little bell on the front door rang. Siejo turned to see an attractive young Nautolan female walk through the door. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Siejo stumbled over himself trying to greet her. He could feel his pulse all over his body. Now, it is strange for a Nautolan to enter this sort of shop, but Siejo didn't think of this. All he could think of was getting her name. He walked over to her, tossing his tendrils back, and cleared his throat. The young female turned, looked at him and smiled. He introduced himself and asked if he could help her find anything. The female, whose name was Drukie Mcjoe, quickly replied that she actually was just stopping by to meet him. Her mother owned the shop next door and she worked there from time to time. She told Siejo that she saw him the other day and was curious. Siejo liked Drukie and they quickly became good friends. In fact, over the next several months, Siejo grew to care for Drukie and he informed his father that he planned to marry her one day. His father was all for the idea of his son becoming a man and moving out on his own, but his brother Siety hated this idea and resented his brother for choosing to be with a girl instead of spending time with him.

One cold, rainy morning, not to long after his twenty-first year celebration, Siejo was at work, counting the change in the credit drawer, when the store was filled with the cool breeze from the outside as a tall Nautolan entered the shop. Siejo didn't pay much attention to him, because this species (his species) didn't normally purchase things in this shop. The Nautolan casually examined the stock, and then suddenly stopped. He reached to a shelf and pulled out a bright yellow crystal. The Nautolan, crystal in hand, walked up to the register. He asked Siejo kindly if he had found this crystal. Siejo, confused about what mattered so much about this crystal, said yes. Then the Nautolan asked where Siejo found this crystal. Siejo explained the location where he, well, his brother, had found the crystal in a cave on the seafloor. The Nautolan thanked him, bought the crystal, and departed. Siejo was trying to shake off the strange feelings he was having about that last sale when Drukie burst through the door. She was panting for breath. Siejo, feeling her anxiety deep in his tendrils, ran over to her and asked her what was wrong. She explained to him that there were some strange people threatening her mother and she needed help. Siejo quickly locked up shop and ran next door. He didn't notice his father walking up the street toward the shop, but his father noticed him.

What Siejo didn't know was that Drukie's mother didn't just sell exotic clothing. This was a front. Drukie’s mother also sold unlicensed weapons to rebels. The rebels were trying to liberate the local population from the grip of the XXX Miners who held control over Glee Anselm. The local security forces had heard rumors of such a shop and followed their noses to the establishment. The punishment for treason is death in their culture and that is exactly what the security forces had in mind. The two teenage Nautolans ran through the doorway just as the security force executed Drukie's mother.

Siejo's first love, Drukie

Things escalated from there. After hearing Drukie scream, the security forces turned and pointed their guns, steam still flowing from the nozzles, at the pair. They quickly instructed the teens to leave the area at once. Just then, Sievi entered the picture. He had not heard the shots and had entered the store hoping to lecture his son who had apparently closed shop to play with girls. The security forces decided quickly that Sievi must be some sort of rebel since it appeared to them that he came running when the shop owner was executed. They charged Sievi with treason and arrested him. Siejo attempted to fight for his father, but was hit over the head with a blunt object and thrown aside as they escorted Sievi to the local prison. When he regained consciousness, he was laying on the floor. His head was still groggy, and he needed Drukie's help to get up. The couple ran to the oceanfront and dived down into the sea. When they reached Siejo's house, Siejo quickly explained to his family the day's occurrence and his father's fate.

The local government seized "The Pit" and "The Den," stating that they were funding the rebel cause. Siety, who had been watching over the other shop at the time of its seizure, was also arrested and sent to a detention center for minors. Siejo was able to visit his father only once. He snuck in some utensils that he wanted to give his father to escape. He was extremely nervous, and was almost caught when the guard went to search him. He would of been caught had is father not intervened, telling the guard to just let his son see his father for the last time. Siejo stood there, opposite sides of the glass to his father, unsure what to say. Siejo knew that this might be the last time he saw his father, and explained, in their native tongue so the Human guard (hopefully) would not understand, to his dad what had happened with the shops and how he wanted to rescue him from this injustice. There was a moment of silence that felt like an eternity. It came to a total surprise when Sievi told his son that the accusations were true. Siejo couldn't believe it. His father was religious, and Siejo wondered what his ancestors would think of his father’s actions. Could this make his father ineligible in the afterlife?

Before they could discuss matter further, Sievi gave his son specific instructions to leave Glee Anselm. He explained how he had a plan to make it out of the prison, and, hopefully, would see him again if he followed his instructions. Siejo agreed to follow his father's orders, told his father he loved him and left.

When Siejo reached the street in front of the jail, he didn't know what to think. His father was in the rebellion. What if his father was unsuccessful in his attempt to free himself? When he reached the other side of the street, a stranger bumped into him. Siejo looked up to see the strange Nautolan who bought the crystal from the shop earlier that day. The Nautolan introduced himself as Vix and informed Siejo that he knew of the situation. He was working with the rebellion and has been asked to help his father escape. Vix told Siejo he was going to help his father escape that night. Siejo was overjoyed and thanked Vix. Vix bowed and walked on. When Vix bowed, Siejo noticed a shiny metal hilt attached to Vix's hip. Siejo ran home, greeted Drukie, and took her to his home to stay with his mother, Kutani, and other siblings. That night, Siejo couldn't sleep, so he sat up, playing out the escape plan in his head all night long.

Entering the Work Force

With his father a known fugitive and as a prime suspect in his escape, Siejo knew that he needed to leave his home planet. He told Drukie to stay with his family in the sea. They should be safe there from the planet government. He promised her that he would one day return for her and then they would be wed. Siejo swam to the surface and, while wandering the streets of one of the larger cities on Glee Anselm, he was contacted by Jeeva Ob, a representative of a trade conglomerate known as the Corporate Alliance (CA). Looking for any way to get off world, Siejo applied for membership and was approved. He took up residence in a small hostel in Pieralos. Drukie met him their. On cue, days later a Human male, Riley Moonrigger, flew down in a fleet of Cloakships to greet him. Riley, a very skilled pilot, beckoned Siejo into one of the ships. Siejo embraced his love, told her he loved her, and they separated. She wished him luck, and he jumped into the cockpit of one of the Cloaks. Siejo had never flown before and had never been offworld. Riley quickly explained the basic controls to him. After some trial and error, Siejo got the ship flying and they ascended off the planet, leaving Drukie to watch them go. Siejo and Riley made his way to the Alliance headquarters in the Amorris system. Once there, he was assigned as a Logistics worker and began his work. Looking to expand his knowledge and skill as a pilot, Siejo studied in his time off to become a better tool for his employer.

Logistics Director Riley Moonrigger

After some training, Siejo's first real mission was to drop off a vessel in the Varn system. He was very excited to be off on his own. He transferred from the Cloakship, into a beautiful YT-2000, The Narner II. Siejo had never seen such a ship, and took a short tour to examine its beauty. While there, he picked up the Reservist Bellos Selexin from the surface of Varno. With Bellos aboard, Siejo went on his second mission, a flight to the Kiffex system to pick up Cadet Beol Habo. After Beol had been found and joined Siejo and Bellos on the Narner II, Siejo made the jump to hyperspace, toward Amorris, were he would join his Corporate Alliance brethren.

When the pair arrived on Amorris, the rest of the Corporate Alliance was busy gathering supplies for a galaxy-wide construction operation. While they waited for the supplies to reach Amorris, Siejo taught Beol how to pilot a ship. They worked together and became friends. Together they visited the warm beach world of Loszog. After Siejo was sure of Beol's skills, he left him to do his own missions. He was very nervous, watching Beol's every move to make sure he didn't drive them into the local sun. Beol was a natural, and the training went well. When the supplies arrived in the Amorris system, Siejo rushed himself, Beol and Riley to pick them up and bring them to the Corporate Alliance homeworld.

After arriving in Amorris with the supplies, Siejo received a message from the management announcing that he was promoted to Logistics Lieutenant. This news overjoyed Siejo almost as much as his next mission, which included a ship transfer and a return visit to his homeworld, Glee Anselm. Siejo hoped to return and maybe find some answers to his past.

After a quick ship transfer, Siejo and his construction buddies arrived on Glee Anselm in the City of Pieralos. Siejo selected the location of the new Commerce Center that the CA was planning to build and sent his workers to start work on the project. While the workers worked on the project, Siejo journeyed to the underwater capital city of the Nautolans, Sanktuarium. This is where his childhood home was, and still is, located. As Siejo approached the house, his mother, Kutani, saw him. She flew out of the front door and embraced him in a tight hug. She told him how worried she was as she had not heard from him. Siejo tried to calm his worried mother, when he spotted Drukie out of the corner of his eye. She was minding her own business, cleaning inside the hut. Siejo swam quickly through the front door and embraced his love. She jumped with surprise.

After the greetings were handed out, the family gathered at the dinner table. Kutani explained to her son how the revolution had been put on hold because of the death of the regional governor. Kutani had heard nothing of Siejo's father. Siejo then asked about his brother, for no one had mentioned him. It broke his mother's heart to have to explain to Siejo that his younger brother was mixed up with the wrong crowd. She told him that after being released from the juvenile facility, he blamed himself for the exile of his father and brother. The last time she heard from him, he was in Anselm Prime, the land capital city of Glee Anselm. Siejo told her he would take care of it. Siejo kissed his love and left for Anselm Prime.

Siety, stubborn as usual, had entered the deathsticks business and he was in deep with the local dealer. Siety had many friends, and although he worked hard, he liked to party harder. Siejo tried many years prior ago to explain to his brother the dangers in this, but Siety learned little from his older brother. Siety had partied it up, and during those parties, "lost" many deathsticks.

When Siejo found his brother, he was in his suppliers "office", behind a large dumpster of the main resident hall. He had heard what sounded like a scuffle coming from the ally. Siejo peaked around a crate located midway down the ally. There were two figures here: his brother and a large creature. The creature, a powerful Anselmi underboss, was holding Siety by his collar. Siety was a large Nautolan, but this Anselmi was huge. The creature was threatening Siety, threatening his family. Siejo could see the look of total defeat in his brother's eyes. Siejo crept up and approached the scene. The underboss noticed him first, quickly dropping Siety and turning to face him. Siejo drew his small blade that he kept in a sheath in his sleeve. The underboss laughed in his face, reaching for a blaster he kept under his cloak. With his tendrils screaming out in danger,Siejo moved quickly, jumping onto the Ansemli and pressing the blade to his neck. The Anselmii dropped his weapon and raised his arms. The underboss laughed a little, which struck Siejo as odd, but asked what he wanted, not knowing that Siety was his brother. Siejo told the creature through his clenched teeth that he wanted his brother's freedom. Siejo would pay his debt. Up to this point, Siety had not recognized his brother, and when he heard this, he was overcome with emotion. It turned out that Siety owed this Anselmi 50,000 credits. Siejo paid the underboss. The underboss thanked him for his business and disappeared into the shadows.

Siety Kutol

Siety fell to his knees in front of his brother. He cried how unworthy he was of such a gift. Siejo lifted his brother to his feet and told him how he loved him and would offer his life for his brother's safety, let alone 50,000 credits. He then offered his brother a business proposition. He could be the foreman for his construction group in the Corporate Alliance. He would travel the galaxy with his brother, working side by side. Siety agreed and went with his brother. Together they boarded the Ussuri, and went back to Pieralos to join the building crew. After construction of the shop "Nautolan Goodies" was completed, the crew jumped back aboard the Ussuri and flew back to Amorris.

As soon as Siejo returned to Amorris' orbit, the Commerce Guild reclaimed the Ussuri. Siejo moved aboard a Y-Wing Longprobe, the CADF Ghost 1-3, and flew it to the Selaggis system for a security mission. Once there, Siejo flew security flights around the system, keeping a keen eye out for Imperial forces. Siety was transferred to another vessel and put under the direct command of Hilem Ordo. He was going to be in the thick of it on the world below, building the city.

Things went well and soon Siejo was onto bigger and better missions. While in orbit around the planet Gallyrn, Siejo was able to upgrade his personal datapad and gain access to the galactic trading market. While under his fathers tutoralidge, Siejo had developed a great eye for deals and quickly made fair amount of credits. He also acquired a few starships. Siejo's first ship was a Cloakshape/H Fighter that he named the Hornet. He soon sold it and used the profit to buy other goods. Siejo's favorite ship design was the Y-TIE. This ship's curious design inspired Siejo in some strange way. He started to build a fleet of them, acquiring first the one he named the Broken Butterfly, and then the other he named Cobalt. Each ship had a custom paint-job designed by Siejo himself. Siejo grew into a good, trustworthy trader and made many friends.

The Thief

Adoy Baba

Then one day, Siejo unfortunately learned the true nature of the galaxy. Siejo contacted a Human trader named Freedon Mathias about purchasing a N-1 Starfighter that had been advertised on the market. The starship was going for a mere 100,000 credits and this seemed too good to be true. Siejo transferred the credits to Freedon, but did not receive the title to the ship in return. Freedon had decided that he would keep the money and the ship. Siejo was shocked and found himself unable to let it go. The found himself wanting revenge. Siejo worked with his contacts and placed a bounty on Freedon. Siejo's good friend, Adoy Baba identified Freedon at a local tavern as he wandered around on Tatooine. After contacting the local government, bounty hunters came flying in. Freedon jumped into the N-1 and streaked into the sky, but what he didn't know was that Siejo had arranged for company when he got there. As soon as Freedon exited the atmosphere of the planet, he knew it was over. SoroSuub Corporation fighters were coming at him at attack speed. Freedon tried to escape when his ship was stuck by a blaster bolt, destroying his hyperdrive. Corvis Orion, a SoroSuub commander, flew his ship in close and blew off one of the N-1's engines, safely disabling the ship. Orion flew above the N-1 and pulled the ship onto his larger frigate. Then he stormed the N-1 and captured Freedon. Siejo was informed the next day of the mission's success. The thief was captured and would now stand trial. The evidence was clear, and Siejo was sure that, with the right influence, Freedon would be executed for his crimes. Siejo was pleased.

Freedon Mathias

Freedon was taken to a local prison owned by the SoroSuub Corporation (which governed the Tatoo system) to stand trial. Pablo Dion, a fledgling banker, decided to take up Freedon's defense pro-bono. Pablo, a Human, arranged for a meeting with the thief, but when he arrived, he was captured by Orion and thrown into prison with his client. Word traveled around the galaxy of this strange story. Pablo Dion was an employee of ComBank, a financial institution closely affiliated with the Galactic Empire and a known enemy of the SoroSuub government. SoroSuub released a press statement, explaining the Pablo was detained based on that affiliation and that they suspected Pablo was attempting to break his client out of custody.

The trial of Freedon Mathias was held via Holonet, in a courtroom in the SoroSuub capital. Freedon complained aggressively about the courtroom procedures, resulting in additional charges being brought against him, including Contempt of Court and Libel. Pablo pleaded with the SoroSuub leadership, begging for his life, and even resigned from ComBank to demonstrate his repentance.

As the trial progressed, Siejo was brought before the Tribunal to testify. After his remarks were made, Freedon was allowed to speak in his own defense, and irrationally pleaded for the death penalty. After months of delegation, the Tribunals were dismissed to decide Freedon Mathias' fate. When the Tribunals returned to the court, they ruled that Freedon should pay Siejo 50,000 credits, half of what he stole, and be placed on probation.

After the trial, SoroSuub acknowledged that Pablo Dion was no threat, and released him from custody. Siejo, on the other hand never received his retribution, and was displeased that the petty thief got off so easy. Siejo learned a harsh lesson and from then on was a much more cautious trader. Siejo and Pablo became good friends, exchanging holomessages every once in a while.

Trading and the Nautolan Society

Pixelor Xess

While lounging in the traders' holo-room, Siejo befriended a trader known as Lando Schultz. Lando, a Human, informed Siejo of a business plan he had, called Enterprise Corp. Siejo liked the idea and offered up his Y-TIEs for transport jobs. For this, Lando gave him a wonderful birthday present, a third Y-TIE, named Striker.

Soon after, Siejo joined a Nautolan brotherhood. The Nautolan Society was a raced based organization open to all Nautolans, and was exactly what he needed to further himself in his trading career. Siejo was introduced to the Society by Pixelor Xess, a very powerful Nautolan. Once he joined, Siejo used the support from his newfound group to help him buy his dream ship, an YT-1210. He named it The Deviant Wampa.

On the return trip to Amorris, Siejo received a holo from his brother, Siety. There was a high-stakes card game going on down on the planet's surface at a local tavern and he wanted some company to watch him win. Siejo, aggravated by his brother's carelessness with credits, agreed to meet up with his brother when he arrived.

Siejo set down his new YT-1210 freighter in the landing zone next to the tavern known as "The Greasy Sprocket”. His brother saw him leaving the ship and ran over to greet him. Siety was dirty, just coming off a hard day's work, but his brother embraced him regardless. Siety was knocked off-guard when Siejo informed him that the starship he arrived in belonged to him. Neither of them never dreamed of owning a real freighter. Siety said his congrats and the two entered the bar.

A long night of cards ensued. Siety was betting high with all the credits he had received recently from his work on the CA construction jobs. While the cards were being shuffled, Siety leaned over to his brother and asked if Siejo had heard about their dad. Siejo looked puzzled and explained that he had heard nothing. He asked his brother to explain what was up.

Siety went on to explain how the XXX Miners were using the Nautolan homeworld for resources and smashing the rights of all the beings that lived there. He stated that he heard that their father had returned, under a hidden identity in order to take command of the underground movement. Siejo was surprised by this news, as his father told him he wouldn't go back until it was safe.

The cards were dealt. Siety, who had been losing for a while now, felt like he finally had it. He leaned over to his brother, who was drinking his favorite drink at the bar, and asked to see the title for the nice ship out front. Siejo, who was rather intoxicated, handed it over. Siety brought up the deed and taunted the alien across the table with it. The alien, a Devaronian, had been winning most of the night. He felt pretty confident, so he pulled out a similar deed, which was for another YT-1210. Siejo rejoined the table as the hand was going down and became enraged that his brother was gambling his new ship on something as silly as a had of cards. The hand went on and Siety actually won, collecting a new ship and a bunch of spare credits. After the big hand, Siety handed his brother back the deed, as if nothing happened.

After a few months of work, Siejo decided to take a small trip with his brother to check on his family. They flew to Glee Anslem and landed in the city they grew up in. While in Pieralos, Siejo purchased two droids: a SP-4 worker droid that he called Luigi, and an ASN-121 messenger droid named Vincent. The brothers then went from shop to shop, showing the owners an old holopicture of their father, with no luck. Then, it all changed. Siejo went into the Commerce Center he had helped open, "Nautolan Goodies," and approached the counter. The Nautolan employee had his back to him; his clothes were stained with oils used to clean the merchandise. Siejo cleared his throat, and began to ask the worker if he had seen his father and froze for a moment when the man turned. It was his father. His name-tag said, "Owen Sarden," quite a strange false ID for such a powerful man.

Extremely surprised, Siejo asked his father what he was doing here. Sievi, now known as Owen, explained that everything was place with the militant forces, but word had leaked of his presence on the planet and it was all in danger. He had contacted the most powerful and influential member of the Nautolan race, a trader named Pixelor Xess, who had agreed to allow Sievi to setup a base on the planet of Valakivir, the "new" Nautolan homeworld. Siejo was overjoyed, explaining that he had met Pixelor and was now part of the Society. Sievi embraced his son in join, and then asked him to take the rest of their family so he could do what he could in this time of oppression. Siejo was surprised by this plan, since it was news to him, but looked forward to working with the great Nautolan and his father on Valakivir.

While visiting his family on leave, Siejo also spent an extended time with Drukie. Time and separation had not spoiled their deep feelings for one another, and they spent many nights together alone in caves along the bottom of the ocean, exploring the sea floor, and one another. When it was time for Siejo to leave, he suggested to Drukie that she travel with his father, sister and brother to Valakivir to see the wonders that were being built there. Drukie agreed, telling him with excitement how wonderful she thought the idea was.

Moving on to Nauto Prime

After a quick bite to eat, Siejo and his father met up with Siety and Drukie. They boarded the CAL Deviant Wampa and headed into hyperspace en-route to Valakivir. While in hyperspace, Drukie informed Siejo, his father and brother that their world was changing. Siejo was going to be a father. Drukie was pregnant with her first child. The family was overjoyed and shared a round of drinks in celebration. Once they exited hyperspace in the Dolomar system, Siejo received an urgent personal message on his datapad from Riley Moonrigger. It explained how Riley had received word from the Trade Federation to reroute the CA goods to some of the other Confederacy of Independent System subsidiaries, including some of its employees. Siejo sent a transmission stating his understanding and also sent a message to Jacob Jansen, the President of the Techno Union (TU), asking for a position in the organization. Siejo received an acceptance letter a few days later and, on Year 8 Day 54, Siejo became a Lieutenant in the Techno Union forces.

Nauto Prime, Valakivir

The YT-1210 came to rest in the center of Nauto Prime on Valakivir. The city was just in its infancy, with several of the districts just in the planning stages. The Nautolan family exited the ship and Siejo's private droids followed. They entered the Nauto Prime Center. While Sievi spoke to the attendant droid at the front desk, Siejo explained to his brother that he wanted him to stay here with his father and watch over him. Siejo also broke Siety the news that he had transferred out of the Corporate Alliance to the sister CIS organization, the Techno Union. Siejo explained the TU was a production company on the rise. This also meant the Siety was out of work. Siejo promised to send credits for them, to maintain them, until the situation changed. Siejo also put his brother in charge of finding a good spot to construct the new family homestead on Valakivir. Siejos mother had refused to leave their home on Glee Anselm, but Siejo had hoped once she saw what they were building in Nauto Prime, maybe he could convince her and the extended to Valakivir as soon as the construction ended. Sievi came back, with the room key to the Kutol apartment. Siejo hugged his father. He then told his PS-4 droid, Luigi, to stay with his brother and father. With that, he said his goodbyes and entered the YT freighter, with his ASN-121 droid following suit.

Siejo left Dolomar, leaving his father, sister and brother planet bound. On Day 31, while on his way back to Trade Federation space, Siejo learned that his Daughter, Calista Marie Kutol, was born in a deep cave at the bottom of a Valakivarian ocean. Drukie and Calista took a private flight back to Glee Anselm so that Siejo's mother could help her care for the new child. No large announcement was made, and the addition to the Kutol family was kept quiet.

Techno Union and Oseon

Vice President Hilem Order

Siejo exited hyperspace in the Valrar system, home to the Techno Union. Siejo met with his old Alliance comrade, Hilem Ordo, now the Vice President of the TU. Siejo was promoted to the Lt. Commander of Logistics and began work immediately. Riley Moonrigger, Krayt Fel, and many other of his friends from the Corporate Alliance joined him later. One day after a long raw materials haul, Siejo entered the system, docked with the production space station Morgarr Yard, and ordered the workers to begin to unloading his ship. He made his way to the small cafeteria onboard. While he we enjoying his favorite beverage, he was tapped on the shoulder. Siejo turned, knife drawn, and looked into a face of an old friend, Pablo Dion. They embraced in a hug. Afterward, Pablo explained how he recently joined up with the TU as the new Sales Director. Siejo congratulated his friend and they enjoyed a nice drink together to celebrate.

Pablo Dion

After the meeting with Pablo, Siejo boarded the Gallofree TFL Transporter to begin his next mission, leaving his old CA ship Crashing Waves for the last time. Siejo walked up the stairs and into the cockpit. The air was stale, but familiar. After Siejo settled into the pilot seat, he noticed a holomessage on the main display monitor. "The Cockpit. Don't Touch Any Buttons!" Siejo smiled to himself, and reached out to press the button to remove the warning, obviously put up as a joke. The ANS-121 droid flew up the stairs at that exact moment. Vincent squeaked that he did not think the ship wanted Siejo to touch any of its buttons! Siejo laughed it off, telling Vince not to worry and he that knew what he was doing. After disarming the warning, Siejo went started up the freighter's systems. While the ship's engines were initializing, Siejo received a holomessage from President Jacob Jansen. The mission was called "Project Oseon" and included a large amount of raw materials to be collected and then flown into a remote asteroid field. He was to then land on an asteroid, two in fact, and begin the construction of cities to be found there. Siejo sent back a message of acknowledgement and awaited the crew for his journey.

After the ship was ready for flight, and the crew aboard, Siejo piloted the starship from destination to destination, gathering the supplies needed to begin construction. Once fully loaded, he journeyed to the Oseon system. When the ship came out of hyperspace, it was bombarded with asteroids. Vincent was noticeably upset, pleading for his master to turn around and tell his superiors that it was an impossible mission. The master explained to the droid that this ship could handle it and he wasn't worried. Just then, a rather large asteroid came a little too close to the hull. The ship rocked to the right, throwing the small droid up against the cockpit wall. Shaken, but determined, Siejo pushed on.

Oseon through the Viewport of Crashing Waves

With skill and a lot of luck, Kutol landed the ship on an asteroid close to the center of the field near the system star. After comparing his city design sheet that Jansen supplied him, Siejo picked out the correct city coordinated for the new warehouse and ordered the first build team to unload the ship and begin construction. He left Vincent with team one, to keep them on task, and get the little droid out of his tendrils. He then piloted the freighter back out into space, looking for asteroid number 2. After construction began on the warehouse of the second asteroid, Siejo left Oseon to retrieve more raw materials. After retrieving a few more stacks of raw materials, Siejo began his biggest mission yet, constructing a whole city. This was his first full on job of this nature and he was nervous. Nevertheless, he began his long job of constructing two perfect cities on the giant rocks in the asteroid field. While working, Siejo was given the opportunity of moving around in the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Trade Federation and The Order of Kampar to gain knowledge, and, more importantly, blueprints. After obtaining the blueprints, Siejo returned to the construction projects. While working on this build, Siejo received a holomessage regarding a change in leadership. President Jansen was transferring to the Trade Federation to take over the position on Duceroy. Krayt Fel was appointed to President of the Techno Union. Siejo was familiar with Fel as he had served under him in the Corporate Alliance. He was well aware of Krayt's abilities and was pleased at this announcement. After sending a congratulatory message to the newly elected president, Siejo returned to work.

Long Lost Brother

After the construction job was complete, Siejo gathered his crew, including his droid, and flew back to the Techno Union headquarters. He was to meet an old childhood friend, Nochbo Kitol, on Valrar. Nochbo, a Sanyassan Marauder, had visited Siejo's homeworld when Siejo had been just a young guppy. They had a good time together, even thought Nochbo had trouble understanding Basic, and stayed in contact throughout the years. When Nochbo's homeworld of Sanyassa was in civil war, his parents sent him to stay with the Kutol family whom they had known through his father's business contacts. Siejo and his younger brother taught Nochbo many things, like how to swim and how to speak Basic fluently. After Nochbo learned of his parents' death, he adopted his best friends last name, Kutol, only varying it slightly, since he was, after all, not a Nautolan. Nochbo left Glee Anselm shortly thereafter, looking to get out and be his own person, and seek revenge. Siejo hadn't heard from him in a long time.

Out of the blue, Siejo had received a message from Nochbo a few weeks before. He was lost, in the middle of nowhere, with no credits. He told his friend that he was going to have to resort to stealing a credcard to get by soon. Siejo assured him everything was going to be okay, and arranged for his pickup. After Nochbo reached the Glythe Sector, Siejo arranged to have one of his YT-1210's bring him to Valrar. Once aboard, Nochbo found the small credcard and a datapad in the cockpit. On the datapad were instructions on how, if he wanted to, Nochbo could join up with the Techno Union to gain some credits and experience. Nochbo liked the idea and contacted Siejo's superiors about a position as a pilot. Nochbo was a mercenary at heart, but there was nothing wrong with a good respectable flying job for the time being.

Nochbo Kitol

Nochbo and Siejo agreed to meet on Valrar in a secluded spot in one of the abandoned temples of an ancient civilization. Siejo landed his freighter in the Techno Union capital, Union City, and hiked to the location, leaving his droid behind to watch the ship and monitor the Holonet for news. Nochbo was late. Siejo checked his chrono. Nochbo was very late. Siejo called back to the transporter and asked his trusty droid if he had heard anything. Vincent, who had been given the job of monitoring Siejo’s Datapad, let out a funny squeak of a sound. The droid, a little more distraught than usual, explained that it appears that the Deviant Wampa had gone off course into Hutt Space. The droid continued on, mentioning how rude it was of Nochbo to just blow off the meeting. Siejo broke communication with the droid and ran down the hillside to the hauler.

Siejo couldn't believe his ears when his commanding officer Riley Moonrigger explained the situation to him. Nochbo had been sent on a transport mission to Corellia to pick up a new recruit. This recruit, named Silas Haderach, had asked Nochbo to let him pilot the starship, to get a feel. Nochbo agreed and went to take a nap while Silas flew to Valrar. The Techno Union had no further intel, only that the ship was no longer in Trade Federation space. Siejo explained to Moonrigger that he installed a tracker on the ship and that the YT freighter was in Hutt Space. Siejo asked permission for leave to go save his friend. Moonrigger warned Kutol to be careful and granted his wish of leave.

Siejo exited hyperspace only a short distance from his hijacked YT. Using his datapad, he set Nochbo as pilot and made sure that Siejo Kutol was on the crew list. Siejo removed his knife from its sheath, ordered Vincent to stay close, and docked with the YT. While not a fighter at heart, Siejo had been training with Karril Daltaya and Vladimir Mercury for several months and felt confident in his hand to hand skills. Siejo quietly snuck to the rear rooms of the ship, looking for signs of life. Finally, after what seemed forever, he heard something. It sounded like a struggle. He quietly ran to the room with the sound and opened the door. A tall hooded figure, who Siejo assumed was Silas, stood over his fuzzy friend. Nochbo was tied up with a dirty sock in his mouth. The hooded figure, who hadn't noticed the company, reached over and picked up some sort of long weapon. It was dark in the room and Siejo's eyes had yet to adjust enough for him to identify the weapon. Slowly, he crept forward. Nochbo, who was down to his undergarments, struggled against his restraints. When he noticed Siejo in the shadows, Silas noticed the expression change on his face. Silas turned, swinging his weapon wildly.

Silas Haderach

Siejo ducked under the first strike, but the second one caught him in the left side. He tumbled against the wall, dropping just in time to save his head from a hard blow. Silas was caught off guard by the Nautolan's quickness. Siejo, while on the ground, knocked the hooded figure's legs out from under him. Siejo was up in a flash, and, when Silas got to his knees, was right behind him. He put his blade to the hooded figures throat, knocking down the hood revealing the green hair of the crazy creature, and ordered him to drop the weapon. Silas obliged, and then Vincent shocked him, rendering him unconscious and harmless. Siejo untied his friend, they embraced, then tied up the traitor.

Nochbo after being Freed

After Nochbo settled into the cockpit, Siejo jumped aboard his hauler. The two made plans for a meeting in the future, and headed their separate ways. Nochbo flew back to Valrar to deliver Silas and take a short leave and Siejo was recalled to Oseon to gather more raw materials for the Asteroid Building project. After dropping the raw materials in the Morgarr Yard, he was summoned to a briefing at the Techno Union headquarters in Union City. At the meeting, a side project in Oseon was unveiled. It involved construction of another production space station, titled the Colossus Station. After a brief discussion on the project, Director Moonrigger stood up to make an announcement.

Recognition and Promotion

Moonrigger's speech was recorded by Vincent, and saved for future reference. The speech went as follows: "In recognition of his extraordinary efforts working on Project Oseon, his dedication to the Techno Union and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and his efforts in recruitment and community-building, the leadership of the Techno Union have unanimously decreed that Lt. Commander Siejo Kutol shall be immediately promoted to the rank of Captain of Logistics, with all entailing benefits, privileges, and responsibilities. Congratulations, Captain Kutol. Your service is greatly appreciated."

The cabinet applauded as Siejo stood and received his new credentials to add to his uniform. Siejo thanked everyone, thanking the Techno Union for allowing him the opportunity to thrive in this organization. He thanked them for their time, stating that he was very busy and enjoy having a nice tight schedule for himself. The organization had provided him with enough "busy" work to keep anyone, especially someone like him busy and therefore happy. He had come into this group less than year ago and felt that he had been immediately welcomed into the CIS family and it meant very much to him. He had learned everything he knew from the people in that room and was eternally thankful for them. He then announced a celebratory at his apartment as well. With that said, and party arrangements made, the meeting was closed and the TU leadership dispersed across the galaxy to continue the expansion.

On his way back to Oseon, Siejo was called into a Nautolan Society conference. Although he wasn't there personally, his holo-projection filling his seat, Siejo was able to attend the meeting. The clan status of each member was established between the Civil clan, known as the Nautola, and the mysterious warrior clan, known as the Rak'Qua. Siejo, who identified more with politics, chose the Nautola clan, and was appointed Tecro, or clan leader. With his newfound promotion and leadership position, Siejo was looking at many more duties in the months to come, but this excited him because it enabled him to show how good he really could be. The last year was one of great growth, especially financially, for the young Nautolan, but things were about to change. All the optimism in the world couldn't derail the train that was heading his way. After the meeting was over, Siejo was introduced to a sleek male Nautolan named Zao Nephalem. While trained as a warrior, he also had joined the Nautola clan. Siejo liked Zao and was thrilled to have his experience in Nautola. Siejo introduced Zao to his sister Anjyl who had accompanied his father to the conference. They hit it off.

Exemplary Service at What Cost

In the passing months, while Siejo was off building in Oseon, the Techno Union underwent some changes, most notably the loss of Hilem Ordo to another shipwright firm and the promotion of Riley Moonrigger to Vice President of the Techno Union. After the transition period, it was decided it would be best for the Techno Union if they abandoned the Oseon project's main construction task and allowed another CIS organization to complete it. Siejo received the news in stride and made his way home. He had spent over a year of his life in that system, building it for the Techno Union and it made him very saddened to hear of the projects closing. Siejo, using his connections from within the Nautolan Society, obtained a sleek capital ship, a C-3 Passenger Liner. The vessel was to be delivered to Oseon by his contact, the Rak'Qua Tecro K`nithor Drevan himself. One day, while doing some office work, Siejo's attention was caught by a Holonet briefing about the recent political instability in the Tapani Sector. Glee Anselm, in particular, was experiencing another civil war. Siejo was surprised that he had not heard of any events leading to this, especially from his remaining family who still lived there. Not wanting to take any chances, Siejo dispatched Nautola member Kai Xaviar to pick up his family and transport them to his home on Valakivir.

A few weeks passed and Siejo received confirmation from Kai that he had contacted Siejo's fiancée and siblings, but his mother refused to come, stating that she felt that the war would soon be over and she needed to take care of the house. Siejo, although annoyed, knew his mother and her nature and that he wouldn't be able to sway here. He instructed Kai to go ahead and leave her there and he would make personal arrangements himself to acquire her at a later date. With his instructions given, Kai lifted off and took Drukie, Calista to his primary residence on Valakivir.

The next week, Siejo’s new ship had arrived to the NS system. After obtaining permission from the TU Leadership for a leave, Siejo personally took the trip to Dolomar to check it out. The Nautolan Spear, as he named it, came with a beautiful custom paint-job of green and purple. He took the ship out into space and pushed its legendary speed to the limit. Traveling from one side of the galaxy to the other, Siejo was able to pick up all five of his Y-TIEs; Cobalt, Striker, Broken Butterfly, as well as two new ones, Renegade and Ghost. After acquiring his ships, Siejo casually checked the Holonet during his long trip back to Valakivir, looking for the latest drama on his homeworld. What he saw chilled him to the bone. There was almost constant fighting for control of the sector. Glee Anselm had been bombed, hard, and the news report stated that there had been casualties, especially in the heavily populated Nautloan districts. Many homes were destroyed in an effort to quash the rebellion. Anxiety suddenly filled the Nautolan’s heart. With total disregard for his own life, he canceled the hyper jump, coming out in a system void of any planets, turned the ship toward Tapani and jumped to Glee Anselm, fearing the worst.

Nautolan Spear

Having easily escaped the blockade, Siejo descended to the ground in the Y-TIE Cobalt and stepped out of his ship. The massive city of Pieralos was just smoldering ashes. The buildings were bombed out and the once busy city was still. His tendrils burning, Siejo ran to where his families shop once stood. The blaster marks on the walls told the story. Pieralos had been invaded by enemy forces. After the bombs had fallen, the troops came down to clean up the mess. Judging from the trooper armor strewn around on the streets, it appeared that the XXX Miners were able to fight them off, but casualties looked to have been high. Siejo went to his family home in the water to find it empty. His mother must have gone ashore and when the fighting broke out, she must have perished.

After morning his mother and performing the ritual to hopefully assist in escorting her to the calm waters, Siejo left Glee Anselm. The Nautolan Spear streaked through space toward Valakivir, where his remaining family members were still alive. Once there, he descended down to the surface in his newly a Firespray he picked up along the way. While on Valakivir, Kutol called a meeting of all Nautolan Society members. At this meeting, leadership was discussed, as well as the process of becoming a recognized organization. The results of the meeting was the acquisition of Council Flats in all Nautolan Society cities for Nautola and the now shared leadership of the Nautolan Society between the two Tecros and the Overlord. Siejo was put in charge of Logistics, which pleased him. He then gathered up his family and brought them to his capital ship for a gathering, one not of sorrow, but of joy. Siejo and Drukie where to finally be brought together as one. After the ceremony, Siejo’s family dispersed throughout the system, each to their own work. Siejo piloted a ship back to work on Valrar in order to rejoin his mates in the Techno Union. The death of his mother had a strong effect on him, and he felt that the best way to avenge it was to help the CIS grow to hopefully be able to one day prevent something like that from happening again.

Business Before Pleasure and the Loss of Pix

When Siejo returned to Valrar, he transferred back to his heavy hauler and made the long hyperjump for his next mission. While en-route, Siejo received a transmission from Riley. Due to his dedication, he had been promoted to Line Captain of Logistics. This meant that, in the Techno Union, Siejo was now third in command of logistics .Unfortunately, as with many good things in life, the peace didn't last.

After several months, A council had been called by Pixelor Xess for reasons unknown to the high ranking members of the Nautolan Society. The meeting was scheduled to take place in the Western District of Nauto Prime, in one of the Council Flats residing there. The holomessage was quite clear that members of both of the clans, Nautola and Rak'Qua, were required to attend. Siejo, after once again requesting leave from the TU, rocketed down to the surface in his cobalt blue Y-TIE. He was recognized by some of the local sentients as he docked at the Starport and a crowd gathered. He was greeted with a loud cheer as he tried to exit his ship. As he disembarked his ship and walked began to walk into the crowd, a large projectile flew past him, barely missing his head, and smashed into the ship. There was a loud explosion and the crowd panicked. Siejo tried to get up, but was very disoriented. He made his way toward the closest building, but was kicked from behind. He turned and was struck hard in the head. His back hit the building and he fell to the ground. He looked up at his attacker. The being, which appeared Human, pulled out a blaster and aimed it at the Tecro's head. Siejo held up his hands to protect himself as the dark figure made an offhand comment. He said that “this” was a message to Siejo's little society. Just as he put his finger to the trigger, the barrel of a blaster came from the shadows. In a split second the barrel was there and the assailants head was gone. Siejo blinked, uncertain what was occurring. K`nithor Drevan stepped out of the shadows, and picked Siejo up. More explosions ripped across the city. The two Nautolans, after contacting the other Council Members, ran through the city and made their way to the alternate meeting place in the Central District.

As they gathered together, news was pouring in of attacks all over the Dolomar system. Unofficial word that Kirogost was being overrun by unknown forces was being reported. Two notable faces were missing from the meeting. Zao Nephalem was out on a training mission with new Nautola Recruits at an unknown location, and Overlord Pixelor Xess was also at an unknown location. The meeting put together a quick defensive plan, which included clearing Kirogost with the assistance of some good friends. Strategy would be handled by a friend of the Society Stephen Garrett, and a scouting mission to be headed by Nautola member Saul Cohmre. With that the council convened and members went off to do their duty.

After confirmation by Cohmre that an invading for was on Kirogost, the Nautolan Society sent armies, both organic and synthetic, onto the battlefield of Kirogost. Rak'qua leadership led the troops into battle against a still unidentified invading force. The enemy forces established two forward strongholds in the Cities of Larrisa, Lorcano, and a main base in the city of Ivory Tower. With information in mind, Stephen Garrett crept into the city of Larrisa. There was able to retrieve information on the enemy commander, and most of his current battle strategy. Word spread through the ranks, and moral was high. Meanwhile, with the newly acquired strategy, Cohmre and the Nautolan Society Army managed to make headway against the enemy forces, and managed to bring the city of Lorcano under Nautolan Society colors.

Meanwhile, in the Nautolan Society flagship, the Nautolan Spear, Siejo Kutol was contacted by Pixelor. He had heard of the assault and had just made his way back in system. Plans were laid to rendezvous with the Spear and then move together to the front. After breaking connection with Overlord Xess, the bridge alarms sounded. Fighters were making their way toward the Spear.

Tecro Kutol, now on the bridge, tried to take control of the situation. Fighters flew out of the capital ship's hangers, and screamed toward the system sun, the direction from where the enemy ships were coming. He attempted to contact Xess to find his location and warn him of the upcoming firefight, but when connection was made, he was horrified to find that Xess was making his way around the sun, toward the capital ship. The incoming fighters stood between him and his leader. After leaving the ship under the command of his father, Siejo quickly made his way to the docking ports, entered his fastest ship he could find and raced to protect his good friend and Overlord from harm. Xess, as he made his way around the sun, was immediately attacked by enemy forces. He attempted to out maneuver them, but his ship was badly damaged. He was able to send out one distress holomessage to Kutol, before smashing into the surface of the Dolomar sun. While the Nautolan Fleet was able to clean up the remaining enemy fighters, the leader of the Society was dead.

Siejo was overtaken with grief when he received the message. Kutol returned to the flagship and moved away from the remaining enemy frigates. He sent word to the rest of the council members of the recent death of their glorious leader. When the world began to leak of the Overlord's demise, the Nautolan Society base crumbled. Most of the resources were lost and It appeared that the militant forces, known only as the Brotherhood, had won. A stalemate developed, with control of some of the system falling to Stephen Garrett and his mining organization.

Savior of the Nautolan Society

While small skirmishes waged on Kirogost, Siejo, as well as the entire Nautolan Society, was rocked with the death of Pixelor Xess. For weeks, Siejo sat alone in the captain's quarters of the Nautolan Spear, pondering the future. A month after the disappearance of Pixelor, Siejo spoke with Stephen Garrett, now leader of the group that Pixelor founded, Onyx Evacuations. Garrett, a Human, was a wise man and was sympathetic to the Nautolan cause. He informed Siejo that Onyx gained control of Valakivir upon Pix's death and he was looking to the market to sell the planet. Siejo realized that he could never allow his new homeworld to fall into public hands, and made some moves in order to acquire the Nauto Prime.

In an aggressive move, Siejo Kutol used most of his personal funds as well as a loan from a close friend to purchase back the rights to Valakivir. When the residents heard of Pixelor's death and the Nautolan Society loss of planetary control, large riots had broken out in the Western and Northern Districts of Nauto Prime, destroying most of the Western District. After the transaction, Siejo called a meeting in the Central Distinct. Word spread of the Acquisition of Valakivir through the NS ranks. The other ranking members in NS, especially K`nithor Drevan and Zao Nephalem, approached Siejo before the meeting started in order to make his position of leader more permanent. His natural charisma and his ability to speak Anselmi and Nautila made him a good choice to replace their fallen leader. Plans were made in order to have Siejo officially declared Overlord of the Nautolan Society, and the group separated.

Ring Given to Siejo when he was Appointed Overlord

After the council adjourned, a large public address was held outside. There it was announced the rebirth of the Nautolan Society, as well the reacquisition of Valakivir. After the meeting, the entire Nautolan Society fleet made its way to Kirogost to take care of the enemy forces for good. The forces met in Ivory Tower and a large battle took place. While Drevan and Cohmre led the general assault, Nephalem led one of his personally trained attack forces into the battle, behind the militant front lines in an effort to capture their forward command post. The plan was a success. Lives were lost, but in the end, the Nautolan Society won the day, and the militant forces left the Dolomar system.

With Kirogost and Dolomar back in NS control, the system went under the direct command of Siejo Kutol. In order to celebrate his victory, Siejo traveled to Valakivir and gathered the crowds for a massive celebration. After the parade through the center of Nauto Prime, Kutol signaled for the pyrotechnics to be let off in the upper atmosphere. The crown was momentarily silent, and then cheered in the awesome sight as their faces were lit up from the fireworks. Siejo, after an initial greeting in Nautila, gave a speech in basic, promising stability, reliability, and prosperity. His first project would be to bring power to the west side of the city. Western Nauto Prime was almost abandoned after the attacks from the Brotherhood. Since the attacks, during which Siejo Kutol almost lost his life, the West has been slowly rebuilding, but was still in sad shape. Kutol promised to fix this and other matters. The crowd cheered, and the new Overlord of the Nautolan Society stepped down from the podium.

With the system secure, Siejo returned to his Techno Union work to raise more funds for the war effort. Large amounts of raw materials were ordered to help rebuild what had been destroyed by the fighting. With the raw materials on its way, Siejo looked to expand the NS to even greater heights. Siejo, along with recently promoted Nautola Contra Saul Cohmre, entered trade talks with Stephen Garrett, to acquire more of the old NS Property in the Dolomar system. After much debate, the two Nautolans bought the remaining Onyx holdings on the mountainous planet Dolomar and the gas world of Kirogost, bringing them completely under Nautolan Society control.

While the landscape had changed quite a bit in Dolomar, the Techno Union was doing well. The gods had been smiling on the shipwright firm, and the organization smiled on Siejo as well. Upon completion of a long ship drop, Siejo was appointed Deputy Director of Logistics in the Techno Union with the promise that one day he would lead the logistics department. This put Siejo as fourth-in-command of the Techno Union and he was very pleased. With his new found wealth, Siejo went out and spent all the credits he could on the Nautolan Society, purchasing builders, ships, materials, and anything else he could think of. Under his leadership, the damaged psyche of the Nautolan Society began to repair and may lost Nautolans began to flock into its ranks.

Age of Prosperity

NS Prosperity

With the Nautolan Society once again a respectable collective in the galaxy, Siejo turned his focus on expanding the diplomatic ties for himself. He was invited to be a member of the Avance Coalition's House Koi`Nonia, and was soon promoted to Trade Minister. Siejo was also brought on as an adviser for the weapons manufacturer company Baktoid Armour Workshop and was appointed to the Director of the CIS Library by Viceroy Jansen. After the Techno Union made the shift from public to private contracting, Siejo was promoted to Logistics Director in charge of all order deliveries and product movement for the Techno Union. This position also placed him in charge of managing the movement of raw materials and keeping the production process fully stocked. Siejo initially excelled at the job. Focusing on keeping the ships moving, delivering the military vessels, and hauling ships to their specified destinations, this took up most of his day. At home, his heavy workload was already starting to strain his personal relationships.

Corporate Alliance

Siejo dreaded this. He had been raised to think of family first and he found himself having less and less time for those he cared for. He would go weeks at a time without seeing his wife and child. He looked to his friends and family for support, with the goal of setting up for a pretty comfortable, if not relaxing future. In his head, everything was going along according to plan to achieve his goal. It was about this time that he was approached by a Nautolan friend, Rand Axim, about the Corporate Alliance. The Alliance had fallen on hard times, and Rand was looking into possibly emptying his assets associated with the company and moving on. After a brief discussion, ownership of the Alliance was transferred to Siejo. Ever since the day he left the Alliance and transferred to the Techno Union, Kutol had missed his time there. Now he owned it. Immediately, he merged the Nautolan Society's assets with that of the Corporate Alliance and strengthened the organization. Soon the organization was running strong again, with Nautola Tecro Saul Cohmre leading.

Hoersch-Kessel Drive

It did not take long for Siejo to turn the Alliance into profitable asset, managing casinos, building facilities, and using the Society's resources and connections to produce ships and construction stations. The growth of the small organization was noticed by many traders on the outside, hiring the Alliance for many odd jobs. Soon the entire Dolomar Sector was under the command of the Corporate Alliance due its building influence. Early in Year 10, Siejo was approached by a good friend, Seijin Ackmin, who had taken command of a shipwright firm, Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. He was struggling and needed assistance keeping the firm afloat. Siejo agreed, but then many strange events followed, leaving Ackmin in a Nautolan Society Prison and Kutol with ownership of HKD. Ackmin had hired a pirate to help him loot the shipwright firm before he gave it to Kutol. The plan had been that Ackmin would loot the faction and blame it solely on the pirate, and make a nice cut for himself. This would leave Siejo, who nowed owned the company, with the blame and run the risk of tarnishing Siejo's reputation. Siejo quickly went through the firm's database and obtained all of the information needed to prove Ackmin's guilt. Seijin Ackmin was arrested soon after on and HKD starship by Vladimir Merury and sentenced to imprisonment for all time in a Society Prison on Valakivir.

With that crisis averted, Siejo repaid all of the stolen goods to the clients of HKD and merged the HKD production team into the Corporate Alliance. This turned out to be a great plan, as the profits swelled. Siejo, along with the CA leading council, known as the Alliance Directorate, initiated plans to build a production complex in Dolomar to help meet the Alliances Production needs and hopefully bring more profit to the small organizations.

Betrayal from Within

Galactic Year 10 started off with a real bang for the Kutol family. Siejo’s sister, Anjyl, had wed Zao Nephalem and born a son. The Corporate Alliance was booming, with the addition of the Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc., production capabilities, and looked to become a force in the galaxy. Dolomar Shielding plans were also in the works, increasing the general security of the Dolomar Colony. On the political side, the Alliance began to spread its influence outside of Dolomar, establishing colonies in the Oseon system with the help from the Trade Federation. HKD also began construction on the shipyards and production facilities that would grow to fill the Dolomar system. Everything was going well, and the large family that was the Alliance was growing. Sadly, things can never stay the same, and on Year 10 Day 147, the walls came down.

In the early hours of that morning strange reports started to come into the Security Department of disgruntled workers gathering to form some sort of protest on Dolomar and Kirogost. Suddenly, a majority of the Alliance's hard goods began to trade hands. A flood of credits came into the organization from apparent clients, and then was taken out of the coffers immediately, and all indicators pointed to Adoy Baba, Siejo Kutol's long-time friend and current Commerce Director. Effective immediately, Adoy Baba was removed from his director's position. After some initial research, Kutol informed the members of the organization that Mr. Baba, with the help of Tony Barzini, who was once a member of Hoersch-Kessell Drive, Inc., attempted to embezzle the Alliance. After starting a small riot on Dolomar, Mr. Baba accepted Mr. Barzini into the Corporate Alliance. Together, they convinced the representatives of the Alliance Workers Union to join their cause, leading to a mass exodus of Alliance workers and builders to join Barzini. Mr. Baba then proceeded to steal everything he and access too, starting with the deeds to the Alliance ships, access codes to client facilities, all of the Alliances Raw Material stockpiles, and a large amount of credits. Mr. Baba, pretending to represent the Alliance in the open market holorooms, also stole large amounts of credits from Alliance clientèle throughout the galaxy. With that complete, the conspirators descended on Dolomar, to try to use the rioting to take control of the planet. Luckily for the Alliance, Magistrate Cohmre discovered the plot and removed both pirates from the organization and initiating negotiations with the Alliance Workers Union.


With the system back under control of the Alliance, the security department worked on finding Baba. After arriving in system and meeting with some guards, Siejo made the trip to Opulence, the Nautolan Society Space Command Center in Dolomar. When he arrived, his meeting to debrief the Society was interrupted by emergency reports from security scan teams in Dolomar. A fleet of starfighters, led by Baba, had exited hyper and were assaulting the Nautolan Spear over Valakivir. Siejo's entire family was on that ship, including his brother, father, wife and daughter. A large fighting force flew to assist the ship, which took heavy damage. The Kutol family managed to get onto an escape pod with the help of a boarding party, and landed in a jungle on Valakivir below. Siejo, flying in the Cobalt, was in pursuit of the Pod when he was shot down by Baba. Siety, flying a modified Cloak/H-type fighter, followed Baba to the pods landing position and saved his father, but could not stop Baba from taking Drukie prisoner. Siejo, emerging from his busted ship, found himself in a dense jungle, and no ship. He managed to find his way to his father and brother, who then spread out in all directions to find Baba before he got off planet with his prize.

For an hour, Siejo pushed his way through the dense underbrush. The jungle was overwhelming with all of the bugs, small animals, and the noises of the larger, hidden ones coming from all around. He hadn't heard anything from his brother, so he pushed on, using his blade, he cleared a path for himself so he could see. As darkness approaches, Siejo noticed a sound in the distance. It was too far to distinguish what it was, but it did not belong in the jungle. He made his way to the strange call. As he got closer, his posture changed suddenly, as he realized it was his little girl. He screamed out his daughter's name and ran in that direction, ignoring the brush as it hit his body, cutting his face, arms and legs. He ran into the open clearing, and found Adoy pulling his wife by her arm towards a downed ship. Drukie was fighting, but the small hooded figure was winning. Calista was in his wife's arms, crying. Siejo threw the knife at the small figure. The knife flew at the hooded figure and just missed his right shoulder, nicking the outer cloak. The figure turned, as did Drukie. Drukie screamed out to Siejo.

Siejo glared at the small figure's face. Siejo screamed obscenities at the Jawa and pulled his blaster, but not before the Jawa, who was surprisingly quick, had his set on Kutol's wife. The two argued back and forth. Baba demanded credits from Kutol, and a trip off-world. For that he would trade Siejo back his family. The problem was that the amount was insanely high. Siejo tried to consider his options, when a fighter flew up overhead. The ground shook, knocking his daughter from Drukie's arms. Calista landed with a hard thud, hitting her head on a rock, and falling unconscious. The load roar and the jerk from Drukie startled the Jawa, causing him to put too much pressure on the blaster's trigger and the gun went off.

Drukie slumped to the ground. The Jawa stood there, stunned. Siejo screamed out in pain and started firing at Adoy. Adoy returned fire, striking the Nautolan in the left arm. Siejo fell, but continued firing at the Jawa. Adoy turned and ran to the ship, hopping into the cockpit as blaster bolts reflected off the ships hull. Siejo crawled in that direction, and towards the figure of his wife. Adoy hit the thrusters and pulled up out of the jungle and into the atmosphere. Siejo reached his wife’s crumpled body, the sound of his daughter's screams drowned out by his rage and sorrow. He picked up her crippled body, holding her with his right arm, and screamed.


As the world came back into view for Siejo, the night had passed and the system star just started to come up over the horizon. As he started to sit up, two figured grabbed his arms. Siejo initially jerked back in fear, but, after recognizing the grabbers as NS security, allowed them to help him to his feet. The air was cold, and had a pungent smell to it. Usually this was Siejo's favorite time to explore this area of Valakivr, but today would be different. When asked about his status, Siejo looked to his injured arm, and was about to tell the soldier about it when the events of the last night rushed to him. Overcome by emotion, he reached down to pick up the body of his wife, but his injured arms strained under her weight. He fell down next to her, in tears.

Then there was a loud cry coming from behind him. Siejo turned, mumbling his daughter's name. He ran over and found his daughter, alive but badly dehydrated. He picked her up and ran to Ace Nightstalker, one of the Rak’Qua members who was there to assist. Kutol screamed for a transport. While the security forces, led by Nightstalker and Rakquar Aqua, scanned the jungle for the rest of the forces, Siejo flew his injured daughter to the capital and had her admitted to the Anselmi Research Hospital in the Eastern District. His injuries were treated, and he was in his daughter's room when he was told his brother, Siety, was captured by mercenaries. The kidnappers had requested a ransom, one larger than that requested by Baba. Siejo ordered his men to see it paid, and then commandeered a small fighter and flew from the scene. Once in the atmosphere, Siejo was just able to see Baba's starfighter fly out into orbit of the planet.

He followed, entering hyper just after the Jawa did. He came out in the familiar system of Valrar and followed the Jawa as he made his way around the system. Adoy did not pick up Siejo on the scanners and was caught off guard when the ETA-2 behind him opened fire. Adoy Baba's ship was badly damaged and fell from the sky, crashing on the frozen Trade Federation planet of Morgabul. Siejo landed his ship and pulled his gun, pressing it to the Jawa's head as he exited the broken ships cockpit. Rage filled Kutol, but his honor kept him from pulling the trigger, that and Alliance member Teth`ren Soulbourne, who had been following Kutol in a CA Pursuer Enforcement Ship, arrived and convinced Siejo not to kill the Alliance traitor. Adoy Baba was arrested and taken into custody. Siejo Kutol, now widowed, flew to a secluded location and mourned the loss of his beloved wife and prepare her for the calm waters.


Siejo After the Death of his Wife

After the death of his wife, Siejo fell into a deep depression. He took an extended leave from the Techno Union and, after leaving the organizations, and society for that matter, in the hands of Saul Cohmre. He had no idea how to raise a child, let alone deal with the grief he was feeling. He took the baby to a small outpost at the deepest depths of the largest ocean on Valakivir with plans to focus on his daughter. He wasn't there long when he was surprised by an old friend, one who he helped through a situation very similar to the one he was in. Allana Aran, a young vibrant Nautolan female, was the wife of late Overlord Xess. When Pixelor was killed, Siejo comforted Allana and the two became very close. Siejo had forgotten he had told her of his spot, and, with that information, she alone was the only soul in the galaxy that would have been able to find him. Allana didn't say a word, she just held Siejo and the baby as he cried for the loss of his best friend. In that moment, their friendship grew to something completely different. After a few days, Siejo, Calista and Allana left the Sea and went to the Anselmi Research Hospital in Nauto Prime for a check up. As far as he knew, Calista was back to normal, but he had to be sure. Watching Allana help with the small child, Siejo found himself feeling a growing connection to Allana. As the days passed, the pain didn't go away, but the new found happiness continued to grow between Kutol and Aran and they became inseparable. Deep down, Siejo felt guilt. His heart told him he was cheating on his late wife, but his spirit pushed forward none the less.

Capture and a Close Call

While its leader was having an emotional breakdown, the Corporate Alliance thrived. The great business minds Siejo had brought together to help form the CA and HKD were putting their skills to the test. Both companies continued bringing in high class clients and contacts. Siejo's longtime rival in the Commerce Guild, Kran Chan, joined the Alliance and was appointed as leader of Hoersch-Kessel Drive. Together, with the help of a few other good friends, Riley Moonrigger and Krayt Fel, the damaged organizations were soon operating at maximum efficiency and didn't look back at the betrayal of Baba. If anything it taught the leaders to be more watchful who has access to what in the group.

Allana Aran

After a few months of getting back into the daily grind, Siejo was back to leading the Alliance and working as Construction Director for the Techno Union. With all of his experience from the Techno Union, Siejo was able to channel that into his efforts for Hoersch-Kessel Drive, which was slowly becoming a respectable ship manufacturer. While he worked hard on his organizations, Siejo remained dedicated to the Trade Federation and his Techno Union work. Strain had begun to form within some of the Federation ranks. While many appreciated Siejo, they could tell that his focus was beginning to shift. This came to a head when Siejo was overlooked for a promotion. Siejo felt that he was due to become Logistics Director, but was bypassed with Salamku Derov being given the promotion.

Siejo was rather upset about this. He had been in the group longer than Salamku and, while he really liked Sal, he felt betrayed. He voiced his concern in some of the public channels and was later called to a meeting with the faction leaders, Olwin Froon and Vas Felix. At the meeting, Froon pointed out that Siejo had been less than focused on his work as of late. They understood the death of his wife and how it could make work difficult, but his lack of focus is what drove the promotion. Siejo was dismissive of their claim, feeling that he was basically burning the wick at both ends and he could have handled both leading Logistics and his group. The meeting ended with Siejo acknowledging why he was passed over and vowing to do better, but this was the beginning of the end of his time with the Techno Union.

Meanwhile, Allana had gone back to work under her adopted father, Elm Aran in Creshaldyne Industries. The faction focused on item production and sales. On one specific run, Allana was captured by Xabia Dementos. Xabia was working the angle, demanding a large amounts of credits as well as a Creshaldyne ship and cargo for her release. Elm made it known to his closest family about the capture and random request. Many of the group, known as the Tal'ShenAran were not financially wealthy and this presented a problem with paying the ransom. Some had concerns that Xabia would execute the Nautolan female even if the ransom was pain. Siejo had previous dealings with the captor, having purchased a large chunk of the HKD stock from him for 40,000 units of Durelium just a year prior. Siejo was able to make contact and offered what he could for his friend. Xabia accepted the offer and released Allana back to her ship.

After this lesson was learned, Siejo and Allana continued to go closer and closer. During one extended trip, Siejo found himself in a fast ship, jetting to Allana's last known location in the Storthus system. He found her working on inventory on Storthus Minor, a Creshaldyne Industries planet. Siejo caught her by surprise, and, after obtaining permission from her adopted father Elm Aran, asked Allana to be his wife. Allana accepted and the two were married on Year 10 Day 268.

The Year of War and Expansion


Year 11 started off with a bang for Siejo as the Corporate Alliance was drawn into a war on the planet of Mitillian. The local populace had lost control of the world and negotiated a contract with an Alliance lieutenant requesting the Corporate Alliance's aid. Siejo, at the helm of the Alliance flagship, a Kaloth dubbed Sovereign, led the Alliance fleet to the Boordi system. The war was quick and decisive, as little organized resistance was initially found. Just as things seemed to be completed, a militant group arose in the south lead by a mercenary outfit known as the HawkBats. Forces clashed in and around the southern part of the planet. Siejo made contact with Keram McDlanar, the HawkBats' leader in an attempt to handle the situation diplomatically. An immediate ceasefire was declared and a partnership between the two organizations was agreed upon. Both organizations agreed to work together to help the local populace and to provide planetary defenses.

Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company

After the war for Mitillian, Siejo made a large push, with the help of the Trade Federation and a security company known as the Crimson Aces led by Jormungand Gand, for the defense of Dolomar. The war had opened Siejo’s eyes in regards to the importance of defenses. Shields were completed on all Alliance worlds as well as construction started on multiple defense stations throughout the sector. During one raw materials trip, Kutol was informed about some of his allies' issues. The Order of the Progenitor (OoP), a religious brotherhood sponsored by NS brethren Selkath Association and led by Siejo's good friend Mike Que-Kara, was having many issues with personnel and sponsors. The organization had signed a treaty with the Corporate Alliance for assistance and yet was still struggling. At the same time, a Nautolan named Chilyo Barpher had been working on a medical organization known as Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company and it was also floundering. Around Day 150, Chilyo turned the organization over to Siejo, who in turn hired Riley Moonrigger to lead it. Riley brought along his friend, Dr. Nolan Rockport, to lead the research and development department. Dr. Rockport, a iIhorian, was renowned through much of the Mid Rim for his medical skills.

Phoenix Recycling

Stress got to Patriarch Mike Que-Kara, and he was having a very hard time in his in his personal life. Mid Year 11, he was killed by an unknown force during a routine mining operation. Varik Starwind was assigned as leader of the Order of the Progenitor. Varik looked to increase relations with the Alliance, and for the next six months, the OoP was fully supported by Siejo and the Alliance. Also at this time, ownership of Phoenix Recycling Corporation was transferred to Siejo from his friend Aeonian Masha who was having trouble keeping the organization afloat. Siejo and the Alliance found itself supporting no less than 5 organizations.

The increased workload lead to increasing struggles both with the Trade Federation as well as Siejo’s home life. Siejo had been coming and going from the Trade Federation for a little over a year. As Nautolan Society leader, Siejo lived in a large cottage in Nauto Prime, right off the ocean. Allana had been raising Calista there and Siejo barely had time to see her, let alone spend time with his growing daughter. Late in Year 9, he had officially taken the rank of Chief Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance while still maintaining management roles in the Federation, mostly in asset acquisition and the Federation Library. Under pressure from his wife, Siejo resigned all positions in the Federation in Year 11 in an effort to focus more on his home life.

To make matters worse, another war broke out, this time in Centrality. Old acquaintances contacted Siejo asking for aid from the Alliance. Kieran Traejik, leader of the vehicle manufacturer Haor Chall Engineering, made contact and signed a pact with the Corporate Alliance for support. CA forces led by Remus Vaslikov were dispatched to the Trammis and Foh systems. The war, against former Confederate faction Stars' End Mining Company, was a fast paced affair. After a few weeks of battles across multiple systems, Siejo sat down with the leaders of the two groups and helped negotiate a treaty to end hostilities. At this meeting, discussion of old alliances from the past, most notably the fact that all three organizations were once staunch CIS allies. From this meeting, the idea to refound the Confederacy of Independent Systems was born.

Leadership and the Confederacy


On the last day of Year 11, Siejo Kutol was elected to be the first Supreme Military Commander of the newly reestablished Confederacy of Independent Systems. Siejo was very proud of this, feeling like his path was suddenly heading somewhere. He had worked very hard at building up his small faction into a conglomerate and hoped this would be the beginning of a stable time. While the budding Confederacy was his main focus, personally, Siejo was transfixed on rebuilding his recycling company. He had taken personal command of Pheonix Recycling Corporation only a month before, leaving the Corporate Alliance in the hands of Saul Cohmre, and worked on completely remodeling the organization. After slick negotiations, Pheonix's operations were merged with the operations of both the Haven Corporation and Imperial Resource Conversions to bring the company into a new period of growth. Haven Recycling Corporation, with Siejo at the helm, was rather successful right from the start, offering services to both the public and private markets.


While growth in Haven was booming, the Confederacy grew as well. Under the direct guidance of Siejo Kutol, the Alliance became stronger. At its height, in the beginning of Year 12, there were fourteen organizations. Siejo pushed hard for relivance and it threatened the stability of the group. Trouble politically between SEMCO and Haor- Chall led to the fracturing of part of the Alliance, leaving the CIS with only ten organizations after Horley Cyan stepped down and withdrew his support. Siejo, was devastated as he held Horley in quite high esteem. After SEMCO and Loronar withdrew, he used his political sway to keep the Alliance together and remodel it into more of a governing body rather than just a council of members. Siejo also pushed to separate out the Corporate Alliance conglomerate which had grown to five organizations but was in dire need of a remodel. The group saw an immediate response, and the Confederate coffers began to fill.

While business was good, Siejo saw a sharp decline in his personal life. Things had not improved with his resigning offices with the Trade Federation. His time was now dedicated to the Confederacy. He became consumed by his desire for progress and expansion and spent very little time at home, and even less time on family activities. His daughter was growing up without him, and his wife was growing more and more concerned with him. She begged him to make changes, as the offices he was holding was turning him into something completely different from the Nautolan she married. After one of their largest fights to date, he agreed and, on Day 129 of Year 12, Siejo stepped down as Supreme Commander of the Confederacy, turning his focus more internally. He continued to serve as the Corporate Alliance Senator to the Confederate Senate as well as the Treasurer, but left leadership to others. The Corporate Alliance, while successful, had grown stale and Siejo felt it was his duty to find out why.

Building a Government

While Siejo had been off trying to build an empire, Saul Cohmre seemed to understand the importance of family and down time more then him. Saul had been spending more and more time away from the company and had submitted his request for a change in leadership. Siejo accepted this and took over the Alliance himself. It was rather successful, and with Siejo at the helm, the organization thrived once more. With the Alliance back on track, Siejo began the next phase of his plan which involved the creation of a government to help manage his space and keep his Alliance safe.

The controversy came with how to proceed with that. The Corporate Alliance, which was by far the largest organization in the Confederacy at this point, easily met the requirements, but Siejo was worried that it could lead to dissension in the Confederate Senate. It could be perceived as a power move, much like the one of the Trade Federation taking command of the CIS of old as a government. Instead, Kutol began negotiations with the leader of the other large conglomerate in the CIS, Samuel Ashen of Andromeda Security, to try to come to an agreement that could produce a united CIS government. The negotiations were quick, and after a few days, late in Year 12, the Confederacy of Independent Systems was transformed into a government with Siejo at the helm. The response was quick, and unexpected. Forces from the Old Republic responded negatively to the public announcement of a new Confederate State. Republic forces attacked Dolomar. The Alliance forces did their best, but many were defeated. The fleet, lead by the heavily damaged Lucrehulk Revenue, retreated to the last stronghold in the Hevvrol Sector. There, they were able to defeat much of the Old Republic fleet and declare sovereignty.

While politically and publicly becoming a government leader was the natural evolution to a great career, privately things continued to deteriorate for the Kutol family. The pressures of business and fighting at home led Siejo to increase his drinking and spending more time in space and less time at his newly constructed home on Cularin. Allana could not, no matter how hard she tried, get him to see what he had become. His personal lust for power and the need to feed his ego blinded him to the destruction he was leaving behind with his family and old time friends. It seemed, to most who met him, Siejo was a dedicated politician and diplomat who bled for his people, but to the few who knew him, he was slowly becoming darker and was walking down a path that would only lead to pain.

As the months passed, the Confederate government recovered, primarily working on establishing itself in Hevvrol and building up Genarius. A hidden base had been establisehd on Genarius years ago when the CIS was at its peak and had basically been abandoned with the resurgence of the CIS occured with the Trade Federation. After being defeated by the republic in Dolomar, CIS forces had resettled the planet and declared it the CIS headquarters. By Year 12, the system was moving forward with many refugees immigrating to the area from former confederate sectors. Settling wasn't easy for many reasons. Initially, housing was a major issue. The CIS pushed for construction of flats, but met resistance with many bandits and rebels roaming the planet's surface and attacking construction crews and exploration teams alike. Siejo himself led most of the build projects as well as what remained of the Confederate droid army in many skirmishes planet side and throughout Hevvrol. As Genarius developed, most of the Confederate member companies soon undertook initiatives to join the CIS in the Hevvrol Sector. Soon, Hevvrol and neighboring Mondress Sector, become the nexus of all Confederate life.

There was also a mass change in Confederate membership at the turn of Year 13. BlasTech and Hawkbats ceased to be CIS members and larger corporations like Kuat Drive Yards began showing interest in joining. After the addition of InterGalactic Banking Clan and Horizon Tactical Armaments, the CIS boosted twelve healthy companies, something which consumed Siejo. He was obsessed it seemed in growing the alliance and the government. His personal life was put aside for the better good of his pride and joy, the Confederacy.


Year 13 was an odd year for “the old squid”. By now the CIS had risen to enough prominence that recruiting and boarder security was no longer an issue. Siejo spent most of his time trying to work on diplomacy, something he was very fond of. He hardly saw his family. Being a governmental leader opened many doors that were once closed when he was just the leader of a trading conglomerate. This left little time for personal endeavors. It was quite an excitement when his daughter, Calista Kutol voiced a desire to work with him on a diplomatic meeting to Glom Tho. Calista, even at her young age, had inherited her father's passion for words, and showed much promise in her school work. This raised concerns from his wife Allana, as the last thing she wanted was her daughter to follow in his path. A surprise to the family came when a young Nautolan, Siem Ro Kutol showed up on a build site. Siety Kutol, Siejo's younger brother, worked for the Confederacy and spent many a night in strange beds. One of these encounters begot Siem, who grew up loathing his father. The encounter was a violent one with Siem wanting to destroy his father, but Siejo intervened, promising young Siem a life of hard work, but much reward. Siem agreed and joined the CIS workforce.

With that settled, Siejo began to push the borders of the Confederate Government further in search of relevance. Siejo had accomplished more than he could have ever dreamed, but still his personal drive called for more. As Year 13 passed, the CIS had built itself into a legitimate government, with the fleet and credit flow to prove it, but Siejo saw his small group falling behind those larger, established governments. While he led the Alliance, he felt his group on the cutting edge of relevance. His group was one of the most prominent independent conglomerates in the Mid Rim. As a government, the CIS was a very small fish in a large pond. Siejo, wanting to fix this, dove deeper and deeper into his work, pushing himself further and harder then he ever had. It is unknown if he was blind to what this did to his family or if he simply didn’t care. Either way, his personal life suffered for it. Calista idolized him, seeing him as her hero, but his wife continued to voice her concern. Siejo spent less and less time with them, and more and more time in his office, sleeping on a cot onboard Kutol Yard. Allana decided it would be better for her and her daughter to leave Cularin and head to Glom Tho and live with her father Elm Aran. She did not tell him, and it Siejo took almost 3 weeks to notice that their house in New Nauto Prime was empty. He took the news rather harshly, stepping down as Head of State of the Confederacy and made the same old promises. He took a less demanding job in Haven hoping to improve not only his torn relationships at home but also improve the CIS/Trade Federation relations. Calista took the news roughly, screaming at her father when he made a visit to Glom Tho. She was angry she no longer lived went to school with her friends and even threw Allana’s depression into his face, blaming him for the misery she was going through. Siejo did not react respectfully, raising his voice on his own. Allana joined in and the night ended with Siejo slamming the door and sleeping in his personal craft, the YT1760 White Blurr. After the fight, Siejo took a mission in Federation space. The mission to Dalcretti was expected to last for at least a month and he hoped the time away could help calm things down. This did not help, unfortunately. During his time away, the gulf between Siejo and his family increased. Siejo put his mission to the forefront of his mind, worrying more about the credit inflow of his favorite company than his home life. He hardly noticed the time past, spending his days either behind the controls of an EVA or intoxicated.

Elm Aran

The loss of Sirius Cyan, his second in command at Haven, due to political differences inside the CIS was a huge blow. Siejo was forced to lead the entire mission himself and, after failing to meet the deadlines on some of his projects, the Trade Federation canceled the contract. Siejo took the news very badly, returning to Cularin and locking himself in his office for months at a time. He was afraid to talk about the failure, one of the largest of his career, and never mentioned his return to Cularin to his wife. She found out in late Year 13 that he was not only back, but had been avoiding Glom Tho entirely. She paid him an unexpected visited one night at his office on Kutol Yard. This led to a heated argument, and she left fearing that their days together as a family were numbered. She had no idea how close to the truth she was.

It was at this time, early Year 14, that the Metamorphosis Plague struck the galaxy. Siejo was locked away in his office, spending his days drinking spice wines and special brews of tea and was completely unaware of the virus causing chaos throughout the galaxy. He was brought back to reality when visited by an old friend, Tika Majere, who had been infected by the virus and transformed into a Nautolan. Siejo initially freaked out, locking Tika up, and interrogating her, believing she was a spy. After a day of much confusion, he finally recognized Tika for whom she was, but it quickly brought on the terrifying thought that something may have happened to his family. With the help of Elm Aran and Tika, Siejo located Allana's last known location. They descended to the surface of Glom Tho only to find her ship abandoned and her wedding ring left behind. Through the confusion and pain, the ship command logs were discovered. The logs indicated that Allana had been infected with the virus, transformed into a Falleen, and fled.

Finding Fault

Calista Kutol

Siejo became overcome by grief. Believing that his marriage was over, it didn't take him long to realize that it was his own fault. His lust for credits and power drove him to overwork and pushed his family further and further away. His recent habit of trying to deal with his problems by drowning them had been the final wedge between him and Allana. His wife was now missing, possibly lost, and what of his daughter, Calista? Tika, Elm and Siejo used the extensive satellite and station monitor systems in Glom Tho to identify Calista's likely whereabouts. It appeared that, when Allana didn't come home, Calista became worried and attempted to follow after her mother. Being an inexperienced pilot, she was forced to allow the ship to stay on autopilot and the vessel flew her to Cularin. Once she arrived, she was unable to fly the ship correctly and crashed on the planet Cularin in the city of New Nauto Prime. Siejo and Elm raced across the Hevvrol Sector, landing in Nauto Prime and located Calista, who was sitting, injured, in the sands of a beach outside the large metropolis. Siejo and Calista were together again and he had no intention of ever letting her go.

After spending a few days at his villa in Nauto Prime with his remaining family, Siejo, along with Tika, Elm, and Leo Iscander followed the clues left behind by his wife. Their search took them to Falleen space, where Allana was now working. Their reunion was difficult, with Siejo unable to look at his wife in her new form. He fled the situation, but she followed, refusing to let him take the blame. Allana insisted that she was the one at fault, running from all she loved due to her fear of being rejected. Siejo was unsure of what would happen between them and if they could ever truly be the same again, but they left Falleen Prime together with their family, to return to Hevvrol and try to pick up the pieces.

A Cure

While the galaxy continued to spin in the turmoil of galactic politics, Siejo left most of that worry behind. Once the White Blurr, carrying himself and his family, returned to Hevvrol, he and Allana spent a day talking about their future. It was decided that, regardless of what the future may hold, they were dedicated to walk that path together. After a heartfelt reunion between daughter and mother, Siejo, Allana, and Calista made their way to Titan Research Colony, operated by Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company. Chiewab had left the public market in Year 11 after some of its research methods were called into question, but Siejo had continued to support them financially. This good relationship was a major reward for the Hevvrol populace as Chiewab was vital in finding some new treatments for some of the more rare diseases found in the sector. With the discovery of the Derra virus and the subsequent realization that it was running rampant in the Confederacy, large amounts of research was devoted to the virus and the possibility of a cure. Siejo and Allana were hopeful that the research would pay off and took their hopes to Titan.

After being evaluated by Nolain Rockport, Allana lost consciousness. It was determined that she had not been acclimating well to her new physiology and was severely malnourished. During the examination, it was discovered that she still retained some of her Nautolan DNA in her bone marrow. After extensive research, Dr. Rockport decided it was worth an attempt to use some of that dna, along with a viral vector, to attempt to mimic the Metamorphosis Plague, hopefully resulting in a mutation that would end with Allana's previously mutated DNA being replaced with the newly reintroduced Nautolan DNA. The breakthrough experiment took place on Titan Research Colony on Year 14 Day 106. The procedure was deemed a success. After days of painful recovery, Allana Kutol was a Nautolan again, although there was some strange side effects. Allana looked slightly different than she had before, and she had changed color; going from a deep green to a bright red. She also struggled heavily with amnesia, needing to be reminded of people and places. Regardless of the result, the Kutol family was together again and Siejo was dedicated to keeping it that way.

Discovery of the Angels

A month after his family was reunited, Siejo decided that a family vacation was in order. The struggles of the past month, while deeply troubling, had brought him and his wife much closer together. They were finally happy again, but he was struggling keeping his tendrils out of his business, and needed to separate himself from his Confederate partners. He, Allana, and Calista took a trip to Korfin Moon in the Outer Rim, a recent annex by the Corporate Alliance. The moon had some very modern amenities, and it was an area of space that Siejo and Allana had never visited. Upon arrival, they settled into one of the luxury colonies in orbit around the moon, compliments of his old company the Corporate Alliance.

Gand in Orbit of Iegos

After a day at one of the local steam spa, Siejo was contacted by one of his best friends, a Gand named Jormungand Gand. Gand had helped Siejo during the war on Mitillian when he was with the Crimson Aces and they remained close since. Gand has been exploring the Kiirium Reaches near the Thesme sector and found a strange system not found on any star chart. Siejo was hesitant to just run off and leave his family behind, especially after the promise he made to his wife, but was lucky enough to convince Calista how exciting it would be to be the first Nautolan little girl to see these new moons. The couple and their child boarded one of the luxury YT-510 freighters that the Alliance had in orbit of the moon and flew to the newly discovered Iego system.

Upon exiting hyperspace, Calista's eyes were the largest Siejo had ever seen them as she inspected the mysterious frontier. He met up with Gand at one of the smaller moons and the two made a plan to do a quick scan of the system. Everything went rather well as Siejo and his family traveled from planet to planet, searching for anything that looked interesting or odd on the scanners. They enjoyed a picnic on a sandy beach on the planet Iego, Calista jokingly laying claim to it. Siejo made plans to meet up with Gand on the largest moon before heading back to Korfin.

On the moon, Siejo was just finishing his last scan, awaiting Gand's arrival, when he saw an odd bleep on his scanners. It was a city, which seemed impossible, as the system was not thought to be colonized. At a closer glance, the city was full of tall structures, many of them with architecture he was not familiar with. Siejo collected his family, boarded the Ruffler, and came in for a closer scan revealing life-forms. In a panic, he quickly contacted Gand and informed him of the situation. Siejo watches from afar as Gand’s ship enter the city, keeping his line clear so he could respond if hostility was detected. What happened instead was something completely new. They had discovered a new race. A race of angelic flying creatures later known as the Diathim.

The Betrayal of Echuu Shen-Jon


After returning from the family vacation, Siejo received a classified report from one of his SPECTRE contacts. The SPECTRE program was an elite fighting force Siejo had started almost half a decade prior tasked with keeping Alliance Space safe. He, Karril Daltaya and Vladimir Mercury had all been a part of it. The report Siejo recieved after returing to Hevvrol suggested that Allana's adopted brother and leader of the Confederacy, Echuu Shen-Jon had been assisting pirates in their raids of Confederate colonies on Mondress. Echuu has become one of Siejo’ closests friends and it seemed heavily improbible to Siejo that he would help some pirates. Unable to simply accept this as fact, Siejo voyaged to the Titan Research Station where he observed firsthand holovids of a raid on a local Corporate Alliance bank. The raid took millions from the Bank, and Shen-Jon's passcode was used to bypass security. More damaging for the case, Shen-Jon was onsite. Siejo, in a fit of rage, accidentally found himself on a restricted floor of the Research Station. While stumbling around in the dark abandoned floor, Siejo was exposed to an exotic plant toxin that was collected in pursuit of the cure for the Derra virus. This toxin twisted Kutol's mind, feeding on his paranoia, and playing off his painful feelings. Siejo rounded up much of the Confederate Droid Army who were stationed on the CIS Lucrehulk Revenue, using a special SPECTRE code to override their programing, and set the Confederate battleship in flight towards the Mondress Sector with revenge on his mind.

Records are not clear on what happened during the confrontation, but after an apparent battle in an abandoned city, Siejo was rendered heavily wounded and Shen-Jon escaped with minor wounds. A security vid showed what appeared to be the Confederate Head of State and Siejo Kutol in hand-to-hand combat, but the reports were not verified. After a stay in the bacta tank, Siejo used his influence to assumed command of the Confederacy and Echuu Shen-Jon was declared an enemy of the state. It is rumored he went onto become the leader of a mercenary unit known as the Red Fury Brotherhood who operated amongst the vast Cularin Asteroid Belt. Siejo was deeply hurt by the betrayal of his closest friend, but seemed dedicated to trying to correct the errors the last Head of State had made. It became quickly evident to Siejo that, in his absence from leadership, diplomacy with some of the other governments around the galaxy had weakened. Siejo made it his primary directive to attempt to repair the public image of his government while balancing his family life. This was to be a task easier said then accomplished.

Rouge Spectre and the Disappearance

In the next few months, normalcy returned to the Kutol family. After stabilizing the Confederacy, Siejo turned the government over to his friend Samuel Ashen. Ashen had given up everything to work with Siejo when he formed the government and he trusted him. Together, they saw the reacquisition of the Mondress Sector and the addition of the Ciutric Sector to the Confederate territory.

Kutol on Gamma Station

Near the end of Year 14, Siejo was on a creature hunt with his brother Nochbo Kitol when his world began to unravel once more. Alliance battledroids, under direct command from a Corporate Alliance SPECTRE, attacked the Kutol compound on Cularin. After abducting Calista, the droids retreated to an Arquitens Light Cruiser which was positioned at the starport in the city. After a massive battle, the ship was destroyed and there was no sign of Siejo's only child. After regrouping with his family, Siejo used a homing device he had implanted in his daughter's arm to track her to an abandoned asteroid hideout in system. Determined to end this conflict before it could grow, Siejo boarded the station to confront the Rouge SPECTRE, codenamed RedHawk.

The meeting was a ploy. RedHawk was not in the command room of the station, instead at the helm of the Apocalyptica. The ship was a heavily-modified Corona Class Frigate and was equipped with a prototype Ion Canon. Before Siejo could escape the station, RedHawk unleashed the weapon on the asteroid hideout, destroying it.

Death and Resurrection

Siejo was initially thought to be dead after the attack by RedHawk. Most of his assets were spread throughout Confederate Space. Samuel Ashen took control of the Confederacy while the Corporate Alliance was taken over by Elm Aran. In reality, Siejo had been taken captive by Redhawk and kept as a sick trophy aboard the Apocolyptica. After 4 years in suspension, Siejo escaped and killed RedHawk, who was really his long time friend Vladimir Mercury. Reluctant to trust anyone and severely injured, Siejo returned to Hevvrol and took command of the Lucrehulk Cyclpopsis. It was there he learned that his daughter Calista was still missing and dedicated his life to finding his young one no matter the costs. He may have reconsidered if he had known what the cost would end up being.

After a month adrift in the Cyclopsis, Siejo was identified by Shall Ti. Shall boarded Kutol's ship and, after a long meeting, alerted the members of Tal'ShenAran of his survival. The family, including Elm Aran and Echuu Shen-Jon, met onboard the Cyclopisis. It was there that a plan was hatched to send a covert force into CIS space and retreave vital data that would hopefully lead to Calista. It was during this meeting that Siejo was reunited with Allana Kutol. Siejo embraced his wife, only to notice a small child next to her. Allana introduced the shy boy, who was about 4 years old, as Caellun Kutol, Siejo’s son. Siejo was stunned. He had not known Allana was pregnant during the conflict with RedHawk. This had changed everything. Siejo was determined to find Calista at all costs.

After having his damaged left arm replaced with an implant by Pat Kil'austra, Siejo lead a Red Fury Brotherhood strike team on an assault on Dorumaa. The family planned an assault on the only Holonet Receiver on the planet with hopes to obtain intel on Calista’s whereabouts. Things didn't go as planned and the Confederacy was alerted to their presence. A battle ensued and during that battle, Elm Aran was killed.

The Fickle Mistress

Siejo took the death of Elm Aran very hard. To make matters more complicated, he had been tricked by Echuu Shen Jon under the guise of finding Calista into assisting in the release of captured Red Fury Brotherhood pirates. Once free, the pirate group teamed up with their bitter rival in the Order of Independent Trade and began an all out assault on the Confederate Government. The initial onslaught on Dorumaa had left Elm Aran dead and the once strong Corporate Alliance in shambles. Conflict immediately escalated across the Hevvrol Sector. After escaping the system, Siejo, and Allana accompanied Echuu Shen-Jon and Nochbo Kitol onboard the Veltraa Class Pride of the Hardy, leaving their son with Tika Majere.

Following intel retrieved by a Brotherhood hacker, the group arrived on a desert planet in the northern Outer Rim. They landed in a strike team during a prison riot and spread out to find Calista. Siejo was the first to find her as she was trying to escape. Calista, now very much a teenager, looked at her father in disbelief, believing him to be dead. When he went to embrace his daughter, she whispered, “My father is dead…” into his ear before stabbing him in the back with a cruel shank.

Siejo awoke sometime later admitted at the Titan Research Station in Hevvrol Space paralyzed from the waist down. Calista had been knocked unconscious by the butt of Nochbo Kitol’s scatterblaster and was being kept onboard the medical station under close supervision. There was concern about severe psychopathic tendencies in the girl, stemming from the abuse she underwent during her capture, but there was hope that she could recover from therapy.

Siejo remained in isolation onboard Titan as the Galaxy around him changed. Details emerged that his adopted nephew Shall Ti had betrayed Elm Aran and had played an integral part in his death. The Corporate Alliance had dissolved and soon the Confederacy itself collapsed. Siejo felt personally responsible. He had placed his Government over his family many times and with it gone, he became consumed by depression. Slowly working through therapy, he was able to have modifications to his personal armor to assist in walking while he recovered.

Calista was a different situation entirely. Under the care of Nolan Rockport, she was seeming to improve. In reality, things were much worse internally than anyone could have anticipated. Seeing an opening to escape, Calista unleashed her previously unknown dark side powers, killing many of the workers that were there to care for her and escaped with a young Nautolan code named Blue.


Upon hearing of his Daughters escape, Siejo was furious. He had tried so hard and lost so much trying to find her and the damage she left behind was inexcusable. With no other choice, Siejo decided to let the situation go and focus on what was in front of him. It took months for Allana to visit him, likely stemming from the guilt for Calista, but when she did, Siejo connected with the boy. He was motivated to try to focus on his family and self, determined to be the father he had not been in the past. He was approached by his friend Kran Chan who had inherited the shambles on Hoesrch-Kessel Driveyards. Kran had hatched a plan and offered him a job.

Siejo was hesitant at first, really wanting to make up for all the lost time he had dedicated to his work. Allana disagreed. She felt that getting back into it could help his mood. Siejo agreed and joined up with Kran. They rebranded HKD “Kutol-Chan Industrial” and began the work of rebuilding the company. As Chairman of KCI, Siejo found the work rewarding. It was a small time compared to what he had done previously, but it was work nonetheless. While KCI controlled much of the production complexes throughout Hevvrol, the pirate groups still controlled much of the planets proper. After the Confederacy fully collapsed, Red Fury had taken over, abolished taxes and more or less left the planets to self governance. KCI benefited from the lack of tariffs.

Partially crippled, Siejo had to depend privately on a personal T Series droid, TX-19, for mobility and assistance. While working on Ashen Yard in Hevvrol, TX-19 detected an old Corporate Alliance code being used to bypass the planetary shields on Almas. Looking through recordings, they were able to identify a ship belonging to Shall Ti. Overcome by rage, Siejo and TX went to investigate. They encountered Shall Ti in a barracks in

He claimed to have killed Elm for being corrupt. During an argument, TX fired a shot into Shall’s chest, disabling him. Siejo had the droid load up his troubled cousin into his ship, YT1760 White Blurr and proceed to fly towards the shield gate.

Unfortunately, Siejo was not the only one to notice the abnormal codes. The Order of Independent Trade sent an attack squadron to intercept his ship. Believing him to be in league with his cousin, the White Blurr was shot down, crash landing just to the west of the L'tiri Peaks on Almas. Siejo was knocked unconscious, but Shall managed to free him from the damaged ship and drag him to the safety of a nearby unpowered personal residence. It was there that Shall explained that he still considered Siejo family and had been working to find is daughter. He offered up a joint mission to find Calista once again.

After being picked up by Shall’s forces, Siejo contacted Allana. He explained the situation and invited her to go on the quest with them. It was hard for him to reach out to his wife. He had warned her to stay away for fear of Caellun being pulled into the conflict and he was deeply conflicted. Allana agreed to join them on the mission, meeting up with the search party in deep space and jumping towards Malastare.


The planet of Malastare is not for the faint of heart. Calista had come to the planet with Blue in search of bounties. She had just completed a hit on a Dug and was resting at a local hostel, planning on turning in the bounty the next day when she was assaulted by the crime lord of Pixelito. Knocking Blue unconscious, they drug her before crime lord who planned on executing her for a bounty. Astrike team, lead by Shall and his Spectre’s, landed on the outskirts of Pixelito and entered the tavern where Calista was being held. A fire fight ensued, killing the guards and crime lord and leaving only minor injuries to the team. While they used to be friends, Calista attacked Shall on sight, enraged with his involvement with Elm Aran’s death. Shall remained calm until Calista attacked his girlfriend Aaneyah. Having distracted Shall, Calista moved quickly, focusing her attacks on Siejo. She pinned him against a wall, pushing her anger and hate into him. She almost killed her father when Shall pointed his weapon at Blue, forcing her to Calista to surrender and subdued. After the dust settled, Siejo recognised “Blue” as the child of Tika Majere and Leo Iscancer, making her Shall’s half sister.

Calista was taken onboard the Spectre and taken to the medical bay along with Allana who had been knocked unconscious during the raid. Blue was taken to Shall’s personal quarters to recover. Siejo met Shall on the bridge as they moved away from the planet and made preparations for the hyperspace jump. Shall revealed that Siejo was not the only one to lose something during the raid on Dorumaa. Shall had lost his wife. This was difficult to hear, and Siejo could not help but feel for his estranged nephew. Shall then revealed another stunning fact that he had uncovered as head of the Spectres. After clearing the deck, he tried to prepare Siejo for what he was going to hear, but it hit like a ton of bricks either way. Allana was not who he thought she was.

During the Derra virus, Allana had been taken Titan Research Station with hopes to cure her and return her to her Nautolan roots. The procedure was thought to have worked, but there were residual side effects. Allana looked different, with slightly different bone structure as well as a change in her skin color. Her memory also had been spotty. They had brushed it away, just happy to be together once more and not really worried themselves with it. Shall had discovered that they were lied to. Allana Aran had not been able to tolerate the treatment and died during the procedure. The female sleeping in the med bay was a clone. Siejo refused to believe this, fighting the thought from deep inside his soul. Unfortunately, he was not the only one to hear Shall’s revelation. Calista had escaped and had managed to sneak her way onto the deck.

Fueled with anger, Callista surprised the men, sealing the blast doors and knocking out Shall and overpowering her father Siejo. It was then that she revealed her inner conflict, coming out of her shell and trying to explain to her father the growing demon inside of her. The darkness was consuming her and she begged for his help. Siejo talked her down, but just as she was untying him, the darkness returned. Unable to control the conflict, Calista took control of the ship and directed it to the system Star, determined to end her struggling as well as her family in the process.

While Calista was distracted, Siejo managed to untie himself and, using Shall’s blaser shot Calista in the back of the head. He looked away as he did it, but part of his soul was ripped from him as the blaster discharged. He felt a terrible ripping sensation through the force, but realized that it resonated from the medical bay where Allana was thought to be.

After unsealing the deck, Siejo ran to the medical bay to find his wife still unconscious. His sensitivity to the force was still diminished, but he could tell something was very very wrong. He took Allana to the escape pods and placed her in one, planning on meeting up with her off the ship and making their way home. After sending her into space, Siejo tried to return to the deck to retrieve his daughter's body. At this point, the ship was on alert. Siejo tried to fight his way to the deck, but simply was unable to make it. With TX-19, Siejo boarded Allana’s YT-2400 Family Jewel and left the Spectre, leaving Calista and Blue behind.


Crushed with guilt, Siejo searched for the escape pod containing his wife. Using the ships limited scanners, he went around the Malastare System over and over, but she was nowhere to be found. Uncertain what to do, and not wanting to deal with Shall, Siejo returned to Tika Majere. He explained what had happened, hiding the details of her daughters discovery. They had been close once and he did not want to send Tika on the same path of discovery and pain he had just experienced.

Taking the boy with him, Siejo went out into the Outer Rim, settling in on a small bungalow in the dense forests of Binquaros. There, he raised the boy in isolation. He tried to teach him the ways of his people with hunting and fishing. He also stressed the dangers of the outside world. He was strict with the boy, fearful that he could end up twisted like his sister.

While he was away, Kutol-Chan Industrial continued to thrive. After forming a loose affiliation called the Hevvrol Federation with mercenaries of the region, It took control of Hevvrol and Mondress Sectors. Even with the steady had of Kran Chan leading the group, the situation planetside through the region did not improve. Many of the Nautolan Immigrants on Cularin continued to be abused. This lead one of them, a young Nauto Male named Yakubu Fista, to leave in search of Siejo, praying he could help. Yakubu found Siejo on Binquaros, beckoning him as Overlord of the Nautolan Society to return and save their brethren. Siejo had not seen himself as the leader of their race for some time, turning that title over to Sion Plagueis years prior, and his heart had been hardened by the events of the past few years. He intended to meet with the young Nautolan in orbit and talk him down. He made preparations, unaware that his son had snuck aboard his freighter. In space, he met with Yakubu and tried to figure out how he had discovered his location. He was stunned to learn that Sion had gone missing as well and the Rak’Qua were disbanded.

Looking for Help

Looking for more support and insight, the group flew to the Asher System to meet with the Nautolan Dex Sehrin. Dex was the leader of the Cybot organization, which specialises in battledroids. After leaving Caellun in the care of his old playmate, a K4 unit nicknamed KC, Siejo and Yakuba attended a meeting with Dex. While Dex was supportive of their mission, unfortunately he did not see how he could get involved. His company needed him in Asher. Dex was able to offer support via intelligence as well as equipment. They made an agreement that Cybot would loan supplies that would be waiting for them at Yakubu’s Sprint which was docked at the city Starport. After shaking hands, Siejo and Yakubu left the facility.

As they collected their weapons from security, something felt off between the two male Nautolans. It felt like they were being watched. Siejo had lost his connection to the force, but there was something at the back of his mind that screamed to him something was wrong. What neither of them realized was the Caellun was getting himself into trouble. He had left the sprint and was caught shoplifting from one of the shops in the starport. Siejo and Yakubu ran to his aid with Yakubu assaulting the large shopkeeper who was holding Caellun until security could arrive. This triggered the droid security network in the starport and the company found themselves under attack and unable to escape. Suddenly, Sion Plagueis came from the shadows and helped them escape the starport. He was wounded in the process, but they managed to escape.


After the escape, Sion was rendered unconscious due to the heavy exertion during the desperate scramble to the ship. Caellun’s droid was destroyed and moral was low. Caellun had an explosive argument with his father after Siejo approached him about the thief. Siejo had a hard time controlling his temper, asking the boy what his mother would think of him. This set the boy off, who expressed his feelings that his father did not care for her, mostly because he never spoke of her or seemed to be grieving. Siejo instructed the boy not to take his silence on the matter of Allana to signify a lack of grief. The two were able to come away from the argument in a better place and Siejo took Caellun to the ships quarters for some much needed rest.

He then turned his attention to Sion. Sion had once been a good friend and even a pupil. He had turned the Nautolan Society over to him after he was forced to step down. Unfortunately, when Siejo had been captured by Vladimir, access to Nautolan Society property was restricted by Samuel Ashen who was leading the Confederacy. This lead to the slow and steady dissolution of the groups ability to help one another. Sion, in search of truth, had been heavily wounded and blinded during a lightsaber battle. Siejo confided in Sion that he once was able to use the force, something he lost his connection to after his abduction. Sion looked into Siejo and was unable to unlock Siejo’s force potential. Siejo, feeling guilty about how the NS had crumbled due to Ashen, found himself sharing many of his failures and begged for his forgiveness. Sion seems receptive and forgave Siejo for his past transgressions.

A message had been sent galaxy wide to known Nautolans about the plans to try to intervene on Nauto Prime. The plan had been to meet at the relatively abandoned Kutol-Chan Industrial deep space trading stations and group from there. Siejo was surprised as they approached the stations that no other Nautolans had been waiting on them at the station. Siejo hailed the central Golan II with permission to dock, expecting them to reach out to Chairman Kran Chan. Instead, the officers onboard reached out to Echuu Shen-Jon, who was currently in control of the former Confederate States. Shen-Jon set a trap, capturing Siejo and Sion onboard the station in a conference room. As his MC-60 approached, Siejo managed to escape to the hanger bay to reunite with Yakubu and Caellun. Sion allowed himself to be captured by the Pirate King so they could escape.

Reclaiming What Was Lost

….. Data Corrupted…..

After reclaiming Cularin for the Nautolan Society, Siejo took command of the faction named for him, taking his place again as Chairman of Kutol-Chan Industrial. Economically, things were very stable and politically things were on steady ground. Siejo continued to struggle on a personal level. He was a single working parent and dedicated to being present in his son’s life. Even with his sister, Anjyl and her son Zophiel visiting frequently from the outer rim with her son to help, Siejo was unsure how to be the person Caellun needed and longed for his missing wife. Siejo sent scouting missions routinely to Malastare looking for information and even places a bounty on Allana, hoping for any piece of information leading to her return. After returning leadership of KCI to Kran Chan, he took Caellun to Glee Anselm and introduced him to his culture, something that was completely new to him. It was hard watching Caellun struggle with his “native” language, but rewarding to see his boy dancing amongst his distant cousins on the ocean floor.

Near the end of Year 19, Siejo was lounging on the beach outside his restored Villa in Nauto Prime, watching Caellun play in the water when was approached by a figure. At first, Siejo was sure it was some sort of ghost, falling out of his chair in a panic. Instead, it was Allana. It had taken her a long time, but she had recovered, and was now back. Siejo embraced his wife, still struggling to believe that she was before him. He called out to Caellun, who approached the couple. The system star up above made it difficult to see and Caellun did not recognize his mother until he was almost next to her. The boy let out a little shriek and jumped into his mother's arms, crying openly. Later, after the couple tucked their young boy into his bed with his favorite stuffed animal in his arms, Allana asked Siejo what had happened on the ship and the whereabouts of their Daughter. Siejo told Allana the story, omitting the details on Shall Ti’s report and how he had been forced to kill Calista. The couple sat in silence for some time, both grieving in their own way.

The Interstellar League

After several months at the helm of KCI, Siejo was approached by several old friends, including Horley Cyan, about the possible creation of yet another Outer Rim Alliance. Still carrying the emotional scars from the failure of the first Confederate Alliance, Siejo was against this at first. He trusted Horley though and the two began planning how they could work together economically. The Confederate Remnant Alliance was born in Year 19. Soon, several other groups joined, including Dukha Industrial, Loronar Corporation and Byblos Drive Yards. The group was rebranded and announced to the public as the Interstellar League in Year 20.

Upon his return to Hevvrol Space after this excusion, Siejo was approached by the leader of the reestablished Confederate Government in Thesme, Taldar Logas. With the increasing pressure from the galactic government and conflicts among other Outer Rim groups, the Government was struggling to maintain its Sovereignty. Siejo saw the government as a vital force for the Interstellar League, so intervention seemed necessary. Together, they met with Horley Cyan and nailed out what became the Cyan Accords. In this agreement, Kutol-Chan Industrial lead Hevvrol Federation and the Confederate Remnant would merge togehter, forming one knew government under the CIS Banner. It was a bold move, and would take quite a bit of effort and time to work out the kinks, but it was something both sides were dedicated to trying. Bringing together 8 sectors, the Third Confederate Government declared its sovereignty on Year 20 Day 198 with Siejo at the helm and Taldar at his side.

After the public declaration of the government, Siejo was fearful other companies would see his group as just another copy cat, maybe playing off the history of his group. The new government was much stronger than it had been before, especially with the fleet constructed by Samuel Ashen. Siejo made a push to immediately expand the borders and push the legitimacy of the 3rd Confederate State. Using the significant confederate reserves, several sectors, including Kliap, Ciutric, Illisurevimuras, and Xappyh, were able to be added to the expanding lists of confederate states. Even with this push for relevance, Siejo made a conscious effort to stay in the lives of his family. Part of the merger agreement stated that the group would be run by a Triumvirate instead of just the Head of State. Siejo hoped that this would allow him enough down time to raise his son and love his wife.

Personality and Traits

Overlord Tunic
Overlord Cloak

Kutol is a brown Nautolan with a strong brow and thin nose. He is of relative short stature for a Nautolan male. When he was younger, he would wear his tendrils pulled back as to not seem to imposing to other species. As he got older and more known around the galaxy, he embraced his heritage and wore them down around his shoulders. When he was younger, Siejo constantly wore an orange jacket with tight-fitting brown pants. After a few years, he was often seen wearing either his leather pilot jacket and tight-fitting green pants or the traditional Society Overlord garb. While in space, he tended to wear heavy combat armor and the Overload teal cloak. His hand is adorned with the Overlord signet ring and his wedding ring to his second wife Allana Aran.

Leisure Magazine

Kutol was known as a very laid-back figure publically, often joking and promoting fun, as opposed to being constantly serious like some of his brethren. He was very good at his work and took to it with much excitement. Some have described him as manic when it comes to work. He had a very good business mind, bringing many bankrupt companies back from the brink and into an era of success. He was also known as a philanthropist, being very happy to help newer players and people of his own race. His naturally trusting demeanor left him to be taken advantage of by the likes of lesser senients of the galaxy such as Bask Night, Seijin Ackmin or Adoy Baba, but overall this had little effect on how he treated people. Siejo was a very hard worker, having much success in his early career to his strong work ethic. He had a collection of fun things stashed away in a safe on his ship, such as a leisure magazine given to him by Zao Nephalem, card games, and other interesting things.

Later in life he became a bit of a hermit, unable to deal with the stresses his career had placed on his shoulders. He was hard to find by many, always locking himself away somewhere secluded and drinking himself silly. After some large life events, Siejo ended his sabbatical and began focusing less on work and more on family and fun. He resigned many of the offices he had held over the years and instead spent his time working with his family on projects for the thrill of it, and no longer focused on profit. The events involving the Red Fury Brotherhood made this a difficult task.

After the death of his teenage daughter, Siejo took his son and established a small homestead off the grid and raised him there. This was a large shift for him, and allowed him to really embrace being a father instead of a leader.

Work History

Positions Held

Overlord of the Nautolan Society
Preceded By:
Pixelor Xess
Siejo Kutol
Year 9 Day 27 — Year 14 Day 325
Succeeded By:
Sion Plagueis
Chief Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance
Preceded By:
Saul Cohmre
Siejo Kutol
Year 9 Day 270Year 12 Day 338
Succeeded By:
Elm Aran
Koi`Nonian Minister Of State and Trade
Preceded By:
Siejo Kutol
Year 10 Day 146Year 11 Day 270
Succeeded By:
Position Retired
Duke of Annaj
Preceded By:
K`nithor Drevan
Siejo Kutol
Year 11 Day 270 — Year 14 Day 325
Succeeded By:
Haven Recycling Corporation Chief Engineer
Preceded By:
Remus Vaslikov
Siejo Kutol
Year 11 Day 338Year 12 Day 154
Succeeded By:
Leo Iscander
Supreme Military Commander of the CIS
Preceded By:
Siejo Kutol
Year 11 Day 365Year 12 Day 129
Succeeded By:
Leo Iscander
Treasurer of CIS
Preceded By:
Jado Dur'rik
Siejo Kutol
Year 12 Day 129Year 13 Day 140
Succeeded By:
Position Retired
Chief Diplomat of CIS
Preceded By:
Siejo Kutol
Year 12 Day 183 — Year 14 Day 325
Succeeded By:
Elm Aran
Head of State
Preceded By:
Ettore Kalsi
Siejo Kutol
Year 13 Day 040Year 13 Day 279
Succeeded By:
Echuu Shen-Jon
Chief Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance
Preceded By:
Elm Aran
Siejo Kutol
Year 14 Day 76Year 14 Day 160
Succeeded By:
Shall Ti
Head of State
Preceded By:
Echuu Shen-Jon
Siejo Kutol
Year 14 Day 160 — Year 14 Day 325
Succeeded By:
Samuel Ashen
Head of State
Preceded By:
Samuel Ashen
Siejo Kutol
Year 18 Day 160 — Present
Succeeded By: