Simkin Dragoneel

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Simkin Dragoneel
Sims Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Amani (Originally born Coruscanti)
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Ida Dragoneel
Father John Dragoneel
Spouse Astrid Dragoneel née De LaRouge
Siblings One Brother, One Sister
Children Alice Dragoneel ♀, John Dragoneel ♂
Born Assumed sometime in Year -10
Quote "Take that little voice in your head that tells you to be tactful and understanding, and shoot it. Shoot it in the Damn face!"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.5 meters
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Faerytail Family
Title King-Father
"Faerytail is a dream, a mere wish of three people to no longer be bound by politics and infighting."

Simkin Dragoneel, also known as his Faery name Sims, was born around Year -10 (26 years old) by the Combine Galactic Time. He is the owner of the Faerytail Family of companies. Born on the planet Coruscant, Sims grew up as a child of middle-class parents who were trying to make a living and raise their children. As part of a program for Gifted youngsters, Sims was given the opportunity to study at the Imperial Academy, one of the best schools in his area. While in the Academy, Sims was found to have talents in Leadership, Medicine, and in Geology. After graduating near the top of his class, Sims looked around to find a job he would enjoy before he saw what he had been desperately craving... a challenge! The mining company JUGANOTH Mining Corporation had recently been looted by a Morden Veritas and was in need of a lot of work to become viable again. Sims joined them where he soon was recognized for his ability to fix companies and organizations that were, as he puts it, "broken". After massive strides in reorganizing and restarting all the mining operations in JMC, Sims finally grew tired of all the constant red-tape and infighting that is a trademark of the New Republic and its affiliated companies and left to fix another Mining Company, Anzatan Resource Extractions. Once again, Sims threw himself into his work, reorganizing and fixing what was basically a shell of a company while also recruiting some of his friends to come and assist in the complete overhaul. However, his new-found purpose turned to ash in his mouth when he was betrayed by someone who he thought was his friend,Azarin Isard, immediately after Azarin took over the Anzatan Commonwealth government. Hurt and betrayed, Sims left Anzat with ten people that he had brought in to work with him and formed the core of the Faerytail Family.... Faerytail Medical. Currently Sims is leading the head organization of the Faerytail Family, Guardians of the Fey, and continuing to make Faerytail a dream for all those who choose to work with him.


Just a normal Kid

Sims kid.jpg

Sims was born in one of the many hospitals located in Galactic City, the planet-wide city located on Coruscant, to John and Ida Dragoneel. Much of Sims early life is uncertain because of memory loss from the multiple cases of the Metamorphosis Virus. What can be remembered, is that Simkin was born into a normal middle-class family. He went to a normal school and was quickly noticed for his intelligence and ability to lead. These qualities enabled him to acquire a scholarship to one of the Royal Imperial Academies on Coruscant where he was taught advanced Mathematics, Medicine, and more Leadership skills. After graduating, Simkin took on odd jobs for passage on starships to see the galaxy. No matter where the ships were headed, Sims just wanted to learn and to explore.

JUGANOTH Mining Corporation


On Year 12 Day 258 Simkin decided to actually start taking part in the goings on of the Universe around him. On that day, he decided to go against all the advice his parents and others gave him and joined with the mortal enemies of the Galactic Empire, the New Republic. Sims had heard that the Mining Company, JUGANOTH Mining Corp., had been looted by its leader Morden Veritas. Seeing this as a challenge for his skills, Sims joined up with them and was quickly recognized for his Leadership and vision of how to fix a company that was in the shambles. Within a month Sims was promoted to being the Director of the entire Southern Mining operations and within two months Sims was able to reopen public sales of all materials to New Republic citizens. This was quite a feat since Sales had been closed for at least 8 months prior because of the looting.

Sims did not stop there, after about 10 months of his leadership of the Southern Mining operations, JUGANOTH Mining Corporation (JMC), was stronger than before it was looted with over 100 million credits coming in as income a month simply from the businesses and housing complexes that were built, massive stores of materials mined, over a hundred new material veins found and mined, and hundreds of millions of credits of material sales from individuals as well as private companies associated with the New Republic.

However, even with all the accomplishments he was making, Sims was not happy. The New Republic was a place full of politics, infighting, and corruption. In part due to the massive success Simkin was having with JMC as well as other reasons, certain people within the New Republic were making every effort they could to downplay accomplishments, attempt to find any fault they could with Simkin's leadership, and make the people that Simkin personally recruited and trained leave. What came as a last straw was when personal attacks at Simkin caused his assistant, Erik Thor, who Sims had personally brought into JMC and trained in all operations to leave out of sheer frustration.

Anzatan Resource Extractions

Simkin Siggy-ARE.jpg

News about all the changes that Sims made to JMC was beginning to spread, and in year 13 Sims was recruited by one who he thought was his friend, Azarin, to join the Anzatan Commonwealth. Simkin made a contract with the Queen of Anzat at that time, Keishi, to lead Anzatan Resource Extractions (ARE), the only thing Sims asked for in return was a promise of Autonomy to do what he knew he had to do to make ARE strong.

When Simkin took over ARE, it was a mere shell of a mining company. The vast majority of the mines were completely depleted, no new growth was happening, and there was no stable income other than infusions from the parent government. With so much work needing to be done, Sims turned to his oldest friend, Erik Thor, to leave the company he had been with and come back to assist him in fixing ARE. Sims also recruited many new people to help him to prospect for new materials, build new mines, and begin creating some infrastructure to provide a stable internal income for continuous mining.

After about 6 months of hard labor, ARE started to finally resemble a Mining Company in its own right. Many new deposits were found, many mines were built, an there was a steady income of over 50 million credits flowing into ARE's account every month from businesses it owned. As with everything though.... the fun times were not to last. The Queen Keishi had been getting increasingly frustrated with trying to lead Anzat, and handed control of the government to Azarin. Within 8 hours of control being handed over, Azarin falsely accused Sims of stealing and removed him from leadership of ARE. Even after an inspector, Raptor Cardel looked through all of ARE's records and completely cleared Simkin from all of the false charges, he was not put back into leadership of ARE. Betrayed, Simkin pulled all 10 of the people that he recruited into ARE to help him form a new Company, one that doesn't lie or back stab people that are loyal to it.

A Faerytail is born

During his career in JMC and ARE, Sims had never really considered getting rich to be important. Really, what was important to him was fixing the different companies he was leading and making sure they were profitable, growing, and all the people within were happy. So when he was betrayed, Sims was not a very rich sentient. Really his worth was only around 50 million credits. For the costs of being able to form a medical company, Sims had to turn to his trusted friend Erik Thor to be able to cover the start up costs and for capital. Together their worth was somewhere below 100 million credits.

After forming Sims and Erik had to try to make the company profitable, so were on the lookout for a medical contract with a large conglomerate or a government. Unfortunately for the two of them, no group or government they approached were willing to do a contract without unreasonable demands such as transferring ownership of their medical company to the much larger group.

Without any kind of backing or support, Sims and Erik started making small amounts of medical products from bacta they purchased from other sources in a deepspace Medical Factory station.

Conflict in Tolanda

Then, in the beginning of Year 14, Sims learned from one of his former members, Keith Strykar, who was now a Minister of the Infinite Empire that the citizens of certain planets owned by the Infinite Empire were being used in cruel dark-side force experiments. A small delegation from certain effected worlds came begging for aid. Unable to look away while people were suffering, Sims started to work on a plan off attack to be able to remove the tyranny from those poor people. Borrowing money from a friend of Strykar, Sims and Strykar came up with a plan of powering down key military installations from 5 planets at the same exact time. It was a task that was almost impossible to be able to coordinate the Faeries to be all in their right places at the right time without being detected by the enemy, but amazingly all 5 planets went into chaos and disorder at the exact same moment, allowing Sims and his faeries to be able to launch a multi-planet attack to save as many people as he could.

Mistakes were made during the planning, and Strykar assured Sims that a different group, Dark Star Hellions, could be trusted in helping with the attack for the price of control of one of the planets, Krmar I. Trusting Strykar, Sims agreed despite his strong feelings against the idea. At first the attack went along as planned, even though 5 different Galactic Alliance governments and numerous other Alliance aligned factions rallied against the attack Simkin and the rest of his faeries were doing as planned, placing control cities and buying up land with their meager war budget that was mostly borrowed anyway as well as one planet thrown into chaos that was simply a diversion in order to sell the cities placed there for more contributions to the war effort. In that regard, Krath Dynasty under Tapar Cracken was exceptionally gullible, buying hundreds of millions of credits worth of cities to fund their war as a whole.

During the war effort, the duplicity of the Hellions was made apparent when they tried to make a grab for the planet Krmar II, which under the agreement made was to be Faerytail property. To protect his territory and the citizens there, Sims went on a rampage, killing over 500 enemy troops when the Hellions tried a cowardly back attack.

During the attack from the Hellions, Strykar's counsel was for Sims to retreat from Krmar and give up the planet they fought so hard for. During the argument that ensued, Strykar betrayed Sims by not giving back ownership rights of Faerytail since it had been entrusted to him for the tedious paperwork and cooperation with the CIS government to change how taxes were done on the planet. Instead Strykar gave ownership of the company to another member of Faerytail, who was honorable enough to immediately give it back to Sims.

Viewing his trust breached, Simkin banished Strykar from Faerytail, where Strykar reportedly went into a deep depression, never being heard from on the galactic scene again.

Battle for Oshara IV

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Battle for Mechis II

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Founding a Kingdom

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Battle of Hosnian

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Takeover of the New Republic

Personal Information

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The Plague sickness

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Titles and Honours

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Sims has been known around the galaxy for being the "Flamboyantly Bi-Sexual Green Alien Kitteh Tubeworm" in part because of his various transformations and almost insatiable sexual drive that he has unleashed upon both the male and female genders across the universe. Sims has had numerous encounters, flings, passionate romances, and inappropriate rendezvous. However, his life was going to change forever when he met a field reporter from Veritas Press, Astrid De LaRouge.

Astrid met Sims when she came to Faerytail asking to meet the person that wrote the story Faerytail did about the War for Mechis entitled: "Third Time is the Charm.... Or is it????" which was actually written by Sims himself. After assisting Astrid write the story she was doing at the time for Veritas Press, Astrid and Sims relationship bloomed until Sims asked her to marry him on Year 16 Day 166. With her acceptance Sims and Astrid were engaged on that day.

While planning for their wedding, Astrid asked Sims if she could bear his child to continue his name and ensure Faerytail's future. While Sims is currently sterile from all the mutations his DNA endured from the Metamorphosis Virus, there was samples of his sperm and DNA from when he was originally a Coruscanti and is compatible with her Kiffar blood. On Year 16 Day 276 Sims performed a Intrauterine Insemination on Astrid himself in a private Faerytail Hospital. As the future mother of his child and soon to be bride, Sims would protect Astrid with his life.

Career History

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