Sion Plagueis

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Sion Plagueis
Nautolan Force Grey.png ?
Biographical Information
Race Nautolan
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Mother Dossa Plagueis
Father Trav Plagueis
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -9 Day 237
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Coloring White and Black
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Tresario Star Kingdom
Nautolan Society
Cerberus Corporation
Tresario Mining Authority
Cygnus Spaceworks
Tresario Salvage Yards
Imperial Union
Title Commodore
Rank R09-MED

Rear Admiral within the Tresario Star Kingdom
Nautola Tecro of the Nautolan Society

Prior Affiliation
Anzatan Commonwealth
Talost Nightwatch
New Republic
Toskan Industries
Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks
Outback Industries
Anzatan Medical
Anzatan Resource Extractions
Awards TSKuniversity.pngMedribbon.pngTikiar.pngSmall-artmonkey.png

Early Life

Sion Plagueis was born on the home planet of the Nautolans, Glee Anselm. His childhood was uneventful by most standards, with one exception. His father had abandoned them, before he was even born, leaving his family behind to explore the galaxy. He had not been heard from since. Unlike most children, Sion did not blame his father for leaving. He even idolized him. He would spend hours thinking about his father off on some great adventure. He hoped to some day follow in his father's footsteps and leave the planet to find adventures among the stars.

With his father gone, his mother was left to raise Sion as a single mother.It wasn't a easy life for either of them. They struggled to make ends meet and luck seemed to always be against them. Sion truly loved his mother and appreciated everything that she did for him, even though the hard times. All they had was each other, and that was enough.

As he grew up, he began to think more and more about getting away from his life, just like he had always dreamed. Like his father had done. He did not believe that Glee Anselm was where he belonged. He wanted to venture though the galaxy and make something of himself. He wanted his name to be known across the galaxy, he wanted to be remembered, he wanted to be someone all the kids would read about in the their history books.

His sense of adventure never went away, but his dreams fell to the wayside as he sacrificed himself to help his mother as much as he could. He found any work that he could and all of his money went to her. He felt that he had to be the man of the house and take care of his mother. She was his priority, and life became about taking care of her. However, no matter how much he tried to push it to the back of his mind, he still always felt that pull from within him. He always felt like he was not where he belonged.

He pushed past his desire to leave and stayed with his mother. Helping her even more as she got older and he came into his prime. He had decided that he would find a way for them both to the leave the planet together. He did not want to stay on Glee Anselm but he did not want to leave his mother either. He would never get the chance to get them off the planet.

His whole life fell apart before his eyes as a few years after the the start of the First Galactic Civil War his mother unexpectedly became very ill. The doctors did not know what the cause was or how to treat her. They ran tests and tried different treatments, but nothing they tried seemed to have any affect on whatever it was that was causing the illness. Sion had felt so hopeless though the entire situation. He was supposed to take care of her but there was nothing he could do.

She died a year later, leaving Sion alone for the first time in his life. As a 19 year old, with only sad memories of his home, he decided that there was nothing holding him back anymore, nothing was left for him on Glee Anselm. He would leave the planet and start his own life in space, just like he has always dreamed. He sold the family house, and gathered what money he had saved, and left the only world he had ever know behind.

The Talost Nightwatch and The New Republic

The Beginning

Sion was all alone in the galaxy, with no place to go and no way or idea how to get there. The galaxy was a big place and he was just beginning to realize just how big. He felt lost and hopeless, not knowing what his next move was going to be. What he needed was a direction, a sign to tell him in what way to go. He looked out closely for one but sadly not get a single one. He realized he wasn't going to get any sign, he wasnt going to get help, he was going to have to make it on his own. He would make it on his own, all he had to do was set his mind to it. He knew the first thing he needed to do was to find a job. He didn't want a normal job though, he wanted a job where he would be able to go on adventures all around the galaxy. The only problem was that he had no really useful skills. The more he thought about find the right kind of job the more hopless it seemed. He didn't know what job would offer him what he was looking for and didn't know what skills he would need for the job. He was beginning to panic and almost couldn't hold in a sudden need to scream. He calmed himself as he realized that not knowing what he wanted to do was not only the problem but was also the solution. Mercenary work. It would be perfect for him. Allowing him to go on his adventures and experience all kinds of different fields of work and meet all kinds of people. It was almost perfect. Then it had dawned on him. He had no idea where to start looking for a mercenary organization. His joy of the previous moment was quickly fading away. Just as he was trying to figure out any way he could find one, his eyes fell on a recruiting poster on the wall. He stood up and walked towards it, barely taking his eyes off of it as he walked. In the end he had been right form the start. It was a sign. A very literal sign that pointed him exactly where he was meant to go. Right in front of his eyes was a recruiting poster for a mercenary group called the Talost Nightwatch. He didn't know what it was, but something in side of him told him that this was where he belonged, that it was where fate was leading him. He knew right then that he would join the group.

Mercenary Life

Sion started out in the group as a lowly pilot, just doing whatever he was told to help his new bosses and coworkers succeed. He really didn't mind doing whatever he had to it in the slightest. He did what he had to and he enjoyed the work, even though it was sometimes slow and uneventful. Even in those times, Sion was truly happy because still living his dream. He was doing all kinds of work and going all over the galaxy. It was literally a dream come true and he knew he would do anything to keep living that dream. During his time with the group he mostly transported small good and ships, but he also participated in a few military operations along the way with the New Republic. It didn't matter much to him what the work was though, he just did what he was told and didn't ask questions, exactly the way he thought a mercenary should be. Working with the group, he quickly began to take on a true personality of a mercenary and even throughout his years after the group would never truly forget that fact that he was a mercenary at heart.

Relationship of a Lifetime

While most of his stay with the group was rather uneventful and in the grand scheme of things almost pointless, one major thing did come out of working with the group. During his time with the group, Sion developed a strong bond to the wookiee leader Azarin Isard. While even this did not seem eventful at the time, it would be the one thing that would shape Sion's life more than anything he or anyone else would ever do. He trusted Azarin and knew from the start that he would follow the wookiee to the end. With the end of the group Sion would follow Azarin to the Anzatan Commonwealth, where his life would truly begin.

The End

Sion was not really the political type and he did not pretend to know about the dealings of the higher-ups. He just took his orders and did his job, just the way he always had. Then one day things changed. He received a communication from Azarin Isard that all members of the group had been officially terminated. Sion was shocked by the sudden tern of events and had no idea what was going on or what he was going to do. The job and the group had become his life. He had nowhere else to go. He had sat back down in his pilot seat and began to lose himself in his thought. Thought of the future and of where he would go and what he would do. Suddenly he was snapped back to reality by another communication that had just come though. It was a message from Azarin, the then former leader of the group. Azarin announced to everyone listening that because of multiple disputes between himself and the owner of the organization Almar Zamasee, he had officially terminated all employees of the group before resigned from his own position. Azarin told them that he was heading to a famed government called the Anzatan Commonwealth. He offered for the members of the group to follow him if they wished. After the transition ended he returned again to his seat, noticing suddenly that he had stood up at some point while listening to the message. Another transmission was also received moments later, one from Almar this time. He assured all that were listening that they could return to their previous positions within the group. Sion had to think it over. He had to figure out where his true loyalties lay, was it with the group, or was it with Azarin. The question was almost stupid to himself. He knew exactly where they lay, and it was with Azarin. He would follow Azarin and begin his new life in the Anzatan Commonwealth. A decision that would change his life forever.

Anzatan Commonwealth

Sion was openly and warmly welcomed into the Commonwealth. He soon found himself at home and began to recognize that the members of the government were becoming much more than just his bosses and coworkers, they were becoming his family. He felt that he had finally found the place where he had belonged. He could trust and count on all of those around him and he took advantage of that. Sion was always trying to be in the center of all of the activity, to be a part of all the times he could be with his new family, he did not want to miss out on any of the times. Despite all of the good that he found in Anzat, it did not come without its rough times, which he had to overcome throughout the years. There were losses of friends both through death and other means as well as a knack for getting in trouble for butting heads with the high command. Even through threats of discipline, he never held his tongue, he continued to speak his mind, regardless of the consequences. This landed him in some trouble along the way and even caused him to leave for a brief protest of the Queen Keishi Miahr's rule. Soon after though, the Queen stepped down and Chancellor Azarin Isard stepped up to the leadership position. With the change, Sion instantly returned to the government, returning to his previous potion. Despite all of the activity going on around him, he would work hard though his days with Anzat, rising quickly from the bottom to the rank of Minister during both Queen Keishi Miahr's and Chancellor Anzarin Isard's rules. The Commonwealth expanded under the new rule of Azarin Isard and Anzat even found new allies when joining the Imperial Union, which was a decision that Sion himself highly supported. While the government was in fact constantly growing the government was also starting to have membership issues as well as other issues that were arising through the Commonwealth. The chancellor grew tired of his role leading the Commonwealth and all of the members throughout the government seemed likewise. They knew that a time had come to make a change, a change that would change everything, for better or for worse. In the end, Chancellor Izard and the high command decided that the best action for the Commonwealth was to merge with the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Ministry of Culture

After joining the Anzatan Commonwealth Sion work hard in on recruiting wherever he could and whenever he could. He wanted to help thr group right away and he knew that membership was always a problem throughout any group. He wanted to help the government grow and make sure the new members that joined would get everything they needed to begin their careers. Through all of his work through the department, Sion was quickly promoted to the Director of Recruitment. The most important part of this change to him was that this allowed him to quickly rise form the bottom of the government to a leadership position. This would lead him into his eventually positions throughout the government leading the various Nationalized Coporations and the eventual rise to his Minister potion.

Ministry of Commerce

As Sion worked hard and stayed active in his position as the Director of Recruitment, he grew to be more well known throughout Anzat and was given a chance to rise even further within Anzat and prove himself even more useful. This along with his previous leader and friend Azarin Isard leading Anzat's new Ministry of Commerce, which handled all of the dealings of Anzat's Nationalized Corporations, allowed for him to be chosen when a position opened up as Cerberus Coporation's leader opened up. He was approached by Azarin himself and asked if he would like to run the droid company. He happily accepted the position, glad that he was being recognized and promoted into a new role of responsibility.

Cerberus Corporation

As he began the work of restoring the previously inactive group back to an active group his excitement and enthusiasm quickly disappeared. With a crew of members who were unresponsive and inactive, he was largely on his own to get the company moving again. He came to find that he was largely on his own in the job of moving the required materials and starting the factories to produce droids. The work was daunting and seemed never ending to him, having never been in any position like the one he was in, he had not known what to expect. Even if he had, he suspected, he would have still been shocked with the lack of activity throughout the group. He pushed on for as long as he could but in the end he just couldn't handle the stress and work that he was being required to do at that time. His resolve had been completely destroyed. He decided to step down from the position and take a step back for a while.

Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks

Later in his career he would be offered the job of Second-in-Command of Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks under Raptor Cardel. He happily accepted the job, wanting to give running a company another chance and happy to have the chance to work alongside his good friend Raptor. The two of them made a great team and in no time, got the company rolling again quickly and efficiently. Their teamwork continued on until there became a noticeable decline in Raptor's efficiency in his work. Before long, Sion would be approached yet again to take over as the leader of the company and continue on the work that he and Raptor had started. Everything was going great, Sion took the company to another level in no time and it was thriving. The only problem that he saw, was that yet again he was left alone to do the work for himself. He pushed on for as long as he could, but he eventually couldn't take any more and stepped down as the leader of Starypan as well.

Ministry of Infrastructure

Following the complete turn around of the Nationalized Coprorations under Minister Azarin Isard's leadership, Azarin was officially promoted to the newly created position of Treaserer and become the third-in-command of the Anzatan Commonwealth. Following this the Ministry of Commerce was officially dissolved and the Nationalized Corporations moved under the control of the Treasry. This move also lead to the revival of the Ministry of Infrastructure, which is where Sion moved to shortly after to begin building on Anzat's first large scale building project. During the building project, Sion showed extreme efficiency and skill for building. This lead to Altiare Sake, the Minister of Infrastructure, to offer him the role of Vice-Minister of Infrastructure. He happily accepted his new role of power, advancing in the government further than ever before and now dreaming and reaching for a position on the Privy Council. He continued to work hard in his new role and soon began to find that, once again, he seemed to be doing a lot of the work, especially that work that was the Minister's. He pushed on still and continued to run the Ministry and keep his people active until the day that Altiare Sake officially stepped down as Minister. At this point Sion was very hopefully for his future, he was sure with his work in the Ministry and running it, he would get the position of Minister and be granted a seat on the Privy Council. His dream seemed so close as the Queen officially requested to speak with him. When she told him what would be happening it almost crushed his dreams to pieces. The Queen told him that the Ministry would be dissolved. His anger got the best of him and he stormed off and soon after took a leave of absence. He wasn't sure at the time if he would ever go back, until he received a personal communication from the Queen herself requesting that he return and take the position of Minister of Infrastructure. He almost instantly forgot all of his worries and took the position without question. His dream had come true.

Running a Ministry, he found out, was even harder than running a corporation. He was the top most person, with very little direction but his own, though he did lean on Treasurer Isard to help him out with what needed to be done around Anzat Space. It took a while for the ministry to take off, but in time he had a thriving ministry with active members, all with tasks to preform. There was plenty of work to go around. So much cleaning up and preparing to do, along with building projects and so on. He was proud of his leadership and of his Ministry. He believed that Anzat had seen very few thriving branches of the government in a long time. He believed that it would just continue to grow and help expand and strengthen Anzat as a whole. It seemed like nothing could slow the growth of the ministry, until one day it all crashed and burned and came to a complete halt. He had been contacted to take on a joint operation with the military to allow the military to search for hidden systems, he was told they wanted them ready as soon as possible. Sion coordinated his team flawlessly into collecting the ships and the required military for the operation, but along the operation, he seemed to begin losing members of his ministry, until in the end there were none left. Sion felt like such a failure. It wasn't exactly all his fault but he was not completely devoid of blame. What added salt to the wound in the end was that the military operation did not take place until quite a while later. His people had dropped everything and worked hard to collect the materials and all it had really gotten him and the ministry was a complete collapse of the ministry. After that it was one struggle after another to try and revive his destroyed ministry and continue the work mostly single handedly.

Anzatan Resource Extractions

During his time as the Minister of Infrastructure, Anzatan Resource Extractions was shifted under the control of his Ministry. Not only that but Sion was asked to run the group for a while to get it up and running again. Raw materials are essential to any project in the galaxy and Anzat was running short thanks to the level of inactivity that had befallen the group. During his time with the mining group, he worked closely along side Sydney von Ismay, with her finding most of the work that needed to be done and him dividing and assigning out the work to the emplyees of the group. Their leadership lead to such a large scale restart of the mines that mines had to be put on hold again because Anzat was not able to fund the massive amount of materials being mined. His time with the group was somewhat short lived and yet one of the best experiences he had ever had. He greatly enjoyed working along side Sydney and felt very comfortable leaving the group in her hands as he returned his main focus back to his ministry.

New Leadership

Conflicts began to arise between himself and the higher ups in the government, namely Queen Keishi Miahr and Chancellor Soki Ionian, causing him to leave Anzat for a short period of time before the change in leadership. His absence was short lived as Chancellor Azarin Isard took over the government and he returned immediatedly after. It had been a hard decision to make at the time and he still isn't sure to this day if it had been the right choice, but in a way he believed his leaving the government resulted in some sway in the way of Azarin taking over as the official leader of the government. He, along with everyone else in Anzat, knew that Azarin was the one running the government already and he deserved to be recognized officially as the official ruler. In the end, Sion and many others got what they wanted and he believed Anzat was much better off under the new leadership. All the way until the end with the merger with the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Under Azarin Isard's rule he remained a Minister, even as many of the old were removed and many new,more active, and ambitious Ministers were brought into the new Transitional High Council. The Ministry of Infrastructure was transformed so that he was one of three Ministers running the Ministry. The nationalized corporations were also brought under the ministry alongside construction. The ministry would now be in charge of all internal development within Anzat. He along with other Ministers worked hard to establish, expand, and strengthen Anzat and its territory. Though just like any other position that Sion had occupied, the enthusiasm of all involved seemed to waiver and die out in the end. He did everything he could to save it, but ended up being caught up in the flow and lost his own motivation. In the end he took a leave from his position for a while.

Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks

When Sion returned from his leave, he noticed that fellow Minister Okrim Rimdor had very effectively established infrastructure outside of the corporations, so he set out to revitatlize and help the coporations to thrive. His first duty in this ended up lasting much longer than he had planned. He took over the leadership of Starpan/SunHui Spaceworks yet again, unofficially. The leader was becoming inactive and was losing motivation just like many others did. He was just going to take over for a while and help out where he could. In the end though, he decided along side Chancellor Isard that he would train a new leader for the group. In the following months he helped train Aleiida Waraiya to take over the position. Luckily she was coming along nicely, as Sion had to take another unexpected leave from the group. He would return only in a small capacity for a short time before the merger between the Anzatan Commonwealth and the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Nautolan Society

Year 15 Day 297 - Reformation of the Nautolan Society

Nautola Tecro Sion Plagueis officially decided to take up his rightful place at the top of the Nautolan Society as the next Overlord of the Society. With this he officially reformed the Society that had been dissolved completely since the disappearance of Overlord Siejo Kutol. Overlord Plagueis would be starting from nothing to reform the fallen society, with all of the society's previous possessions and planets falling to the Cofederacy of Independent Systems after Overlord Kutol's disappearance. Even so, he had had high hopes that the Society would again rise and support the Nautolans throughout the galaxy.

With the overtaking and reformation of the Nautolan Society, Overlord Plagueis decided to reform the structure of the group as well. His first act was to dissolve the military clan of Rak`Qua, deciding to reform the group as a purely political and economic group. Sion also believed that the title of Overlord felt too much like a symbol of an oppressive leader and Society as a whole, which he believed was counter to the ideas of the Society. His next act was to officially dissolved the position of Overlord, instead taking on his previous title of Nautola Tecro, which would once again be the leading position of the Society. He also created two advisory positions which would help advise the Nautola Tecro in leading the Society.

Year 15 Day 298

Sion reached out to all other race groups that he knew of. He contacted all of the previous member of the Council of Native Races as well as any other he could find that was supposedly active. Among those he contacted were the leaders or representatives of the Mon Calamari Society, Kaminoan Society, T'doshok Alliance, and the Duros Union. He requested information such as the current status of the group as well as if they were still actively in charge of the group. He had high hopes as he sent out the messages to each group.

SIin hoped that the groups would be able to come together in a mutually beneficial way. He knew the Council of Native Races most likely left most groups a bit weary of such a group, though he was thinking something that was completely political and economical and in no way militarily aimed. It would be a group that let all of the groups come to life again and mutually help each other and in turn help the citizens of each group. The group would be open to all groups in an attempt to help those all over the

Personal Business

The Force

"There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no fear; there is power.
I am the heart of the Force.
I am the revealing fire of light.
I am the mystery of darkness
In balance with chaos and harmony,
Immortal in the Force."
- The Je'daii Code

From early in his life as a mercenary until the day that he was found to be force sensitive, Sion was skeptical of the whole idea of the force being a living force with the light and dark sides. Paying partly to his mercenary ways and his overall life style, he believed that the only sensible explanation was that there was no light or dark side of the force. He believed that the intentions of the force user was what was seen as the light and dark side. It was the persons inner self and their intentions that made what they did good or bad. He believed that someone could use a skill such as force lightning to save someone and because the intention would be good, it would still be a good act and not what is known as the dark side. He also believed that someone could heal someone who is considered bad, and that would make the intention bad and therefore would no longer be what was called the light side. He could only see that it was what came from within someone that came out as the evil or good that people saw. It was the only thing he could understand. He could not grasp the aspects of the force because he himself could not use and study the force for himself. It wasn't until he found that he was force sensitive and began training that he realized just how wrong he had been.

His views changed drastically as he trained in the ways of the force and began to feel it more powerfully and understand it more fully. He began to feel the undeniable presence of both the light and dark sides of the force. Now he knew they both existed, but what the exact nature of them was still out of his reach, he wasn't sure what view was correct. There were many views of the force in the galaxy from the Jedi, to the Sith, and to other force groups that were within the different groups throughout the galaxy. He realized that there was only one solution; he would need to find the answer for himself. He continued to train in the force and research all of the information he could find on different force groups and their views, even those that had been lost. All of the traditional views just seemed wrong to him. His understanding of the force was still limited but he could just tell that something was missing in all of the groups. Maybe it was his logical mind, but something just seemed wrong in not embracing the entire spectrum of the force. It seemed to him that embracing the light or the dark side of the force meant that you were limiting the abilities and overall power of the force. You were cutting off an entire half of the force. He believed the answer was in the acceptance and balance of both the dark and the light sides. As he came to this realization he felt some kind of awakening in him. He let it take him, he let it transform him, he knew he had made the right choice. In the end he was completely transformed mentally and physically. He now adorned a white mask with black markings and the markings of the yin yang on his forehead and his tendrils were tattooed alternating black and white. He adorned grey robes and knew that when the time came he would create a double sided lightsaber with one blade of red and one of blue.

As he delved into his research he found an ancient force group that followed the ideas that followed a similar belief system to his, the Je'daii Order. The group seemed to be the founding group to the Jedi Order and at the origins of the conflict between the light and dark sides of the force. Before the collapse of the group though, they seemed to believe in a balance between the light and dark. He also found a reference to the Je'daii Code. It seemed to him to stress the importance of knowledge and power as well as the balance of the force. These were all important aspects to him and his view of the force, leading to him officially adopting the code as his own.

As he continued his research he found that his truth was the only sensible view of the force. Those that adopted one side of the force always seemed to flourish, altering the balance in the galaxy in their favor, until the force reacted and struck back to rebalance the force. As the other side moved with the flow of the force they brought about a powerful shift which would bring the original side to the fringes of extinction. The force would again shift sides for a never ending struggle between the two sides, while the force forever tries to bring the universe back into balance. What the followers of the light or dark did not see was that they were two sides of the same coin and that one could not exist without the other.


TSKuniversity.png University Graduate Awarded upon graduation from the University of Tresario.

Medribbon.png Economic Development Service Awarded for active service in the Ministry of Economic Development.

Tikiar.png Tikiar Awarded for being invited and serving within the Tresarian Force Group, The Tikiars.

Small-artmonkey.png Art Monkey Awarded for contributing to the artistic side of Tresario Star Kingdom.

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Operational Service



Authorised for wear by all officers who have participated in a military operation not otherwise represented by an operational ribbon; CMO establishes eligibility. Current eligible operations: NAO Blockade (through a RA BG in Year 7), Backstab, Lineman, Blitzkrieg

Positions held

Preceded By:
Director of Recruiting within the Anzatan Commonwealth Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Leader of Cerberus Corporation Succeeded By:
Taarn Star
Preceded By:
Raptor Cardel
Leader of Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks Succeeded By:
Raptor Cardel
Preceded By:
Saul Cohmre
Nautola Tecro of the Nautolan Society Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Siejo Kutol
Overlord of the Nautolan Society Succeeded By:
Position Dissolved
Preceded By:
Vice-Minister of Infrastructure within the Anzatan Commonwealth Succeeded By:
Tessek Garner
Preceded By:
Leader of Anzatan Resource Extractions Succeeded By:
Sydney von Ismay
Preceded By:
Altiare Sake
Minister of Infrastructure within the Anzatan Commonwealth Succeeded By: