Silus Nidor

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Silus Nidor
Silus Nidor Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Homeworld Honoghr
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.33 meters
Political Information
Positions Joruba Trading Corporation
Prior Affiliation Ailon Nova Guard, TransGalMeg Industries

Having slowly risen up through the ranks of my clan Halk'sar a fairly big clan but unfortunatly not one of the most prominate Noghri clans, on my home Planet Honoghr in the Outer Rim.

Having often been over looked for my brother due to him being slightly bigger I have taken lots of time to try to prefect my art of hunting and have been known to go off for long periods of time into the jungles on my planet to hunt new and more deadly prey. During this time I took time to learn to use lots of differeent weapons and technology rather than just the hand weapons most Noghri tend to hunt with although I am still very good at non armed hand to hand combat.

Having risen as far as I could with always being over shadowed by my brother i decided to set out off around the galaxy to further my developement and training and to eventually one day return alot more powerful than I left to prove I am better than my brother. I have so far been traveling for about a year traveling around planets undertaking little hunting jobs for private entities to earn another to make passage to another planet. This has what lead me to seek more perminant employment which I happyily found with the Ailon Nova Guard. I was accepted into there ranks and joined there academy as a cadet, I studied hard and quickly graduated and took up a position working in there SENRES (sentient resources) department, where I was tasked in under taking vast building work, NPC and RM movement. I rose swiftly though there ranks establishing myself as a team leader helping new members to start out in there employed life. I carried on in this role for several months progressing and learning more and more.

After a while a offer was put to me to transfer to ANG's ship manufacturing arm TransGalMeg Industries, which I took up.

I was initially placed in charge of Chandrillas shipyards and factories, altough eventually this spread to the whole Bormea Sectors. I was very productive Constructing many ships both small and large and earning many good reviews and bonuses in the process.

After the sale of ANG and TGM to the Galactic Empire and the relevant sale there on of TGM to Mecrosa, I had several offers on the table including one from the Corellian Engineering Corporation, who had been placed in charge of all the old ANG and TGM stations. I was offered to retain my place Managing Bormean Spaceyards to help them get production up and running as quick as possible using my local knowledge to assist them. I took up the position for them the lure of being able to stay working in my adopted home of Chandrilla to much of a draw and sadly I sad said goodbye to TGM and transferred to CEC.

I have been fortunate to be able to construct several deep space shipyards of my own which I use to manufacture ships for personal use and sale to help me progress further.

Having grown in power and reputation I have also taken the step to form my own clan and take on the role and title of Dynast Saklish Niskda of Clan Chand'ar (Chief Silus Nidor of Clan Chand'ar), Chand'ar being taking from reference of my adopted home in the Chandrilla System.