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The Sienar Conglomerate
Sienar Conglomerate.png
General Information
Status Active
Motto Sienar Conglomerate: Equipping The Galaxy
Leader President Bart Roberts
SIC Vice President Thylar Davarian
Members Sienar Technologies
Sienar Extractions
Sienar Pharmaceuticals
Sienar Fleet Systems
Historical Information
Founded Year 5 Day 175
Political Information
Type Corporate Alliance
Holosite Sienar Conglomerate

The Sienar Conglomerate is one of the oldest group of companies operating from a Politically Neutral stance. The Sienar Family itself came from a long line of shipbuilders going back to before the Unification Wars (Approximately Five Millenia before the First Galactic Civil War). The family earned enough credit to ensure that the Sienar lineage continued into the Republican era. The family owned and operated the successful starship manufacturing company Sienar Technologies. A century before The First Galactic Civil War the Santhe family acquired a controlling share in Sienar Technologies and renamed it Santhe/Sienar Technologies. The union between the two families was secured during this period with an arranged marriage. After the First Galactic Civil War, the company passed into the hands of Brigadier General Chiss Veers. Under his orders, in [Year 5], Sienar Army Systems (a vehicle supplier), Sienar Corporate Security (a corporate protection agency), and Sienar Extractions (a mining company) were created. These companies became the foundation for today's Sienar Conglomerate.

The Sienar Conglomerate

The Sienar Conglomerate is currently co-owned by Drey Exodus and Bart Roberts, but is controlled by a Board of Directors that is comprised of the President of the Board, Vice President of the Board and chairman from each company under the Sienar Conglomerate banner.

The Sienar Conglomerate (or in short, SC) is one of the most powerful and influential independently controlled corporate groups in the Galaxy, delivering goods and services to all corners of known space. The Conglomerate is divided into four different companies, each specializing in a specific production or service.

The SC governs as a Corporatocracy controlling the Kastolar (Sector), as well as several systems in Halla (Sector). In total, the SC has a major influence over nearly 46 billion citizens, on 60 planets, in 15 star systems divided over the two sectors. The planets and systems are under the full control of the Sienar Conglomerate Board of Directors with the local planetary and system governments being mostly puppet governments of the SC.

The SC is supported by the local governments and citizenry alike due to the vast wealth the Conglomerate pumps into their local economies. Mining, medical services, and production, along with the taxation of SC controlled worlds, provide the corporation with this wealth. SC contracts it’s own mercenary force Sector Rangers to provide security for its holdings and to the citizens of the star systems held by the Conglomerate.

While SC does not involve itself with ruling at a local level, it does offer its fleet to assist with patrols and defense to protect SC interests and the interests of the citizens of SC controlled worlds alike. These fleets are charged with building planetary and orbital defenses along with system and sector security. The SC also assists with urban development, planning, and construction, housing, infrastructure, and commerce.

Sienar Conglomerate History

After the Clone Wars, many of the subsidiaries under the Sienar umbrella branched out on their own, including Santhe/Sienar Technologies, which shortened its name to Sienar Technologies due to the buyout of the Santhe family.

At the time Sienar Technologies was one of the preeminent manufacturing corporations in the galaxy. Inheriting the corporate giant from the Sienar family, Brigadier General Chiss Veers took control of Sienar Technologies and it’s holdings in Year 5 Day 176. Mr. Veers was determined that he could best support Sienar Technologies by creating three separate subsidiaries. Under his orders, Sienar Army Systems (a vehicle supplier), Sienar Corporate Security (a corporate protection agency), and Sienar Extractions (a mining company) were created. The SC was unofficially started with the founding of Sienar Extractions in year 5 Day 361. Due to the need for these companies to function seamlessly, a Board of Directors was set up to manage the direction of the separate corporations and ensure they all moved in unison. Soon after the first Board of Directors was assembled, the Sienar Conglomerate was officially created.

Although Mr. Veers was a good leader and helped to get the once magnificent company back on its feet after the Clone Wars had ended, he soon slipped into the role of complacency. After making some brash and ill-advised business transactions, including trading with a known thief and con artist, Veers was forced by the SC Board of Directors to cede his roles CEO of Sienar Technologies and President of the Board of Directors, although not before having to close the doors to Sienar Army Systems as a result of his bad management.

Veers’ right-hand man and closest friend, Kyp von Exodus took over control of the Conglomerate after Veers’ resignation. His first act as CEO was to work out a merger of two of the struggling subsidiaries, combining Sienar Corporate Security with Sienar Technologies in a move that likely saved both companies from dissolution. Under President von Exodus’s leadership, the companies prospered.

Unfortunately, the success of the Sienar Conglomerate did not go unnoticed in the galaxy. Desperate to ward off the advancing conglomerate, Sienar’s enemies took it upon themselves to stop the company from prospering. An assassin was sent to remove von Exodus from his perch and sadly was successful in killing him. Unbeknownst to his executioners, von Exodus had taken measures to ensure that the Sienar Conglomerate would remain safe and secure in case of his death. His adopted son, a young Sullustan orphan whom few knew existed, was bequeathed by the companies in a secret will. Known previously by the name Drey H`makora, the fledgling CEO and President of the Board of Directors, decided to honor his adopted father by changing his name to Drey Exodus and to continue Kyp’s vision for the Sienar Conglomerate.

Of the four original founding companies, only Sienar Technologies and Sienar Extractions remains in business today. However, under the control of the Board of Directors, the Sienar Conglomerate has experienced major growth and expansion. Today, SC continues to grow with the addition of Sienar Pharmaceuticals (a medical products and services company) and Sector Rangers (a mercenary group task with Conglomerate security). Both Sienar Technologies and Sienar Extractions still thrive at its core. SC’s continuing goal is to move all of the citizens under its banner toward a brighter future by providing the best possible technology and services to a vast variety of sentient beings around the galaxy.

Sienar Conglomerate Today

Today, Exodus’ continues to run all of the businesses of the Sienar Conglomerate: Sienar Technologies, Sienar Extractions, and Sienar Pharmaceuticals. His continuing goal is to move the companies toward a brighter future by providing the best possible technology and medical care to a vast variety of sentient beings around the galaxy. Under Exodus, all three companies have experienced major growth and expansion, and Sienar Technologies continues to flourish under his leadership. Further expansions have included the Central Bank of Kastolar and a brand new [Marketplace]. Sienar Conglomerate has also welcomed into its rank the Sector Rangers.

On Year 20 day 5, under the leadership of Bart Roberts, the Conglomerate formally joins the Galactic Concordiate, along with long-time ally The Falleen Federation. Bart Roberts noted “Sienar has always been an independent and neutral corporation. It has been a guiding principle since our inception fifteen years ago, and shall always be so. Nevertheless, we have wanted to be a part of building a peaceful galaxy for some time now. But, it was never clear how exactly a corporation such as ours would ‘fit in’ with the Galactic Concordiate as it was first organized. As a non-government, we were simply ineligible to join the group’s upper leadership. Now that full equality to all members has been granted, we are confident of our place and role in the group. And while we accept that the Concordiate is not a perfect solution to the problems that plague our Galaxy, we believe that it has the best chance of making a reality of the vision for an organized group of neutral governments and corporations based upon the rule of law, and respect for the sovereignty of its members.”

On Year 20 Day 120 Vice President, Bart Roberts, along with the Chief Executive Officer of Sienar Fleet Systems, Silus Nidor, announce that Sienar Fleet Systems has re-joined the Sienar Conglomerate. Which was followed closely on Year 20 Day 130 by The Sienar Conglomerate becoming recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.

Sienar Conglomerate Sectors, Systems and Planets

Sienar Conglomerate controls all 11 of the known systems in the Kastolar sector with large holdings in the Halla sector. In total, the Conglomerate controls 60 planets, 15 star systems, and over nearly 46 billion Sentient beings. The SC governor's as a corporatocracy with the local planetary and system governments being under the full control of the Sienar Conglomerate. Each star system has a local Sienar Conglomerate representative that coordinates with the local governments to offer the building of planetary and orbital defenses, system and planetary security, urban development, the planning and construction of housing, infrastructure, and commerce. While to some this may seem like a strange relationship between a corporation and local government, it works well for the citizens that call Conglomerate space home.

Systems within Conglomerate Space:

Kastolar Sector:

Halla Sector

Sienar Conglomerate Structure


Sienar uses a Corporate structure to manage its company and Conglomerate space.

There are 6 rank levels where each company has adjusted its own rank structure to:

  • BoD or Board of Directors

The Board of Directors level represents the President of the Board, Vice President of the Board, and chairman of the Board The pay-scale is classified.

  • M or Management level

The CEOs, Managers, and Commanders of each company. The pay-scale is between 8 mill, bonus excluded.

  • S3 or Assistant Level:

The Assistant level represents the assistant Managers, production leaders, logistical leaders, and Divisional Commanders of the Conglomerate. The pay-scale is set at 7 mill, bonus excluded.

  • S2 or Associate 1st Class:

Associate 1st Class represents the junior managers, veteran pilots, or Commanders of the Conglomerate. The pay-scale is set at 6 mill, bonus excluded.

  • S1 or Associate:

Associate represents the established employees of the Sienar Conglomerate. The pay-scale is set at 5 mill, bonus excluded.

  • R or Recruit:

The Recruit is considered the introduction level into the Sienar Conglomerate. The pay-scale is set at 4 mill, bonus excluded.

Notable Personages

In SCs modern history, several sentients have formed today's Sienar. They all played a major part in the evolution of Sienar's modern history.


Former General of the Imperial Army and leader of the Tenloss Syndicate after being forced into exile. Chiss Veers bought the Sienar Company from the Sienar Family at Year 5 Day 176. He founded 3 smaller Companies to operate under ST wings and to expand the Industrial field to Vehicle production, mining extraction, and Security.

He was a successful businessman and set the foundation of today's Sienar's Conglomeration.

Kyp Von Exodus, a former Imperial General took the Sienar Group over from Chiss Veers after his resignation from the group. Von Exodus restructured the group in order to save it from bankruptcy. Letting the Sienar Security group merge with Sienar Technologies in order to save both groups. He was later assassinated and succeeded by his adopted son Kyp H'makora.

Drey Exodus, also formerly known as Drey H'makora was the adopted son of Kyp Von Exodus that inherited the Sienar group after his father's assassination. He continued to follow his father's vision and created today's Sienar Conglomerate group.


Main article: Timeline
  • Year 20 Day 130: The Sienar Conglomerate is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government.
  • Year 20 Day 120: Sienar Fleet Systems Officially Join Sienar Umbrella
  • Year 17 Day 308: Sector Rangers Officially Join Sienar Umbrella
  • Year 17 Day 277: Kastolar Union Foundation Day
  • Year 16 Day 10: Sienar Technologies offers a new line of Custom Corellian Power Suits
  • Year 15 Day 81: Sienar Technologies Scouts have discovered the system Yaled at the location (396, 195).
  • Year 14 Day 47:  Kastolar Union Foundation
  • Year 12 Day 304: Galactic Shift
  • Year 12 Day 4: sees a New Factory Park opening on Moobia II for operation
  • Year 11 Day 71: First Shipyard 4 begins construction in Saari Ha system
  • Year 10 Day 357: Sienar Pharmaceuticals Foundation Day
  • Year 10 Day 88: Sector Rangers Foundation Day
  • Year 7 Day 72: Tam Dowmeia of Sienar Extractions is assassinated by the Eidola Pirates.
  • Year 5 Day 317: Tickle Me Asa Doll Released by Sienar Technologies
  • Year 5 Day 361: Sienar Extractions Foundation Day
  • Year 5 Day 195:  Sienar Technologies relocates its headquarters to the planet Bimmissari 
  • Year 5 Day 176: Sienar Technologies Foundation Day
  • Year 5 Day 175:  The Zaltin Corporation and Sienar Technologies, led by Chiss Veers, open for business.

Sienar Conglomerate products

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Sienar Conglomerate offers many products and services.








  • Premium Delivery Service

Historical Sienar Conglomerate Corporations




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